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embargoedAccess2019_Perez-Vega et al_App Energy.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2019Evaluation of Mn-Fe mixed oxide doped with TiO2 for the combustion with CO2 capture by Chemical Looping assisted by Oxygen UncouplingPérez-Vega, Raúl; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Izquierdo Pantoja, María Teresa ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccess2019_Adánez-Rubio et al_MITI.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2019Chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling: an advanced biomass combustion technology to avoid CO2 emissionsAdánez Rubio, Iñaki; Pérez-Astray, Antón; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccess2019_Abad et al_PROCI.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2018Modelling Chemical-Looping assisted by Oxygen Uncoupling (CLaOU): Assessment of natural gas combustion with calcium manganite as oxygen carrierAbad Secades, Alberto ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; García Labiano, Francisco ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccess2019_Abad & Adanez_PROCI.pdf.jpg23-Sep-2018Chemical-looping combustion: Status and research needsAdánez Elorza, Juan ; Abad Secades, Alberto Artículo
embargoedAccess2019_Perez-Vega et al_Fuel.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2019Improving the efficiency of Chemical Looping Combustion with coal by using ring-type internals in the fuel reactorPérez-Vega, Raúl; Abad Secades, Alberto ; Bueno, José A.; García Labiano, Francisco ; Gayán Sanz, Pilar ; Diego Poza, Luis F. de ; Adánez Elorza, Juan Artículo
embargoedAccessIJGGC_Ca-Cu_process_2018.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2019Experimental investigation of the Ca-Cu process for H2 production: Evaluation of reduction/calcination strategiesDíez-Martín, Laura; López Sebastián, José Manuel ; Martínez Berges, Isabel; Grasa Adiego, Gemma ; Murillo Villuendas, Ramón ; Fernández García, José Ramón  Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018High-performance thin-layer chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry for identifying neutral lipids and sphingolipids in complex samplesJarne, Carmen; Savirón, María; Lapieza Remón, Mª Pilar; Membrado, Luis; Orduna, Jesús; Galbán, Javier; Garriga, Rosa; Morlock, Gertrud Elisabeth; Cebolla, Vicente L.Artículo
embargoedAccessCatalysis Today_Ochoa_2019.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2019Influence of carburization time on the activity of Mo2C/CNF catalysts for the HDO of guaiacolOchoa, Elba; Torres Gamarra, Daniel; Pinilla Ibarz, José Luis ; Suelves Laiglesia, Isabel Artículo
embargoedAccessFuelProcessTech_191_2019_111-120.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2019Towards a sustainable bio-fuels production from lignocellulosic bio-oils: Influence of operating conditions on the hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol over a Mo2C/CNF catalystRemón, J.; Ochoa, Elba; Foguet, Carlos; Pinilla Ibarz, José Luis ; Suelves Laiglesia, Isabel Artículo
openAccessCatalysts_2018,8,127.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2018Liquid-phase hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol over Mo2C supported on commercial CNF. Effects of operating conditions on conversion and product selectivityMoreira, Rui; Ochoa, Elba; Pinilla Ibarz, José Luis ; Portugal, António; Suelves Laiglesia, Isabel Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2006General contribution of nonspecific interactions to fluorescence intensityGálvez Buerba, Eva Mª ; Matt, Muriel; Cebolla, Vicente L. ; Fernandes, Francisco; Membrado, Luis; Cossío, Fernando P.; Garriga, Rosa; Vela, Jesús; Guermouche, M. HassanArtículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2008Quantum dots for single-pair fluorescence resonance energy transfer in membraneintegrated EF0F1Gálvez Buerba, Eva Mª ; Düser, Monika; Börsch, Michael; Wrachtrup, Jörg; Gräber, P.Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2008Fluorescence resonance energy transfer in single enzyme molecules with a quantum dot as donorGálvez Buerba, Eva Mª ; Zimmermann, Boris; Rombach-Riegraf, Verena; Bienert, Roland; Gräber, P.Artículo
openAccessmaterials-12-01092-v2.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2019Intracellular Delivery of Biologically-Active Fungal Metabolite Gliotoxin Using Magnetic NanoparticlesComas, Laura; Polo, Esther; Domingo, María Pilar; Hernandez, Yulán; Arias, Maykel; Esteban, Patricia; Martínez-Lostao, Luis; Pardo, Julián; Fuente, Jesús M. de la; Gálvez Buerba, Eva Mª 
openAccessEDMJ-2019-102-Gaugler-Stefan-Switzerland.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2019Validation of an automated extraction procedure for amino acids and acylcarnitines for use with tandem mass spectrometry for newborn screeningGaugler, Stefan; Rykl, Jana; Cebolla, Vicente L. Artículo
embargoedAccessFuel (245) p. 586-593 (2019).pdf.jpg6-Mar-2019New approach to materials behaviour studies in high-speed flue gas from oxy-steam combustionMayoral Gastón, María del Carmen ; Andrés Gimeno, José Manuel ; Dueso, Cristina; Rubio Villa, Begoña Artículo
closedAccessARCHIVO COMODIN DIGITAL CSIC.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2019Reduced graphene oxide aerogels with controlled continuous microchannels for environmental remediationRodríguez-Mata, Vanesa; González Domínguez, José Miguel; Benito, Ana M. ; Maser, Wolfgang K. ; García-Bordejé, José Enrique Artículo
embargoedAccessChemPhysChem_ Ansón_2019.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2019Capacitive and charge transfer effects of single‐walled carbon nanotubes in TiO2 electrodesAnsón Casaos, Alejandro ; Rubio-Muñoz, Cristina; Hernández-Ferrer, Javier; Santidrián, Ana; Benito, Ana M. ; Maser, Wolfgang K. Artículo
openAccesssurfaces-02-00001.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2019Electrochemical Behavior of Pt–Ru Catalysts Supported on Graphitized Ordered Mesoporous Carbons toward CO and Methanol OxidationCalderón Gómez, Juan Carlos; Celorrio, Verónica; Calvillo, Laura; Sebastián, David; Moliner, Rafael; Lázaro Elorri, María JesúsArtículo
openAccess2019 Santidrian @ PCCP.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2019A tool box to ascertain the nature of doping and photoresponse in single-walled carbon nanotubesSantidrián, Ana; González Domínguez, José Miguel; Diez-Cabanes, Valentin; Hernández-Ferrer, Javier; Maser, Wolfgang K. ; Benito, Ana M. ; Ansón Casaos, Alejandro ; Cornil, Jérôme; Ros, Tatiana da; Kalbáč, MartinArtículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 476
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