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1openAccessUnderstanding Knowledge Sharing In Organizations_ Further Questions Of Research Through A Social Cognitive Perspective[1].pdf.jpg2011Understanding knowledge sharing in organizations: Further questions of research through a social cognitive perspectiveLlopis Córcoles, Óscardocumento de trabajo
2openAccessWhat_type_of_innovative_firms_acquire_knowledge_intensive_services_and_from_which_suppliers.pdf.jpg2011What type of innovative firms acquire knowledge intensive services and from which suppliers?García-Quevedo, José; Mas-Verdú, Francisco; Montolio, Danieldocumento de trabajo
3openAccessThe_evolution_of_the_knowledge_base_in_professional_service_sectors.pdf.jpg2011The evolution of the knowledge base in professional service sectorsConsoli, Davide ; Elche Hortelano, Dionidocumento de trabajo
4openAccessNot_searching_but_finding_Innovation_as_a_nonlinear_source_of_the_private_use_of_public_knowledge.pdf.jpg2011Not searching, but finding: Innovation as a non-linear source of the private use of public knowledgeAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Pardo, Rafael; Rama, Ruthdocumento de trabajo
5openAccessThe_Effect_Of_Academic_Consulting_On_Research_Performance_Evidence_From_Five_Spanish_Universities.pdf.jpg2011The effect of academic consulting on research performance: evidence from five spanish universitiesRentocchini, Francesco ; Manjarrés Henríquez, Liney ; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo ; Grimaldi, Rosadocumento de trabajo
6openAccessMeasuring_Personal_Networks_And_Their_Relationship.pdf.jpg2011Measuring personal networks and their relationship with scientific productionVillanueva Félez, África ; Molas Gallart, Jordi ; Escribá Esteve, A.documento de trabajo
7openAccessAn_analysis_of_the_Graduate_Labour_Market_in_Finland__the_impact_of_Spatial_Agglomeration_and_Skill-Job_Mismatches.pdf.jpg2010An analysis of the Graduate Labour Market in Finland: the impact of Spatial Agglomeration and Skill-Job MismatchesConsoli, Davide ; Vona, Francesco; Saarivirta, Tonidocumento de trabajo
8openAccessNetworks_are_Useful_Description,_Assemblages_are_Powerful_Explanations[1].pdf.jpg2010Networks are Useful Description, Assemblages are Powerful ExplanationsHaynes, Paul documento de trabajo
9openAccessSmoothing the lies_ Do patent examiners take notice if applicants include citations_[1].pdf.jpg2010Smoothing the lies: Do patent examiners take notice if applicants include citations?Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Mattsson, Pauline; Perruchas, François documento de trabajo
10openAccessExchanging_information_through_social_links.pdf.jpg2011Exchanging information through social links: The role of friendship, trust and reciprocityVillanueva Félez, África ; Molas Gallart, Jordi documento de trabajo
11openAccessForget_RD__pay_my_coach_young_innovative_companies.pdf.jpg2011Forget R&D – pay my coach: young innovative companies and their relations with universitiesAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Mas-Verdú, Francisco; Martínez-Gómez, Víctordocumento de trabajo
12openAccessEl _'Efecto-Distrito_' En Las Empresas Innovadoras Valencianas_ Desempeño Económico Y Creación De Conocimiento.pdf.jpg2010El 'efecto-distrito' en las empresas innovadoras valencianas: desempeño económico y creación de conocimientoLópez Estornell, Manuel documento de trabajo
13openAccessWP2011-26.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2012Innovation and Skill Dynamics: A life-cycle approachVona, Francesco; Consoli, Davide documento de trabajo
14openAccessPatterns of organization in the development of medical know-how_ the case of glaucoma research[1].pdf.jpg2010Patterns of organization in the development of medical know-how: the case of glaucoma researchConsoli, Davide ; Ramlogan, Ronniedocumento de trabajo
