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openAccess2022 Frontiers PLant Sci. Saiz-Bonilla et al. Chloroplasts and mitochodrion protein import componentes in Nb.pdf.jpg2022Molecular characterization, targeting and expression analysis of chloroplast and mitochondrion protein import components in Nicotiana benthamianaSáiz-Bonilla, María; Martín Merchán, Andrea; Pallás, Vicente; Navarro, Jose AntonioJournal Article
openAccess2022 J. Gen. Virol. Leastro et al.  Orchid fleck dichorhavirus movement protein shows RNA  silencing supressor activity. Leastro.pdf.jpgNov-2022Orchid fleck dichorhavirus movement protein shows RNA silencing suppressor activityOliveira Leastro, Mikhail; Pallás, Vicente; Sánchez-Navarro, Jesús ÁngelJournal Article
openAccess2022 J. of Vitrology. Villar-Alvarez et al.  Role of Virions in Viral Transport.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2022An Evolved 5' Untranslated Region of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Allows the RNA Transport of Movement-Defective VariantsVillar-Álvarez, David; Pallás, Vicente; Elena, Santiago F. CSIC ORCID ; Sánchez-Navarro, Jesús AJournal Article
openAccess2022 Viruses Alvarado-Marchena et al.  Impact of the Potential m6A Modification Sites at the 3'UTR of AMV RNA3 in the viral infection.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2022Impact of the Potential m6A Modification Sites at the 3'UTR of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus RNA3 in the Viral InfectionAlvarado-Marchena, Luis; Martínez-Pérez, Mireya; Úbeda, Jesús R; Pallas, Vicente; Aparicio, FredericJournal Article
openAccess2022 Frontiers Plant Sci.  Alavarado-Marchena et al. Recent acquisition of functional m6A RNA demethylase domain in orchid Ty3-Gypsi elements.pdf.jpg2022Recent Acquisition of Functional m6A RNA Demethylase Domain in Orchid Ty3/Gypsy ElementsAlvarado-Marchena, Luis; Martínez-Pérez, Mireya; Aparicio, Frederic; Pallas, Vicente; Maumus, FlorianJournal Article
openAccess2022 Frontiers Plant Sc. Noatguchi. Editorial. Systemic RNA singnalling in plants.pdf.jpg2022Editorial: Systemic RNA Signalling in PlantsNotaguchi, Michitaka; Pallas, Vicente; Qiu, Jie; Wang, XutongEditorial
openAccessDatos adjuntos sin título 00034.pdf.jpgSep-2022Comparative analysis of wild-type accessions reveals novel determinants of Arabidopsis seed longevityNiñoles, Regina CSIC ORCID; Planes, Dolores; Arjona, Paloma; Ruiz-Pastor, Carmen; Chazarra, Rubén; Renard, Joan; Bueso, Eduardo CSIC ORCID; Forment, Javier CSIC ORCID; Serrano, Ramón CSIC ORCID; Kranner, Ilse; Roach, Thomas; Gadea, JoséJournal Article
openAccess2022-Frontiers in Plant Science- DOF4.1.pdf.jpg2022Transcription Factor DOF4.1 Regulates Seed Longevity in Arabidopsis via Seed Permeability and Modulation of Seed Storage Protein AccumulationNiñoles, Regina CSIC ORCID; Ruiz-Pastor, Carmen Maria; Arjona-Mudarra, Paloma; Casañ, Jose; Renard, Joan; Bueso, Eduardo CSIC ORCID; Mateos, Ruben; Serrano, Ramón CSIC ORCID; Gadea, JoseJournal Article
openAccessDatos adjuntos sin título 03504.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2022Linking plant metabolism and immunity through methionine biosynthesisEscaray, Francisco; Felipo-Benavent, Amelia CSIC ORCID; Vera, Pablo CSIC ORCIDJournal Article
openAccessMolPlant.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2022Dual regulation of SnRK2 signaling by Raf-like MAPKKKsPizzio, Gaston A; Rodriguez, Pedro LJournal Article
