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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2021Recovery of serum testosterone levels is an accurate predictor of survival from COVID-19 in male patientsToscano-Guerra, Emily; Martínez-Gallo, Mónica; Arrese-Muñoz, Iria; Gine, Anna; Diaz, Noelia; Gabriel-Medina, Pablo; Riveiro-Barciela, Mar; Labrador-Horrillo, Moisés; Martínez-Valle, Fernando; Hernández-González, Manuel; Rodríguez-Frías, Francisco; Pujol Borrell, Ricardo; Ferrer, Roser; Thomson, Timothy M. CSIC ORCID ; Paciucci, Rosanapreprint
openAccess20-Apr-2018Lineage specific transcription factors and epigenetic regulators mediate TGF?-dependent enhancer activationFueyo, Raquel; Iacobucci, Simona CSIC ORCID; Pappa, Stella CSIC ORCID; Estarás, Conchi CSIC ORCID; Lois, Sergi; Vicioso Mantis, Marta CSIC ORCID; Navarro, Claudia; Cruz-Molina, Sara; Reyes, José C. CSIC ORCID; Rada-Iglesias, Alvaro; Cruz, Xavier de la CSIC ORCID; Martínez-Balbás, Marian CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018A2A Adenosine Receptor Agonists and their Potential Therapeutic Applications. An UpdateGuerrero, Ángel CSIC ORCIDartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2018Histone H1 at heterochromatin prevents R-loop formationBernués, Jordi CSIC ORCID comunicación de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJul-2018Structural basis of meiotic chromosome synapsis through SYCP1 self-assemblyDunce, James M.; Dunne, Orla M.; Ratcliff, Matthew; Millán, Claudia CSIC ORCID ; Madgwick, Suzanne; Usón, Isabel CSIC artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Structural Prediction of Protein¿Protein Interactions by Docking: Application to Biomedical ProblemsBarradas-Bautista, Didier; Rosell, Mireia; Pallara, Chiara; Fernández-Recio, Juan CSIC ORCID artículo de revisión
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2018Biology, a science of greysCasanova, Jordi CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2018Nucleophile Promiscuity of Engineered Class II Pyruvate Aldolase YfaU from E. ColiHernández Sánchez, Karel CSIC; Joglar Tamargo, Jesús CSIC ORCID; Bujons Vilàs, Jordi; Parella, Teodor; Clapés Saborit, Pere CSIC ORCID artículo
Anisotropic_Olivares_PV.pdf.jpg2018Anisotropic Crb accumulation, modulated by Src42A, is coupled to polarised epithelial tube growth in DrosophilaOlivares-Castiñeira, Ivette; Llimargas, Marta CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMar-2021TADs enriched in histone H1.2 strongly overlap with the B compartment, inaccessible chromatin, and AT-rich Giemsa bandsSerna, Núria; Salinas Pena, Mónica ; Mugianesi, F.; López Anguita, Natalia; Torrent-Llagostera, Francesc; Izquierdo-Bouldstridge, Andrea; Martí-Renom M.; Jordan, Albert CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessUsing_Fábrega_PV_Art2021.pdf.jpg2021Using a partial atomic model from medium- resolution cryo-EM to solve a large crystal structureFàbrega-Ferrer, Montserrat; Cuervo, Ana; Fernández, Francisco J. CSIC ORCID; Machón, Cristina CSIC ORCID ; Pérez-Luque, Rosa CSIC ; Pous, Joan CSIC ORCID ; Vega, María Cristina CSIC ORCID ; Carrascosa, José L.; Coll, Miquel CSIC ORCID artículo
22-Jan-2021Stress granules display bistable dynamics modulated by CdkYahya, Galal; Pérez, Alexis P.; Mendoza, Mònica B.; Parisi, Eva; Moreno, David F. CSIC ORCID ; Artés, Marta H.; Gallego, Carme CSIC ORCID ; Aldea, Marti CSIC ORCID artículo
accesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMar-2021Influence of core extension and side chain nature in targeting G-quadruplex structures with perylene monoimide derivativesBusto, Natalia; García-Calvo, José; Cuevas, José V.; Herrera, Antonio CSIC ORCID ; Mergny, Jean-Louis; Pons, Sebastián CSIC ORCID ; Torroba, Tomás; García, Begoña CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessTowards_Ponte_Preprint_Art2021.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2021Towards understanding the regulation of histone H1 somatic subtypes with OMICsPonte, I.; Andres, M.; Jordan, Albert CSIC ORCID ; Roque, Aliciaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2021Dbnl and ß-catenin promote pro-N-cadherin processing to maintain apico-basal polarityHerrera, Antonio CSIC ORCID ; Menendez, Anghara CSIC ; Torroba, Blanca; Ochoa, Andrea; Pons, Sebastián CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessCondensin_Dyson_PV_Art2021.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2021Condensin minimizes topoisomerase II-mediated entanglements of DNA in vivoDyson, Sílvia CSIC ORCID ; Segura, Joana CSIC ORCID ; Martínez-García, Belén CSIC ORCID; Valdés, Antonio ; Roca, Joaquim CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Structural basis of DNA targeting by a transposon-encoded CRISPR-Cas systemHalpin-Healy, Tyler S.; Klompe, Sanne E.; Sternberg, Samuel H.; Sánchez Fernández, Israelartículo
openAccessStructural_Wang_PV_Art2020.pdf.jpg2020Structural basis for the transition from translation initiation to elongation by an 80S-eIF5B complexWang, Jinfan; Wang, Jing; Shin, Byung-Sik; Kim, Joo-Ran; Dever, Thomas E.; Puglisi, Joseph D.; Sánchez Fernández, Israelartículo
openAccessStructure_Guevara_PV_Art2020.pdf.jpgJan-2020Structure-based mechanism of cysteine-switch latency and of catalysis by pappalysin-family metallopeptidasesGuevara, Tibisay CSIC ORCID ; Rodríguez-Banqueri, Arturo; Ksiazek, Miroslaw; Potempa, Jan; Gomis-Rüth, F. Xavier CSIC ORCID artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Mechanical coordination is sufficient to promote tissue replacement during metamorphosis in DrosophilaPrat-Rojo, Carla; Pouille, Philippe‐Alexandre; Buceta, Javier CSIC ORCID ; Martín-Blanco, Enrique CSIC ORCID artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 993
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