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1openAccessRefPatVal submission to  Scientometrics 2.pdf.jpgAug-2009What do patent examiner inserted citations indicate for a region with low absorptive capacity?Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Fernández de Lucio, Ignacio ; Perruchas, François ; Mattsson, Paulineartículo
2openAccessCSICPAT- Romero and Azagra Scientometrics.pdf.jpgMay-2009Internationalisation of patents by Public Research Organisations from a historical and an economic perspectiveRomero de Pablos, Ana  ; Azagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
3openAccessUII5 - After Research Policy review.pdf.jpg2006Faculty support for the objectives of university-industry relations versus degree of R&D cooperation: the importance of regional absorptive capacityAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Archontakis, Fragiskos; Gutiérrez Gracia, Antonio ; Fernández de Lucio, Ignacio preprint
4openAccessCSICPAT- STIC06d.pdf.jpgDec-2007The origin of public research organisation patents: an economic approachAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Plaza Gómez, Luis Manuel  ; Romero de Pablos, Ana  artículo
5openAccessWTFIWTF f.pdf.jpgJun-2007What type of faculty member interacts with what type of firm? Some reasons for the delocalisation of university-industry interactionAzagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
6openAccessUIIF1 - Applied Economics 2b.pdf.jpgMay-2008Interactive vs. non-interactive knowledge production by faculty membersAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Aznar Márquez, J.; Blanco, Juan M.artículo
7openAccessUPRRL - STIC04 4.pdf.jpgJan-2006What do university patent routes indicate at regional level?Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Yegros Yegros, Alfredo ; Archontakis, Fragiskospreprint
8openAccessULPpat-jtt220204 cambios aceptados.pdf.jpgMar-2006Patent production at a european research university: exploratory evidence at the laboratory levelAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Carayol, Nicolas; Llerena, Patrickpreprint
9openAccess469.pdf.jpgApr-2009Los determinantes institucionales de las patentes del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas: una aproximación histórica y una dialéctica con la EconomíaAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Romero de Pablos, Ana  artículo
10openAccessAR40_1_Artículo%20Revista%20de%20Ciências%20da%20Administração%20Ximo.pdf.jpgJan-2006El equilibrio entre actividades interactivas y no interactivas de los profesores universitariosAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Aznar Márquez, J.; Blanco, Juan M.artículo
11openAccessREGIONS DO UNIVERSITIES PATENT.pdf.jpg2007In which regions do universities patent and publish more?Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Archontakis, Fragiskos; Yegros Yegros, Alfredo artículo
12openAccessUniversity patents.pdf.jpg2003University patents: output and input indicators... of what?Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Fernández de Lucio, Ignacio ; Gutiérrez Gracia, Antonio artículo
13openAccessKnowledge flows.pdf.jpg2014Knowledge flows, the influence of national R&D structure and the moderating role of public–private cooperationAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Consoli, Davide artículo
14openAccessDeterminants of national patent.pdf.jpg2014Determinants of national patent ownership by public research organisations and universitiesAzagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
15openAccessAccess to universities.pdf.jpg2012Access to universities' public knowledge: who's more nationalist?Azagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
16openAccessSmoothing the lies.pdf.jpg2011Smoothing the lies: The distinctive effects of patent characteristics on examiner and applicant citationsAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Mattsson, Pauline; Perruchas, François artículo
17openAccessacadinspai.pdf.jpg2013Academic inventors, scientific impact and the institutionalisation of Pasteur's quadrant in SpainMartínez, Catalina  ; Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Maraut, Stéphaneartículo
18openAccessLa utilización empresarial.pdf.jpg2013La utilización empresarial de los resultados de investigación de las universidades en las regiones de la Unión EuropeaAcosta Seró, Manuel; Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Coronado, Danielartículo
19openAccessown most patents invented.pdf.jpg2011Do public research organisations own most patents invented by their staff?Azagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
20openAccessNot searching, but finding.pdf.jpg2012Not searching, but finding: how innovation shapes perceptions about universities and public research organisationsAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Pardo, Rafael; Rama, Ruthartículo
21closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJun-2012Access to universities’ public knowledge: who’s more nationalist?Azagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
22openAccessDelocalisation patterns in University-Industry.pdf.jpg2013Delocalization patterns in university-industry interaction: Evidence from the sixth R&D framework programmeAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Pontikakis, Dimitrios; Varga, Attilaartículo
23openAccessuniversitiespublicknowledge.pdf.jpg2016Access to universities' public knowledge: who is more regionalist?Acosta Seró, Manuel; Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; Coronado, Danielartículo
24openAccessKnowledge flows.pdf.jpg2016Knowledge flows, the influence of national R&D structure and the moderating role of public–private cooperationAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Consoli, Davide artículo
25openAccessconocimientouniversitarioEspaña.pdf.jpg2015Acceso al conocimiento público universitario en España: patrones geográficosAzagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
26openAccessdynamipatent.pdf.jpg2017Dynamic interactions between university-industry knowledge transfer channels: A case study of the most highly cited academic patentAzagra Caro, Joaquín ; Barberá Tomás, David ; Edwards Schachter, Mónica E. ; Tur, Elena M. artículo
27openAccessuniversitindustrie.pdf.jpg2016Do university-industry co-publication outputs correspond with university funding from firms?Yegros Yegros, Alfredo ; Azagra Caro, Joaquín ; López Ferrer, Mayte ; Tijssen, Robert J. W.artículo
28openAccessCoevolcreat.pdf.jpg2018The coevolution of endogenous knowledge networks and knowledge creationTur, Elena M. ; Azagra Caro, Joaquín artículo
Results 1-28 of 28 (Search time: 1.536 seconds).
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