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embargoedAccessFuel 211 (2018) 868-875.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2017Chemical Looping Combustion of different types of biomass in a 0.5 kWth unitMendiara, Teresa; Pérez-Astray, Antón; Izquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; García Labiano, Francisco ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccessChem Eng J 359 (2019) 37-46.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2018Reduction and oxidation kinetics of Tierga iron ore for Chemical Looping Combustion with diverse fuelsMendiara, Teresa; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; García Labiano, Francisco ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccessApplied Energy 232 (2018) 657-684.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2018Negative CO2 emissions through the use of biofuels in chemical looping technology: A reviewMendiara, Teresa; García Labiano, Francisco ; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; Izquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccess2018_Abad_Fuel Proc Technol_3.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2018A simple model for comparative evaluation of different oxygen carriers and solid fuels in iG-CLC processesAbad Secades, Alberto ; Mendiara, Teresa; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; García Labiano, Francisco ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccessIJGrenGas_Mtnez_I_85_2019.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019Recent progress of the Ca-Cu technology for decarbonisation of power plants and carbon intensive industriesMartínez Berges, Isabel; Fernández García, José Ramón  ; Martini, Michela; Gallucci, Fausto; Sint Annaland, Martin van; Romano, M.C.; Abanades García, Juan Carlos  Artículo
embargoedAccessChemEngeSci_Mtnez_I_205_2109.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2019Performance and operating limits of a sorbent-catalyst system for sorption-enhanced reforming (SER) in a fluidized bed reactorMartínez Berges, Isabel; Grasa Adiego, Gemma ; Meyer, Julien; Felice, Luca di; Kazi, Saima; Sanz, Cristina; Maury, Delphine; Voisin, ChristopheArtículo
embargoedAccessEnergy_163_Martínez_2018.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2018Integration of a fluidised bed Ca–Cu chemical looping process in a steel millMartínez Berges, Isabel; Fernández García, José Ramón ; Abanades García, Juan Carlos ; Romano, M.C.Artículo
embargoedAccessIntJourHydroEner_2018_43.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2018Techno economic analysis of the Ca Cu process integrated in hydrogen plants with CO2 captureRiva, Leonardo; Martínez Berges, Isabel; Martini, Michela; Gallucci, Fausto; Sint Annaland, Martin van; Romano, M.C.Artículo
embargoedAccessCaCuPower_Martinez_2019.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2019Techno-economic analysis of a natural gas combined cycle integrated with a Ca-Cu looping process for low CO2 emission power productionMartínez Berges, Isabel; Martini, Michela; Riva, Leonardo; Gallucci, Fausto; Sint Annaland, Martin van; Romano, M.C.Artículo
embargoedAccessChemEngJour_366_Schick_2019.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2019Size-activity relationship of iridium particles supported on silica for the total oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)Schick, Lukas; Sanchis, Rut; González-Alfaro, Vicente; Agouram, S.; López Sebastián, José Manuel ; Torrente-Murciano, Laura; García Martínez, Tomás; Solsona, BenjamínArtículo
embargoedAccessJCat_360_Moragues_2018.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2018Understanding the role of Ti-rich domains in the stabilization of gold nanoparticles on mesoporous silica-based catalystsMoragues, Alaina; Puértolas Lacambra, Begoña; Mayoral, Álvaro; Arenal, Raúl; Hungría, Ana B.; Murcia-Mascarós, S.; Taylor, Stuart H.; Solsona, Benjamín; García Martínez, Tomás ; Amorós, PedroArtículo
embargoedAccessEnergyFuels 33_Lapuerta_2019.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2019Analysis of soot from the use of butanol blends in a Euro 6 diesel engineLapuerta, Magín; Sánchez-Valdepeñas, Jesús; Barba, Javier; Fernández-Rodríguez, David; Andrés, Juan Pedro; García Martínez, Tomás Artículo
embargoedAccessChemCatChem 11 1915-1927_Garcia_2019.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2019The key role of nanocasting in gold‐based Fe2O3 nanocasted catalysts for oxygen activation at the metal‐support interfaceGarcía Martínez, Tomás ; López Sebastián, José Manuel ; Solsona, Benjamín; Sanchis, Rut; Willock, David J.; Davies, Thomas E.; Lu, Li; He, Quian; Kiely, Christopher J.; Taylor, Stuart H.Artículo
embargoedAccessLJLCRT_42_2019_HPTLC coupled.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2019HPTLC coupled to ESI-Tandem MS for identifying phospholipids associated to membrane proteins in photosynthetic purple bacteriaLapieza Remón, Mª Pilar; Jungas, Colette; Savirón, María; Jarne, Carmen; Membrado, Luis; Vela, Jesús; Orduna, Jesús; Garriga, Rosa; Galbán, Javier; Cebolla, Vicente L. Artículo
embargoedAccessJ ANAL TOXICOL 2018_43.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2018Fully automated forensic routine dried blood spot screening for workplace testingGaugler, Stefan; Al-Mazroua, Maha K.; Issa, Sahar Y.; Rykl, Jana; Grill, Matthias; Qanair, Asem; Cebolla, Vicente L. Artículo
openAccessJAB_2018_4_Fully_auto_drug.pdf.jpgJan-2018Fully automated drug screening of dried blood spots using online LC-MS/MS analysisGaugler, Stefan; Rykl, Jana; Grill, Matthias; Cebolla, Vicente L. Artículo
openAccessWasteManag_2019_pre-print.pdf.jpg24-Jan-2019Carbon black recovery from waste tire pyrolysis by demineralization: Production and application in rubber compoundingMartínez Ángel, Juan Daniel; Cardona-Uribe, Natalia; Murillo Villuendas, Ramón ; García Martínez, Tomás ; López Sebastián, José Manuel Artículo
openAccessfimmu-09-02549.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2018Preparations for invasion: modulation of host lung immunity during pulmonary aspergillosis by gliotoxin and other fungal secondary metabolitesArias, Maykel; Santiago, Llipsy; Vidal-García, Matxalen; Redrado, Sergio; Lanuza, Pilar M.; Comas, Laura; Domingo, María Pilar; Rezusta, Antonio; Gálvez Buerba, Eva Mª Artículo
openAccessTheranostics 2018_8.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2018Expansion of allogeneic NK cells with efficient antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity against multiple tumorsSánchez-Martínez, Diego; Gálvez Buerba, Eva Mª ; Villalba, MartínArtículo
embargoedAccessBrewers Spent Grains_2019_185.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2019Analysis and optimisation of a novel “bio-brewery” approach: Production of bio-fuels and bio-chemicals by microwave-assisted, hydrothermal liquefaction of brewers’ spent grainsLorente, Almudena; Remón, J.; Budarin, Vitaliy; Sánchez-Verdú, Prado; Moreno, Andrés; Clark, James H.Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 524
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