15openAccessCiencia e innovación_ una relación compleja y evolutiva.pdf.jpg2010Ciencia e innovación: una relación compleja y evolutivaFernández de Lucio, Ignacio ; Vega Jurado, Jaider ; Gutiérrez Gracia, Antonio documento de trabajo
16openAccessScientific mobility and development_ toward a socioeconomic conceptual framework[1].pdf.jpg2010Scientific mobility and development: toward a socioeconomic conceptual frameworkWoolley, Richard ; Cañibano, Carolina documento de trabajo
17openAccessInteraction with universities and firm_'s innovative performance_ evidence from the Spanish innovation survey[1].pdf.jpg2010Interaction with universities and firm's innovative performance: evidence from the Spanish innovation surveyVega Jurado, Jaider ; Manjarrés Henríquez, Liney ; Gutiérrez Gracia, Antonio ; Fernández de Lucio, Ignacio documento de trabajo
18openAccessGrid_Networks_for_Computing_Innovation___Key_Social_Factors[1].pdf.jpg2010Grid Networks for Computing Innovation? Key Social FactorsHaynes, Paul documento de trabajo
19openAccessWhat do Spanish Engineering Students Think about Innovation and Entrepreneurship_[1].pdf.jpg2010What do Spanish Engineering Students Think about Innovation and Entrepreneurship?Edwards Schachter, Mónica E. ; Fernández Diego, M.; González Ladrón de Guevara, D.documento de trabajo
20openAccessEmilia-RomagnaValencia.pdf.jpg2012Evolution of innovation policy in Emilia-Romagna and Valencia: Similar reality, similar results?López Estornell, Manuel ; Barberá Tomás, David ; García-Reche, Andrés; Mas-Verdú, Franciscodocumento de trabajo
21openAccessGreen Investment.pdf.jpg2013Green investment strategies and export performance: A firm-level investigationAntonietti, Roberto; Marzucchi, Alberto documento de trabajo
22openAccessWhodoyoucareabout.pdf.jpg2015Who do you care about? Scientists’ personality traits and perceived beneficiary impactLlopis Córcoles, Óscar; Azagra Caro, Joaquín documento de trabajo
23openAccessSMEs Barriers.pdf.jpg2014SMEs and barriers to eco-innovation in EU: A diverse palette of greensMarin, Giovanni; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Zoboli, Robertodocumento de trabajo
24openAccessWhateverWorksIngenioWP.pdf.jpg2011Whatever works: uncertainty and technological hybrids in medical innovationBarberá Tomás, David ; Consoli, Davide documento de trabajo
25openAccessRegional innovation policy.pdf.jpg2012Regional innovation policy and innovative behaviour. A propensity score matching evaluationAntonioli, Davide; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Montresor, Sandrodocumento de trabajo
26openAccessExaminer amendments.pdf.jpgJun-2014Examiner amendments to applications to the european patent office: Procedures, knowledge bases and country specificitiesAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Tur, Elena M. documento de trabajo
27openAccessWho leads research.pdf.jpg2010Who leads research productivity change? Guidelines for R&D policy makersJiménez Sáez, Fernando ; Zabala Iturriagagoitia, Jon Mikel ; Zofío, José L.documento de trabajo
28openAccessSpanishinnovationsurvey.pdf.jpg2012The role of human capital in lowering the barriers to engaging in innovation: evidence from the Spanish innovation surveyD'Este Cukierman, Pablo ; Rentocchini, Francesco ; Vega Jurado, Jaider documento de trabajo
29openAccessDoes external knowledge.pdf.jpg2013Does external knowledge affect environmental innovations? An empirical investigation of eleven European countriesGhisetti, Claudia; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Montresor, Sandrodocumento de trabajo
30openAccessgreenskill.pdf.jpg2015Green skillsVona, Francesco; Marin, Giovanni; Consoli, Davide ; Popp, Daviddocumento de trabajo
31openAccesstoward vagueness.pdf.jpg2012The evolution toward vagueness of industrial district concept and its impact on regional innovation policyLópez Estornell, Manuel ; Tortajada Esparza, Enrique ; Martinez-Chafer, Luisdocumento de trabajo
