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openAccessJHEP07(2023)085.pdf.jpg2023Determination of the strong coupling constant from transverse energy-energy correlations in multijet events at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detectorAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S0370269323004884-main.pdf.jpg2023Comparison of inclusive and photon-tagged jet suppression in 5.02 TeV Pb+Pb collisions with ATLASAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccessFernández-Tejero_2023_J._Inst._18_P02012.pdf.jpg2023Analysis of humidity sensitivity of silicon strip sensors for ATLAS upgrade tracker, pre- and post-irradiationFernández-Tejero, Javier; et al.,; Fleta, Celeste CSIC ORCID; Ullan, Miguelartículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S0370269323002976-main.pdf.jpg2023Combination of searches for invisible decays of the Higgs boson using 139 fb−1 of proton-proton collision data at s=13 TeV collected with the ATLAS experimentAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccessJHEP07(2023)074.pdf.jpg2023Charged-hadron production in pp, p+Pb, Pb+Pb, and Xe+Xe collisions at √sNN = 5 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHCAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccessCalibration-of-the-lightflavour-jet-mistagging-efficiency-of-the-btagging-algorithms-with-Zjets-events-using-139-fb-sup-1sup-of-ATLAS-protonproton-collision-data-at-s13-TeVEuropean-Physical-Journal-C.pdf.jpg2023Calibration of the light-flavour jet mistagging efficiency of the b-tagging algorithms with Z+jets events using 139 fb - 1 of ATLAS proton–proton collision data at √s=13 TeVAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccesss10052-023-11699-1.pdf.jpg2023ATLAS flavour-tagging algorithms for the LHC Run 2 pp collision datasetAad, Georges; et al.,; Lopez Paz, Ivanartículo
openAccessTrue_Random_Number_Generator_Based_on_the_Variability_of_the_High_Resistance_State_of_RRAMs.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2023True Random Number Generator Based on the Variability of the High Resistance State of RRAMsAkbari, Maryam; Mirzakuchaki, Sattar; Arumí, Daniel; Manich, Salvador; Gómez-Pau, Alvaro; Campabadal, Francesca CSIC ORCID ; González, Mireia Bargalló; Rodríguez-Montañés, Rosaartículo
openAccesschemosensors-11-00174-v2.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2023Novel Nitrate Ion-Selective Microsensor Fabricated by Means of Direct Ink WritingParé, Franc; Visús, Aida; Gabriel, Gemma; Baeza, Mireiaartículo
openAccess040702_1_5.0134208.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2023Recent advances in silicon-based nanostructures for thermoelectric applicationsSojo Gordillo, Jose Manuel; Morata, Alex; Sierra, Carolina Duque; Salleras, Marc CSIC ORCID ; Fonseca, Luis; Tarancón, Albertartículo
openAccessAdvanced Intelligent Systems - 2023 - Roldán - Variability in Resistive Memories.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2023Variability in Resistive MemoriesRoldán, Juan B.; Miranda, Enrique; Maldonado, David; Mikhaylov, Alexey N.; Agudov, Nikolay V.; Dubkov, Alexander A.; Koryazhkina, Maria N.; González, Mireia B.; Villena, Marco A.; Poblador, Samuel CSIC ORCID ; Saludes-Tapia, Mercedes; Picos, Rodrigo; Jiménez-Molinos, Francisco; Stavrinides, Stavros G.; Salvador, Emili; Alonso, Francisco J.; Campabadal, Francesca CSIC ORCID ; Spagnolo, Bernardo; Lanza, Mario; Chua, Leon O.revisión
openAccess1-s2.0-S2352186423001955-main.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2023Optimization of UV-C pulsed radiation strategy for a high-efficiency portable water sterilizerRuiz-Díez, Carlos; Navarro-Segarra, Marina; Barrena, Raquel; Gea, Teresa; Esquivel Bojórquez, Juan Pablo CSIC ORCID artículo
openAccessActive-Thermal-Control-in-NeutralPointClamped-Multilevel-Converters-Based-on-SwitchingCell-ArraysElectronics-Switzerland(1).pdf.jpg1-Oct-2023Active Thermal Control in Neutral-Point-Clamped Multilevel Converters Based on Switching-Cell ArraysAlepuz, Salvador; Nicolás-Apruzzese, Joan; Rafiezadeh, Roya; Busquets-Monge, Sergio; Raya, Mariana; Filbà-Martínez, Àlberartículo
openAccessTrue_Random_Number_Generator_Based_on_RRAM-Bias_Current_Starved_Ring_Oscillator.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2023True Random Number Generator Based on RRAM-Bias Current Starved Ring OscillatorArumi, Daniel; Manich, S.; Gomez-Pau, Álvaro; Rodriguez-Montanes, Rosa; Bargallo, Mireia G.; Campabadal, Francesca CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccessNew-optoelectromechanical-sensor-for-twodimensions-dosimetry-based-on-radiochromic-filmsScientific-Reports.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2023New opto-electro-mechanical sensor for two-dimensions dosimetry based on radiochromic filmsMena, Silvia; Karkour, Nabil; Alaphilippe, V; Botero, J P; Jiménez, Marcio Alfonso; Linget, Denis; Gibelin, L; Le Ven, V; Marquet, A; Mellouh, S; Josson, E; Benassou, W; Muñoz-Berbel, Xavier; Guirado, Gonzalo; Guardiola, Consueloartículo
openAccessmodularactivi.pdf.jpg2023Modular drug-loaded nanocapsules with metal dome layers as a platform for obtaining synergistic therapeutic biological activitiesFluksman, Arnon; Lafuente, Aritz; Braunstein, Ron; Steinberg, Eliana; Friedman, Nethanel; Yekhin, Zhanna; Roca, Alejandro G. CSIC ORCID; Nogués, Josep CSIC ORCID; Hazan, Ronen; Sepúlveda, Borja CSIC ORCID; Benny, Ofraartículo
openAccessAdv Funct Materials - 2019 - Kim - Ferroelectric‐Polymer‐Enabled Contactless Electric Power Generation in Triboelectric.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2019Ferroelectric-Polymer-Enabled Contactless Electric Power Generation in Triboelectric NanogeneratorsKim, Hyun Soo; Kim, Dong Yeong; Kim, Jae Eun; Kim, Jong Hun; Kong, Dae Sol; Murillo Rodríguez, Gonzalo CSIC ORCID ; Lee, Gwan Hyoung; Park, Jeong Young; Jung, Jong Hoonartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2018Floating buoy-based triboelectric nanogenerator for an effective vibrational energy harvesting from irregular and random water waves in wild seaKim, Dong Yeong; Kim, Hyun Soo; Kong, Dae Sol; Choi, Moonkang; Kim, Hak Bum; Lee, Jae Hyoung; Murillo Rodríguez, Gonzalo CSIC ORCID ; Lee, Minbaek; Kim, Sang Sub; Jung, Jong Hoonartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2017Interdigital electrode based triboelectric nanogenerator for effective energy harvesting from waterKil Yun, Byung; Soo Kim, Hyun; Joon Ko, Young; Murillo Rodríguez, Gonzalo CSIC ORCID ; Hoon Jung, Jongartículo
openAccessAdvanced Materials - 2017 - Murillo - Electromechanical Nanogenerator Cell Interaction Modulates Cell Activity.pdf.jpgJun-2017Electromechanical Nanogenerator-Cell Interaction Modulates Cell ActivityMurillo, Gonzalo; Blanquer, Andreu; Vargas-Estevez, Carolina; Barrios, Lleonard; Ibáñez, Elena CSIC ORCID ; Nogués, Carme; Esteve, Jaumeartículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 566
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