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closedAccess2016Noise Effects in Kerr Frequency CombsGómez González, Juan LuisTesis
openAccesslauraMonfregola.pdf.jpg27-oct-2015Muon neutrino charged current quasi-elastic interactions in the T2K off-axis near detectorMonfregola, Laura Tesis
openAccesscarlosHidalgo-Tesis.pdf.jpg23-oct-2015An Effective Field Theory study of heavy meson-heavy antimeson molecules based on Heavy Quark SymmetriesHidalgo Duque, Carlos Tesis
openAccessCarolinaBelver-tesis.pdf.jpg22-oct-2015Development of Stripline Kickers for Low Emittance Rings: Application to the Beam Extraction Kicker for CLIC Damping RingsBelver Aguilar, Carolina Tesis
openAccessLauraMolinaBueno-tesis.pdf.jpg25-sep-2015Measurement of the muon atmospheric production depth with the water Cherenkov detectors of the Pierre Auger ObservatoryMolina Bueno, LauraTesis
openAccesssanchezLosa-tesis.pdf.jpg25-sep-2015Search for high energy cosmic muon neutrinos from variable gamma-ray sources and time calibration of the optical modules of the ANTARES telescopeSánchez Losa, Agustín Tesis
openAccessEgea-Tesis.pdf.jpg18-sep-2015Design, verification and integration of a fast digitizer for nuclear structure experiments. Application to EXOGAM and NEDA detectorsEgea Canet, Javier Tesis
openAccessBuchta-tesis.pdf.jpg18-sep-2015Theoretical foundations and applications of the Loop-Tree Duality in Quantum Field TheoriesBuchta, Sebastián Tesis
openAccessRCaballero-Folch_PhD-Revised-20151009-B5-OK.pdf.jpg5-jun-2015First measurement of beta-decay half-lives and neutron emission probabilities in several isotopes beyond N=126Caballero Folch, RogerTesis
openAccessdavidLorca-Tesis.pdf.jpg15-may-2015SiPM based tracking for detector calibration in NEXTLorca Galindo, David Tesis
openAccessKarolBrezinski-tesis.pdf.jpg18-jun-2015Study of a High-Resolution PET System Using a Silicon Detector ProbeBrzezinski, Karol Tesis
openAccessanaRos-Tesis_Definitiva_Con_Links.pdf.jpg19-jul-2012Optimización de cristales centelleadores para la determinación de la DOI en tomografía de rayos gammaRos García, Ana Tesis
openAccesszgirones-thesis.pdf.jpg19-dic-2014On implications of modified gravity models of dark energyGironés, Zahara Tesis
openAccessfrancescMonrabal-thesis.pdf.jpg19-dic-2014Demonstration of electroluminescent TPC technology for neutrinoless double beta searches using the NEXT-DEMO detectorMonrabal, Francesc Tesis
openAccessAlbertoValero_tesis.pdf.jpg15-dic-2014The Back-End Electronics for the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter at the Large Hadron ColliderValero, Alberto Tesis
openAccessLorenaEscudero-tesis.pdf.jpg12-dic-2014Joint analysis of three flavour neutrino oscillations combining the nu_e appearance and nu_mu disappearance channels in the T2K experimentEscudero Sánchez, Lorena Tesis
openAccessEN Wang-tesis.pdf.jpg11-dic-2014Electroweak processes in nucleons and nuclei at intermediate energiesWang, En Tesis
openAccessirles-Tesis2.pdf.jpg9-dic-2014Determination of the top-quark pole mass using tt+1-jet events with the ATLAS detector at the LHCIrles Quiles, Adrián Tesis
openAccessEva_Valladolid-Gallego_thesis.pdf.jpg24-nov-2014Measurement of the top quark pair production cross-section involving a Tau & Muon Studies with TileCal in ATLASValladolid Gallego, Eva Tesis
openAccessboucenna-tesis.pdf.jpg10-nov-2014Neutrino physics and dark matterBoucenna, Mohamed Sofiane Tesis
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