32openAccessEVICT2Osca.pdf.jpg2016Producción científica en consumo de cannabis y tabaco a través de la Web of ScienceOsca-Lluch, Julia documento de trabajo
33openAccessWP48.pdf.jpg2016Measures, drivers and effects of green employment: Evidence from US local labor markets, 2006-2014Vona, Francesco; Marin, Giovanni; Consoli, Davide documento de trabajo
34openAccessWPvalencia.pdf.jpg2016Exploring connections between social innovation, grassroots processes and human development: an analysis of alternative food netwoks in the city of Valencia (Spain)Pellicer Sifres, Victoriadocumento de trabajo
35openAccessmergingsub-fieldsresearch.pdf.jpg2014Clusters and industrial districts: where is the literature going? Identifying emerging sub-fields of researchHervás-Oliver, José-Luis; González, Gregorio; Caja, Pedrodocumento de trabajo
36openAccesstikwp201501127.pdf.jpg2015Social innovation futures: beyond policy panacea and conceptual ambiguityBenneworth, Paul; Amanatidou, Effie; Edwards Schachter, Mónica E. ; Gulbrandsen, Magnusdocumento de trabajo
37openAccessCapitalCulturalSocial.pdf.jpg2014Capital cultural y social: sus efectos en el conocimiento financiero segun PISA 2012Albert Verdú, Cecilia; Neira, Isabel; García Aracil, Adela informe técnico
38openAccesswpagentheori.pdf.jpg2016Agents, interactions, and economic laws: An analytical framework for understanding different economic theoriesMuñoz, Félix-Fernando; Encinar, María-Isabel; Cañibano, Carolina documento de trabajo
39openAccessSWPSConsoli.pdf.jpg2015Do green jobs differ from non-green jobs in terms of skills and human capital?Consoli, Davide ; Marin, Giovanni; Marzucchi, Alberto ; Vona, Francescodocumento de trabajo
40openAccessusabilitybasedapproach.pdf.jpg2014Resolving tensions of research utilization: The value of a usability-based approachBenneworth, Paul; Olmos Peñuela, Julia documento de trabajo
41openAccessTaxonomy.pdf.jpg2015A taxonomy of multi-industry labour force skillsConsoli, Davide ; Rentocchini, Francesco documento de trabajo
42openAccesssocial innovation.pdf.jpg2015‘Shaken, but not stirred’: six decades defining social innovationEdwards Schachter, Mónica E. ; Wallace, Matthew L.documento de trabajo
43openAccesspatronesgeograficos.pdf.jpg2014Acceso al conocimiento público universitario en España: patrones geográficosAzagra Caro, Joaquín documento de trabajo
44openAccessMedical Innovation.pdf.jpg2014Connections matter: how personal network structure influences biomedical scientists' engagement in medical innovationLlopis Córcoles, Óscar; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo documento de trabajo
45openAccessBusiness Services.pdf.jpg2014An analysis of the knowledge base of scientific research & development business servicesConsoli, Davide ; Elche Hortelano, Dionidocumento de trabajo
46openAccesscited university patents.pdf.jpg2015The impact of one of the most highly cited university patents: formalisation and localizationAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Barberá Tomás, David ; Edwards Schachter, Mónica E. documento de trabajo
47openAccessskillsroutinization.pdf.jpg2013That was then, this is now: Skills and routinization in the 2000sConsoli, Davide ; Vona, Francesco; Rentocchini, Francesco documento de trabajo
48openAccesssourcinginnovationperformance.pdf.jpg2012External knowledge sourcing and innovation performance: the role of managerial practicesGarcía-Granero, Ana ; Vega Jurado, Jaider documento de trabajo
49openAccesssciencetechnologystudiesexploring.pdf.jpg2011Science and technology studies: exploring the knowledge baseMartin, Ben R.; Nightingale, Paul; Yegros Yegros, Alfredo documento de trabajo
50openAccessrelacions socials.pdf.jpg2013Modes d'intercanvi en el món acadèmic de la nano-tecnologia: una aproximació a la jerarquia en l’adquisició de recursos per mitjà de relacions socialsVillanueva Félez, África ; Martínez Novo, Rodrigo ; Woolley, Richard documento de trabajo
Results 1-50 of 71 (Search time: 1.728 seconds).