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closedAccess2017Characterization of laser-processed thin ceramic membranes for electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cellsCebollero, Jose Antonio; Lahoz, Ruth; Laguna-Bercero, M. A.; Peña, J. I.; Larrea, A. ; Orera, V. M.Artículo
closedAccess2017(CF3 )3Au as a highly acidic organogold(III) fragmentPérez-Bitrián, Alberto; Baya, Miguel ; Casas, José M. ; Falvello, Larry R.; Martín, Antonio ; Menjón, Babil Artículo
closedAccess2017Bimetallic Au//Ag alloys inside SiO2 using a solid-state methodDíaz, Carlos; Valenzuela, Maria Luisa; Bobadilla, D.; Laguna-Bercero, M. A.Artículo
closedAccess2017Bigaussian wavefront model for normal and keratoconic eyesRozema, J. J.; Rodríguez, Pablo ; Navarro, Rafael; Koppen, CarinaArtículo
openAccess2017A topologically unique alternating {CoIII 3 GdIII 3} magnetocaloric ringHeras Ojea, María José; Lorusso, Giulia; Craig, G. A.; Wilson, Claire; Evangelisti, Marco; Murrie, MarkArtículo
closedAccess2017A shear-induced network of aligned wormlike micelles in a sugar-based molecular gel. From gelation to biocompatibility assaysFitremann, Juliette; Lonetti, Barbara; Fratini, Emiliano; Fabing, Isabelle; Payré, Bruno; Boulé, Christelle; Loubinoux, Isabelle; Vaysse, Laurence; Oriol, LuisArtículo
closedAccess2017A route to small clusters: a twisted half-hexagram-shaped M4(OH)4 cluster and its capacity for hosting closed-shell metalsAra, Irene ; García-Monforte, M. Ángeles ; González, Rocío; Falvello, Larry R.; Tomás, Milagros Artículo
openAccess2017A probe of steric ligand substituent effects on the spin crossover of Fe(II) complexesBartual-Murgui, Carlos; Vela, Sergi; Darawsheh, Mohanad; Diego, Rosa; Teat, Simon J.; Roubeau, Olivier; Aromí, GuillemArtículo
openAccess2017Physical picture for mechanical dissociation of biological complexes: from forces to free energiesTapia-Rojo, R.; Marcuello, Carlos; Lostao, Anabel; Gómez-Moreno, C.; Mazo, J. J.; Falo, FernandoArtículo
closedAccess2017Antimicrobial activity of polyoxometalate ionic liquids against clinically relevant pathogensKubo, Anna-Liisa; Kremer, Lea; Herrmann, Sven; Mitchell, Scott G.; Bondarenko, Olesja M.; Kahru, Anne; Streb, CarstenArtículo
openAccess2017Angle resolved transmission through metal hole gratingsMariani, F.; León-Pérez, F. de; Vendel, K.J.A.; Martín-Moreno, Luis; Exter, M. P. vanArtículo
openAccess2017A metamorphic inorganic framework that can be switched between eight single-crystalline statesZhan, Caihong; Cameron, Jamie M.; Gabb, David; Boyd, Thomas; Winter, Ross S.; Vilà-Nadal, Laia; Mitchell, Scott G.; Glatzel, Stefan; Breternitz, Joachim; Gregory, Duncan H.; Long, De-Liang; Macdonell, Andrew; Cronin, LeroyArtículo
closedAccess2017A magneto‐optical molecular device: Interplay of spin crossover, luminescence, photomagnetism, and photochromismEstrader, Marta ; Salinas-Uber, Jorge; Barrios, L. A.; Garcia, Jordi; Lloyd-Williams, Paul; Roubeau, Olivier; Teat, Simon J.; Aromí, GuillemArtículo
openAccess2017A magnetocaloric composite based on molecular coolers and carbon nanotubes with enhanced thermal conductivityRoubeau, Olivier; Natividad, Eva; Evangelisti, Marco; Evangelisti, Marco; Palacios, EliasArtículo
openAccess2017Active translocation of a semiflexible polymer assisted by an ATP-based molecular motorFiasconaro, Alessandro; Mazo, J. J.; Falo, FernandoArtículo
closedAccess2017AC susceptibility as a tool to probe the dipolar interaction in magnetic nanoparticlesLandi, Gabriel T.; Arantes, Fabiana R.; Cornejo, Daniel R.; Bakuzis, Andris F.; Andreu, Irene; Natividad, EvaArtículo
closedAccess201755Mn NMR observation of colossal magnetoresistance effect in Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3Michalik, J. M.; Rybicki, D.; Tarnawski, Z.; Sikora, M.; Teresa, José María de; Ibarra, M. Ricardo; Kapusta, Cz.Artículo
openAccess20173D orientational control in self‐assembled thin films with sub‐5 nm features by lightNickmans, Koen; Bögels, Gerardus M.; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Murphy, Jeffrey N.; Leclère, Philippe; Voets, Ilja K.; Schenning, Albertus P. H. J.Artículo
openAccess2017119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy for assessing the local stress and defect state towards the tuning of Ni-Mn-Sn alloysUnzueta, I.; López-García, J.; Sánchez-Alarcos, V.; Recarte, V.; Pérez-Landazábal, J. I.; Rodríguez-Velamazán, J. A.; Garitaonandia, J. S.; García, J. A.; Plazaola, FernandoArtículo
closedAccess2019Synthesis, crystal structure, infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis and Hirshfeld surface analysis of a new hemihydrate of [Zn (H2O) 6][{(CH2)6N4}ZnCl3]2·0.5H2OBasdouri, Zeineb; Trojette, Basma; Falvello, Larry R.; Graia, Mohsen; Tomás, Milagros Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2513
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