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(IFCA) Informes y documentos de trabajo : [65]  

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embargoedAccessEOSC-synergy.WP2-D2.4.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2021EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D2.4 Second Intermediate report on integration effortsHardt, Marcus; Campos, Isabel  ; Bernardo, Samuel; Kozlov, Valentin; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms25.pdf.jpg28-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M6.2 First release of the customized training platform including self-deployable tutorials capabilities, and HaaS platformPlociennik, Marcin; Campos, Isabel  ; Gomes, Jorge; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms24.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2019EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M6.1 Identification of tools to be used for platforms in T6.1Plociennik, Marcin; Campos, Isabel  ; Gomes, Jorge; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms21.pdf.jpg29-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M5.1 Landscape analysisCavalli, Valentino; Matyska, Ludek; Hardt, Marcus; Plociennik, Marcin; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms12.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M3.3 Working CI/CD pipeline for WorSiCa thematic serviceOrviz, Pablo  ; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms11.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M3.2 Quality baseline definedDavid, Mario; Campos, Isabel  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms10.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M3.1 Software Quality Pipelines Implemented in the ServicesOrviz, Pablo  ; Campos, Isabel  ; Hardt, Marcus; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms7.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.5 Internal status update on progress of Integration Plan, Services Integration, Policies and Data integrationHardt, Marcus; Blanquer, Ignacio ; Gomes, Jorge; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms6.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.4 First service integrated into EOSC, two more analysedPulapa, Agnieszka; Campos, Isabel  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms5.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.3 First service analysedLópez García, Álvaro  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms4.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2019EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.2 Team for the policy Gap AnalysisHardt, Marcus; Campos, Isabel  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms3.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2019EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M2.1 Roadmap for infrastructure integrationPulapa, Agnieszka; Campos, Isabel  ; Gomes, Jorge; David, Mario; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-Ms2.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2019EOSC-SYNERGY EU Milestone: M1.2 Communication package available to the consortiumCauhe, Elisa; Campos, Isabel  ; David, Mario; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-synergy-WP1-D1.2.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D1.2 Diseemination and exploitation reportCampos, Isabel  ; Cauhe, Elisa; Sokartara, Dimple; Andreozzi, Sergio; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-SYNERGY-WP3-D3.2-V1.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D3.2 First prototype of the Service Integration platformOrviz, Pablo  ; Campos, Isabel  ; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessEOSC-synergy-WP2-D2.2.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D2.2 Intermediate report on integration effortsHardt, Marcus; Campos, Isabel  ; López García, Álvaro  ; Gomes, Jorge; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_UK.pdf.jpg29-May-2020EOSC-Synergy: Landscaping Country Report United KingdomRobertson, Dale; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
embargoedAccessD6.1-Training materials and quality assurance-Final.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2020EOSC-SYNERGY EU DELIVERABLE: D6.1 Training materials and quality assurance guidelinesClare, Helen; Campos, Isabel  ; Moltó, Germán; Cauhe, Elisa; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_SK.pdf.jpg28-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. Landscaping Country Report SlovakiaDobrucký, Miroslav; Hluchy, Ladislav; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
openAccessEOSC-Synergy-LandscapeReports_PL.pdf.jpg29-May-2020EOSC-SYNERGY. Landscaping Country Report PolandKupczyk, Mirosław; EOSC-SYNERGYinforme técnico
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 65
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