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embargoedAccess2019 Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech 1862-457 vers aut.pdf.jpgApr-2019Dose dependent gene expression is dynamically modulated by the history, physiology and age of yeast cellsPascual-Ahuir, Amparo ; González-Cantó, Eva; Juyoux, Pauline; Pable, Julia; Poveda-Huertes, Daniel; Saiz-Balbastre, Sandra; Squeo, Sonia; Ureña-Marco, Alvaro; Vanacloig-Pedros, Elena; Zaragoza-Infante, Laura; Proft, Markus Artículo
openAccessijms-20-02133-v2.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2019Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Tool to Investigate Plant Potassium and Sodium TransportersLocascio, Antonella ; Andrés-Colás, Nuria; Mulet-Salort, José Miguel ; Yenush, Lynne Artículo
plants-08-00109.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2019Polyamines as Quality Control Metabolites Operating at the Post-Transcriptional LevelPoidevin, Laetitia; Unal, Dilek; Belda-Palazón, Borja ; Ferrando, Alejandro Artículo
openAccessviruses-11-00357.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2019Reassessment of Viroid RNA Cytosine Methylation Status at the Single Nucleotide LevelSerio, Francesco di; Torchetti, Enza Maria; Daròs, José Antonio ; Navarro, Beatriz Artículo
openAccessviruses-11-00355-v2.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2019Surveys in the Chrysanthemum Production Areas of Brazil and Colombia Reveal That Weeds Are Potential Reservoirs of Chrysanthemum Stunt ViroidGobatto, Danielle; Oliveira, Lucas Araújo de; Siqueira Franco, Daniel Andrade de; Velásquez, Nubia; Daròs, José-Antonio; Eiras, MarceloArtículo
openAccessCurrGenet_AuthorVersion.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Ask yeast how to burn your fats: lessons learned from the metabolic adaptation to salt stressPascual-Ahuir, Amparo ; Manzanares-Estreder, Sara ; Timón-Gómez, Alba; Proft, Markus Artículo
openAccessFelipo-Benavent Fibers v7.2-clean.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2018Regulation of xylem fibers differentiation by gibberellins through DELLA-KNAT1 interactionFelipo-Benavent, Amelia ; Úrbez, Cristina ; Blanco-Touriñán, Noel; Serrano Mislata, Antonio ; Baumberger, Nicolas; Achard, Patrick; Agustí, Javier; Blázquez, Miguel Ángel ; Alabadí, David Artículo
openAccesscambium_activity_cassava.pdf.jpgMar-2017Identification and expression analyses of new potential regulators of xylem development and cambium activity in cassava (Manihot esculenta)Siebers, Tyche; Catarino, Bruno; Agustí, JavierArtículo
openAccessAgusti_Greb2011_PLoSGen.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2011Characterization of Transcriptome Remodeling during Cambium Formation Identifies MOL1 and RUL1 As Opposing Regulators of Secondary GrowthAgustí, Javier; Lichtenberger, Raffael; Schwarz, Martina; Nehlin, Lilian; Greb, ThomasArtículo
openAccessAgusti_Talon2009_BMCPlantBiol.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2009Comparative transcriptional survey between laser-microdissected cells from laminar abscission zone and petiolar cortical tissue during ethylene-promoted abscission in citrus leavesAgustí, Javier; Merelo, Paz; Cercós, Manuel ; Tadeo, Francisco R.; Talón, ManuelArtículo
openAccessThamm_Agusti2019_RoySocOpenSci.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2019A simple mathematical model of allometric exponential growth describes the early three-dimensional growth dynamics of secondary xylem in Arabidopsis rootsThamm, Anna; Sanegre-Sans, Sabina; Paisley, Jennifer; Meader, Susana; Milhinhos, Ana; Contera, Sonia; Agustí, JavierArtículo
openAccessWu et al 2018 Nat Com A common genetic mechanism underlies morphological diversity in fruits and other plant organs.pdf.jpg2018A common genetic mechanism underlies morphological diversity in fruits and other plant organsWu S, Zhang B, Keyhaninejad N, Rodríguez GR, Kim HJ, Chakrabarti M, Illa-Berenguer E, Taitano NK, Gonzalo MJ, Díaz A, Pan Y, Leisner CP, Halterman D, Buell CR, Weng Y, Jansky SH, van Eck H, Willemsen J, Monforte AJ, Meulia T, van der Knaap EArtículo
openAccessAuthor_version_Carbonell_MPMI_2019 (3).pdf.jpg2019Fast-forward Identification of Highly Effective Artificial Small RNAs Against Different Tomato spotted wilt virus IsolatesCarbonell, Alberto; López, Carmelo; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio Artículo
openAccessendosymbiotic_bacteria_Sabater.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2017Chance and necessity in the genome evolution of endosymbiotic bacteria of insectsSabater-Muñoz, Beatriz; Toft, Christina ; Álvarez-Ponce, David; Fares, Mario A. Artículo
openAccess1-May-2017Genome Mutational and Transcriptional Hotspots Are Traps for Duplicated Genes and Sources of AdaptationsFares, Mario A. ; Sabater-Muñoz, Beatriz; Toft, Christina Artículo
openAccessManuscript_Wu_et_al_plantphys.pdf.jpgFeb-2018Loss of Function of Three LOFSEP MADS-box Genes Causes the Conversion of 22 Spikelet Organs into Leaf-like Structures in RiceWu, Di; Liang, Wanqui; Zhu, Wanwan; Chen, Mingjiao; Ferrándiz Maestre, M. Cristina ; Burton, Rachel A; Dreni, Ludovico; Zhang, DabingArtículo
openAccessUrrutia-M_Genetic-analysis-of-the-wild-strawberry-Fragaria-vesca-volatile-compositionOpen-Access_2017.pdf.jpg2017Genetic analysis of the wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca) volatile compositionUrrutia, M; Rambla, JL; Alexiou, KG; Granell, A; Monfort, AArtículo
openAccessRubioCabetas-MJ_Preformed-and-induced-mechanisms-underlies-the-differential-responses-of-Prunus-rootstock-to-hypoxiaOpen-Access_2018.pdf.jpg2018Preformed and induced mechanisms underlies the differential responses of Prunus rootstock to hypoxiaRubio-Cabetas, MJ; Pons, C; Bielsa, B; Amador, MI; Marti, C; Granell, AArtículo
openAccessLpezGresa-MP_A-nontargeted-metabolomics-approach-unravels-the-VOCs-associated-with-the-tomato-immune-response-against-Pseudomonas-syringaeOpen-Access_2017.pdf.jpg4-Jul-2017A Non-targeted Metabolomics Approach Unravels the VOCs Associated with the Tomato Immune Response against Pseudomonas syringaeLópez-Gresa, MP; Lisón, P; Campos, L; Rodrigo, I; Rambla, JL; Granell, A; Conejero, V; Bellés, JMArtículo
openAccessJulve-Parreo-JM_A-synthetic-biology-approach-for-consistent-production-of-plantmade-recombinant-polyclonal-antibodies-against-snake-venom-toxinsOpen-Access_2018.pdf.jpgMar-2018A synthetic biology approach for consistent production of plant-made recombinant polyclonal antibodies against snake venom toxinsJulve, JM; Huet, E; Fernández-del-Carmen, E; Segura, A; Venturi, M; Gandía, A; Pan, W; Albaladejo, I; Forment, J; Pla, D; Wigdorovitz, A; Calvete, Juan J. ; Gutiérrez, C; Gutiérrez, José M.  ; Granell, A; Orzáez, DArtículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 422
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