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openAccess25-jul-2016Hypolipidemic, antiobesity and cardioprotective effects of sardinelle meat flour and its hydrolysates in high-fat and fructose diet fed Wistar ratsJemil, Ines; Abdelhedi, Ola; Nasri, Rim; Mora, Leticia ; Marrekchi, Rim; Jamoussi, Kamel; ElFeki, Abdelfattah; Hajji, Mohamed; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, MoncefArtículo
openAccess22-oct-2016Distinct fatty acid composition of some edible by-products from bovines fed high or low silage dietsAlfaia, Cristina M.; .Alves, Susana P.; Pestana, Jose M.; Madeira, Marta S.; Moreira, Olga; Santos-Silva, Jose; Bessa, Rui J. B.; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Prates, Jose A. M.Artículo
embargoedAccessFANM_2017_10_3481-3486.pdf.jpg4-may-2017Biosensor Based on Immobilized Nitrate Reductase for the Quantification of Nitrate Ions in Dry-Cured HamJadán, Felipe; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel Artículo
embargoedAccessProcess Biochem_2017_ 58_145-159.pdf.jpg28-abr-2017In silico analysis and antihypertensive effect of ACE-inhibitory peptides from smooth-hound viscera protein hydrolysate: Enzyme-peptide interaction study using molecular docking simulationAbdelhedi, Ola; Nasri, Rim; Jridi, Mourad; Mora, Leticia ; Oseguera-Toledo, Miguel Eduardo; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Amara, Ibtissen Ben; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, MoncefArtículo
embargoedAccessFood Chem_2017_230_507-515.pdf.jpg11-mar-2017Effect of ultrasound pretreatment and Maillard reaction on structure and antioxidant properties of ultrafiltrated smooth-hound viscera proteins-sucrose conjugatesAbdelhedi, Ola; Mora, Leticia ; Jemil, Ines;; Jridi, Mourad; Toldra Vilardell, Fidel; Nasri, Moncef; Nasri, RimArtículo
embargoedAccessFoodResInt_ 2017_100_121-133.pdf.jpg7-jun-2017Novel bioactive peptides from enzymatic hydrolysate of Sardinelle (Sardinella aurita) muscle proteins hydrolysed by Bacillus subtilis A26 proteasesJemil, Ines; Abdelhedi, Ola; Nasri, Rim; Mora, Leticia ; Jridi, Mourad; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, MoncefArtículo
embargoedAccessFOODCHEM 2018_239_823-830.pdf.jpg1-jul-2017Evolution of oxidised peptides during the processing of 9 months Spanish dry-cured hamGallego, Marta ; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel Artículo
embargoedAccessCostamagna_JFF_2017.pdf.jpg18-ago-2017Microencapsulated chañar phenolics: A potential ingredient for functional foods developmentCostamagna, Milena Soledad; Gómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Zampini, Iris Catiana; Alberto, María Rosa; Pérez, Jorgelina; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Isla, María InésArtículo
embargoedAccessGomez-Mascaraque_J Food Eng_2017.pdf.jpg4-jul-2017A step forward towards the design of a continuous process to produce hybrid liposome/protein microcapsulesGómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Casagrande Sipoli, Caroline; Gaziola de La Torre, Lucimara; López-Rubio, Amparo Artículo
embargoedAccessGomez-Mascaraque_JFF_2017.pdf.jpg5-ago-2017Dietary polyphenols bind to potato cells and cellular componentsGómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Dhital, Sushil; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Gidley, Michael J.Artículo
embargoedAccessAnnals Nutr Metab-2017_Gomez-Gallego.pdf.jpg17-mar-2017Breast Milk Polyamines and Microbiota Interactions: Impact of Mode of Delivery and Geographical LocationGómez-Gallego, Carlos; Kumar, Himanshu; García Mantrana, Izaskun ; du Toit, Elloise; Suomela, Jukka‐Pekka; Linderborg, Kaisa M.; Zhang, Yumei; Isolauri, Erika; Yang, Baoru; Salminen, Seppo; Collado, María Carmen Artículo
openAccessJHI-2017-4698079.pdf.jpg5-jul-2017Impact of Acetic Acid on the Survival of L. plantarum upon Microencapsulation by Coaxial ElectrosprayingGómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Ambrosio-Martín, Jesús ; Pérez Masiá, Rocío ; López-Rubio, Amparo Artículo
openAccesseditorial-HAD.pdf.jpg2017Reutilización, significado implícito en el acceso abierto (open access)Melero Melero, Remedios Artículo
embargoedAccessIJBM-2017-Roman.pdf.jpg21-mar-2017Changes in physicochemical properties and in vitro starch digestion of native and extruded maize flours subjected to branching enzyme and maltogenic α-amylase treatmentRomán, Laura; Martínez, Mario M.; Rosell, Cristina M. ; Gómez, ManuelArtículo
openAccess2017 Sci Rep 7-2708.pdf.jpg2-jun-2017The malate sensing two-component system MaeKR is a non-canonical class of sensory complex for C4-dicarboxylatesMiguel-Romero, Laura ; Casino, Patricia; Landete, J. M.; Monedero, V.; Zuñiga, M.; Marina, Alberto Artículo
openAccess217349.pdf.jpg13-oct-2016Distinct Patterns in Human Milk Microbiota and Fatty Acid Profiles Across Specific Geographic LocationsKumar, Himanshu; Collado, María Carmen ; Salminen, SeppoArtículo
embargoedAccessPina-Perez_FoodChemistry_2017.pdf.jpg8-may-2017Antimicrobial potential of macro and microalgae against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in foodPina-Pérez, M. Consuelo; Rivas, Alejandro ; Martínez López, Antonio ; Rodrigo, Dolores; Rodrigo Aliaga, Dolores Artículo
embargoedAccessGomez-Mascaraque_Food Hydrocolloids_2017.pdf.jpg20-jun-2017Potential of microencapsulation through emulsion-electrospraying to improve the bioaccesibility of β-caroteneGómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Perez-Masiá, Rocío; González-Barrio, Rocío; Periago, María Jesús; López-Rubio, Amparo Artículo
embargoedAccessJ Agric Food Chem-2017-Dura.pdf.jpg29-may-2017Enzymatic Modification of Corn Starch Influences Human Fecal Fermentation ProfilesDura, Ángela; Rose, Devin J.; Rosell, Cristina M. Artículo
embargoedAccessIJBM-2017-Benavent.pdf.jpg19-may-2017Morphological and physicochemical characterization of porous starches obtained from different botanical sources and amylolytic enzymesBenavent Gil, Yaiza; Rosell, Cristina M. Artículo
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