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openAccessQuality_Pintado_Art2020.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2020Quality Characteristics of Healthy Dry Fermented Sausages Formulated with a Mixture of Olive and Chia Oil Structured in Oleogel or Emulsion Gel as Animal Fat ReplacerPintado, T. ; Cofrades, Susana artículo
openAccesshouseholdexposu.pdf.jpg2020Are household potato frying habits suitable for preventing acrylamide exposure?Mesías, Marta  ; Delgado Andrade, Cristina ; Morales, F. J.  artículo
openAccessAssessment_Alvarez_Art2020.pdf.jpg11-May-2020Assessment of the Miniature Kramer Shear Cell to Measure Both Solid Food and Bolus Mechanical Properties and Their Interplay with Oral Processing BehaviorÁlvarez, M. Dolores  ; Paniagua, Jaime; Herranz, Beatriz  artículo
openAccesstendensoste.pdf.jpg2019Tendencias en el desarrollo de análogos cárnicos sosteniblesGómez Estaca, Joaquín ; Cofrades, Susana artículo
openAccesstangeflow.pdf.jpg2019Tangential-flow membrane clarification of Malvar (Vitis vinifera L.) wine: incidence on chemical composition and sensorial expressionProdanov, M.  ; Aznar, Margarita; Cabellos, Juan M.; Vacas, Visitación; López, Francisco; Hernández, M. Teresa ; Estrella, María I.artículo
openAccessUltraprocesados.pdf.jpg2020Association between heat-induced chemical markers and ultra-processed foods: A case study on breakfast cerealsMorales, F. J.  ; Mesías, Marta  ; Delgado Andrade, Cristina artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Nutritional and other health properties of olive pomace oilMateos, Raquel  ; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Bravo, Laura artículo
openAccessestrategfuncion.pdf.jpg2019Estrategias para modificar el perfil lipídico en productos carnicos funcionalesFreire, María; Cofrades, Susana artículo
openAccessformationproduction.pdf.jpg2020Formation of acrylamide and other heat-induced compounds during panela productionMesías, Marta  ; Delgado Andrade, Cristina ; Gómez-Narváez, Faver; Contreras-Calderón, José; Morales, F. J.  artículo
openAccessPotential_Grasso_Art2020.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2020Potential of a Sunflower Seed By-Product as Animal Fat Replacer in Healthier FrankfurtersGrasso, Simona; Pintado, T. ; Pérez-Jiménez, Jara ; Ruiz-Capillas, Claudia; Herrero, Ana M. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019In vitro accessibility of lycopene added to ready-to-eat meat productsGámez Losada, M. Carmen; Selgas, M. Dolores; García, M. Luisa; Calvo, Marta artículo
openAccessPeptides_Martinez_Art2020.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2020Peptides for Health Benefits 2019Martínez Villaluenga, Cristina  ; Hernández-Ledesma, Blanca  artículo
embargoedAccessFoodResInt2020-Ancos.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2020Effect of high-pressure processing applied as pretreatment on carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamin C in juice of the sweet oranges 'Navel' and the red-fleshed 'Cara Cara'Ancos, Begoña de  ; Rodrigo, María Jesús ; Sánchez-Moreno, Concepción  ; Cano, M. Pilar  ; Zacarías, Lorenzo  artículo
openAccessacrylacanteen.pdf.jpg2020Acrylamide in French fries prepared at primary school canteensMesías, Marta  ; Delgado Andrade, Cristina ; Holgado, Francisca  ; Morales, F. J.  artículo
openAccesswrkypre.pdf.jpg2019WRKY transcription factors in the response of table grapes (cv. Autumn Royal) to high CO2 levels and low temperatureRomero, Irene  ; Alegría, Estíbaliz; González de Pradena, Alfonso; Vázquez-Hernández, María  ; Escribano, M. Isabel  ; Merodio, Carmen  ; Sánchez Ballesta, M. Teresa  artículo
openAccesswinebeer.pdf.jpg2019Wine and beer within a moderate alcohol intake is associated with higher levels of HDL-c and adiponectinNova, Esther ; San Mauro-Martín, Ismael; Díaz, L. E. ; Marcos, Ascensión artículo
openAccessvitaB12vega.pdf.jpg2019Vitamin B12 and folate status in Spanish lacto-ovo vegetarians and vegansGallego-Narbón, Angélica; Zapatera, Belén ; Barrios, Laura ; Vaquero, M. Pilar  artículo
embargoedAccessunratrans.pdf.jpg2019Unravelling the carbohydrate specificity of MelA from Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1: An α-galactosidase displaying regioselective transgalactosylationDelgado, Paloma ; Plaza-Vinuesa, Laura; Hernández-Hernández, Oswaldo  ; Rivas, Blanca de las ; Corzo, Nieves  ; Muñoz, Rosario ; Moreno, F. Javier artículo
openAccessunderstime.pdf.jpg2019Understanding the crispy–crunchy texture of raw red pepper and its change with storage timeÁlvarez, M. Dolores  ; Velarde, Cristina; Barrios, Laura ; Herranz, Beatriz  artículo
openAccesstnfacid.pdf.jpg2019TNF-α-induced oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in EA.hy926 cells is prevented by mate and green coffee extracts, 5-caffeoylquinic acid and its microbial metabolite, dihydrocaffeic acidWang, Shenli; Sarriá, Beatriz ; Mateos, Raquel  ; Goya, Luis ; Bravo, Laura artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1339
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