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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccess831.full.pdf.jpg2016The multicellular nature of filamentous heterocyst-forming cyanobacteriaHerrero, Antonia  ; Stavans, Joel; Flores, Enrique  artículo
2openAccessfemsle.fnv017.full.pdf.jpg2015Differential transcriptional regulation of orthologous dps genes from two closely related heterocyst-forming cyanobacteriaLi, Xin; Nenniger, Anja; Muro-Pastor, Alicia M.  ; Stensjö, Karinartículo
3openAccessmbo3207.pdf.jpgSep-2014Inactivation of agmatinase expressed in vegetative cells alters arginine catabolism and prevents diazotrophic growth in the heterocyst-forming cyanobacterium AnabaenaBurnat, Mireia  ; Flores, Enrique  artículo
4openAccesslife-09-00001-v2.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2018Cyanobacterial Septal Junctions: Properties and RegulationFlores, Enrique  ; Nieves-Morión, Mercedes; Mullineaux, Conrad W.artículo
5openAccessValladares et al.2016.pdf.jpg2016The heterocyst differentiation transcriptional regulator HetR of the filamentous cyanobactrium Anabaena forms tetramers and can be regulated by phosphorylationValladares, Ana ; Flores, Enrique  ; Herrero, Antonia  artículo
6openAccessFlores et al Forum TiM.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Septal Junctions in Filamentous Heterocyst-Forming CyanobacteriaFlores, Enrique  ; Herrero, Antonia  ; Forchhammer, K.; Maldener, Irisartículo
7openAccessseptal_protein_sepJ_heterocyst‐forming.pdf.jpgOct-2017Septal protein SepJ from the heterocyst-forming cyanobacterium Anabaena forms multimers and interacts with peptidoglycanRamos-León, Félix ; Mariscal, Vicente  ; Battchikova, Natalia; Aro, Eva-Mari; Flores, Enrique  artículo
8openAccess16-Oct-2018Specific mutations in the permease domain of septal protein SepJ differentially affect functions related to multicellularity in the filamentous cyanobacterium AnabaenaRamos-León, Félix ; Arévalo, Sergio ; Mariscal, Vicente  ; Flores, Enrique  artículo
9openAccessMuro-Pastor et al_2006.pdf.jpg2006All4312, an NtcA-regulated two-component response regulator in Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120Muro-Pastor, Alicia M.  ; Olmedo-Verd, E.  ; Flores, Enrique  artículo
10openAccessOlmedo-Verd_2019.pdf.jpg2019A Heterocyst-Specific Antisense RNA Contributes to Metabolic Reprogramming in Nostoc sp. PCC 7120Olmedo-Verd, E.  ; Brenes-Álvarez, Manuel; Vioque, Agustín ; Muro-Pastor, Alicia M.  artículo
11openAccess2018FtsZ of Filamentous, Heterocyst-Forming Cyanobacteria Has a Conserved N-Terminal Peptide Required for Normal FtsZ Polymerization and Cell DivisionCorrales-Guerrero, Laura ; Camargo, Sergio  ; Valladares, Ana ; Picossi, Silvia  ; Luque, Ignacio  ; Ochoa de Alda, Jesús A.G.; Herrero, Antonia  artículo
12openAccessJEST-D-14-00654-1.pdf.jpg2015Cadmium removal by Anabaena sp. ATCC 33047 immobilized in polyurethane foamClares, Marta E.; Guerrero, Miguel G.; García-González, Mercedes artículo
13openAccessMercedes.pdf.jpg2014Assessment of the CO2 fixation capacity of Anabaena sp. ATCC 33047 outdoor cultures in vertical flat-panel reactorsClares, Marta E.; Moreno, José; Guerrero, Miguel G.; García-González, Mercedes artículo
14openAccesse02599-19.full.pdf.jpg2020The Integrity of the Cell Wall and Its Remodeling during Heterocyst Differentiation Are Regulated by Phylogenetically Conserved Small RNA Yfr1 in Nostoc sp. Strain PCC 7120Brenes-Álvarez, Manuel; Vioque, Agustín ; Muro-Pastor, Alicia M.  artículo
15openAccessFlores_et_al_2019_suppl.pdf.jpgSep-2019Cyanophycin and arginine metabolism in cyanobacteriaFlores, Enrique  ; Arévalo, Sergio ; Burnat, Mireia  artículo
Results 1-15 of 15 (Search time: 0.275 seconds).
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