openAccessfpls-13-884029.pdf.jpg2022Structure-Based Modulation of the Ligand Sensitivity of a Tomato Dimeric Abscisic Acid Receptor Through a Glu to Asp Mutation in the Latch LoopInfantes, Lourdes; Rivera-Moreno, Maria; Daniel-Mozo, Miguel; Benavente, Juan Luis; Ocaña-Cuesta, Javier; Coego, Alberto; Lozano-Juste, Jorge CSIC ORCID; Rodriguez, Pedro L; Albert, Armando CSIC ORCIDJournal Article
openAccessTIPS.pdf.jpgJun-2022Tripartite hormonal regulation of plasma membrane H+-ATPase activityMiao, Rui; Russinova, Eugenia; Rodriguez, Pedro LJournal Article
openAccessBarro-Trastoy et al (2022) Plant J.pdf.jpgApr-2022Gibberellins regulate ovule number through a DELLA-CUC2 complex in ArabidopsisBarro-Trastoy, Daniela; Gomez, Maria D; Blanco-Touriñán, Noel; Tornero, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Perez-Amador, Miguel AJournal Article
openAccessNew Phytologist - 2022 - Mesejo.pdf.jpgJan-2022Reversion of fruit-dependent inhibition of flowering in Citrus requires sprouting of buds with epigenetically silenced CcMADS19Mesejo, Carlos; Marzal, Andrés; Martínez-Fuentes, Amparo; Reig, Carmina; de Lucas, Miguel; Iglesias, Domingo J; Primo-Millo, Eduardo; Blázquez, Miguel A; Agustí, ManuelJournal Article
openAccess2-Mi MetabEng 2022.pdf.jpgMar-2022A manipulation of carotenoid metabolism influence biomass partitioning and fitness in tomatoMi, Jianing; Vallarino, Jose G; Petřík, Ivan; Novák, Ondřej; Correa, Sandra M; Chodasiewicz, Monika; Havaux, Michel; Rodríguez-Concepción, Manuel ; Al-Babili, Salim; Fernie, Alisdair R; Skirycz, Aleksandra; Moreno, Juan CJournal Article
openAccess22 Medicago 35S-STM sgl1, IJMS.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2022Arabidopsis thaliana SHOOT MERISTEMLESS Substitutes for Medicago truncatula SINGLE LEAFLET1 to Form Complex Leaves and PetalsPautot, Véronique; Berbel, Ana; Cayla, Thibaud; Eschstruth, Alexis; Adroher, Bernard; Ratet, Pascal; Madueño, Francisco; Laufs, PatrickJournal Article
openAccess22 SFL, NewPhytol.pdf.jpgMay-2022The SINGLE FLOWER (SFL) gene encodes a MYB transcription factor that regulates the number of flowers produced by the inflorescence of chickpeaCaballo, Cristina; Berbel, Ana; Ortega, Raúl; Gil, Juan; Millán, Teresa; Rubio, Josefa; Madueño, Franciscoartículo
openAccess22 VEG1, targets Frontiers.pdf.jpg2022Identification and characterization of putative targets of VEGETATIVE1/FULc, a key regulator of development of the compound inflorescence in pea and related legumesSerra-Picó, Marcos; Hecht, Valérie; Weller, James L; Benlloch, Reyes CSIC ORCID; Madueño, Franciscoartículo
openAccessfmicb-13-891964 (2).pdf.jpg2022Editorial: Microbial Stress Responses: Antioxidants, the Plasma Membrane, and BeyondSharma, Sukesh Chander; Arino, Joaquin; Pascual-Ahuir, Amparo CSIC ORCID; Mulet, Jose M; Mazzoni, CristinaEditorial
openAccess702ec6e3-413a-4ea8-8f15-761a6a4305ed.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2022A fast method to evaluate in a combinatorial manner the synergistic effect of different biostimulants for promoting growth or tolerance against abiotic stressBenito, Patricia; Ligorio, Daniele; Bellón, Javier; Yenush, Lynne CSIC ORCID; Mulet, José Martículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 774
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