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(IFCA) Comunicaciones congresos : [161]  

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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessCastrillopresentationPozo.pdf.jpg2018Hydrodynamic and water quality modelization of Cuerda del Pozo reservoirCastrillo, Maria; Garcia, Daniel; Aguilar, Fernando  ; Marco, Jesús ; Monteoliva, AgustínPresentación
openAccessdeepdata.pdf.jpg2018DEEP-HybridDataCloudDonvito, Giacinto; Gomes, Jorge; Ferrer, A. Juan; Kozlov, Valentin; López García, Álvaro  ; Matyska, Ludek; Meyer, Norbert; Moltó, Germán; Tran, Viet; Castell, Wolfgang zuPóster
openAccessPosterDI4R.pdf.jpg2018Water quality forecasting systemGarcia, Daniel; Aguilar, Fernando  ; Castrillo, Maria; Marco, Jesús  ; Monteoliva, AgustinPóster
openAccesstracesco.pdf.jpg2014Traces of co-evolution in high z X-ray selected and submm-luminous QSOsKhan-Alí, Anuar; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Page, M. J.; Stevens, J. A.; Mateos, Silvia  ; Symeonidis, M.; Cao Orjales, J. M.Póster
openAccessaxisvo.pdf.jpg2008The AXIS-XMS multiwavelength survey and the AXIS-SVO data centreCeballos, María Teresa  ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bussons-Gordo, JavierComunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Testing the unified model of Active Galactic Nuclei in X-ray selected type 1 and type 2 quasarsMateos, Silvia  ; Alonso-Herrero, A. ; Carrera, Francisco J.  Comunicación de congreso
openAccessposterfragaencinas.pdf.jpg2012TES-based microcalorimeter for future X-ray astronomy missions. Software development for instrument calibrationFraga Encinas, R. ; Cobo, Beatriz  ; Ceballos, María Teresa  ; Schuurmans, J.; Kuur, Jan van der; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  Póster
openAccessonqwos.pdf.jpg2017On the relationship between X-ray, MIR and bolometric luminosities of broad line QSOsCarrera, Francisco J.  ; Fernández-Manteca, Pedro; Mateos, Silvia  Presentación
openAccessathenamas.pdf.jpg2013Athena+: the first deep universe X-ray observatoryBarret, Didier; Nandra, K.; Barcons, Xavier  ; Fabian, A. C.; Herder, J. W. den; Piro, Luigi; Watson, M. G.; Aird, James; Branduardi-Raymont, G.; Cappi, Massimo; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Comastri, A.; Costantini, E.; Croston, J.; Decourchelle, A.; Done, C.; Dovciak, M.; Ettori, S.; Finoguenov, A.; Georgakakis, A.; Jonker, P.; Kaastra, Jelle; Matt, Giorgio; Motch, C.; O'Brien, P.; Pareschi, G.; Pointecouteau, E.; Pratt, G. W.; Rauw, G.; Reiprich, T.; Sanders, J.; Sciortino, Salvatore; Willingale, Richard; Wilms, JörnComunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Quasars cannot clear out the torusMateos, Silvia  Comunicación de congreso
openAccess2016Athena, the ESA observatory to study AGN in the hot and energetic UuniverseCarrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  Presentación
openAccessareblr.pdf.jpg2008Are strongly variable Seyfert 2 galaxies really AGN without a BLR?Panessa, Francesca ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Bianchi, Stefano; Barcons, Xavier  ; Bassani, Loredana; Corral, Amalia  ; Matt, GiorgioPóster
openAccessraycdf.pdf.jpg2014An X-ray outflow in a luminous obscured quasar at z=1.6 in the Chandra Deep Field-SouthVignali, C.; Iwasawa, K.; Comastri, A.; Gilli, R.; Lanzuisi, G.; Ranalli, P.; Cappelluti, N.; Mainieri, V.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Fritz, J.; Brusa, M.; Brandt, W. N.; Bauer, F. E.; Fiore, F.; Tombesi, F.Póster
openAccess2014Completing the census of heavily obscured AGN with AthenaCarrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Georgakakis, A.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Akylas, Thanassis; Comastri, A.; Aird, JamesPresentación
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Comparison of the optical and X-ray obscuration in AGNOrdovás-Pascual, I. ; Mateos, Silvia  ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Wiersema, Klass; Caccianiga, A.; Severgnini, P.; Della Ceca, R.; Ballo, Lucía ; Moretti, A.Comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Cosmic Evolution of Active Galactic NucleiEbrero, Jacobo ; Carrera, Francisco J.  Comunicación de congreso
openAccess2014Deep X-ray spectroscopy of obscured AGN in the XMM-CDFSVignali, C.; Comastri, A.; Ranalli, P.; Cappelluti, N.; Gilli, R.; Iwasawa, K.; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Georgantopoulos, I.; Brusa, M.; Puccetti, S.; Mainieri, V.; Rovilos, E.; Vito, F.; Falocco, Serena ; Paolillo, M.; Castelló-Mor, N. ; Brunner, H.; Brand, T.; Balestra, I.; Figonuenov, A.Presentación
openAccess2014Distant and disk reflection in the average X-ray spectrum of AGN in the Véron-Cetty-Véron catalogueFalocco, Serena ; Carrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  ; Miniutti, Giovanni ; Corral, Amalia  Presentación
openAccess(extrem).pdf.jpg2011Exploring (extremely) obscured accretionCarrera, Francisco J.  ; Mateos, Silvia  ; Della Ceca, R.; Caccianiga, A.; Corral, Amalia  ; Severgnini, P.; Moro, A. delPresentación
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008EURECA: The X-ray Universe in High Spectral ResolutionCarrera, Francisco J.  ; Barcons, Xavier  Comunicación de congreso
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161
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