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closedAccess25-Dec-2020Challenges in quantification of photocatalytic NO2 abatement effectiveness under real world exposure conditions illustrated by a case studyCordero, J.M.; Hingorani, Ramón; Jiménez-Relinque, Eva; Grande, María; Cutillas, F.; Martinez, E.; Borge, R.; Narros, A.; Castellote, Martaartículo
openAccess11-Feb-2021Evaluation of changes in surface temperature of TiO2 functionalized pavements at outdoor conditionsFernández-Mira, Maria; Jiménez-Relinque, Eva; Martínez Sierra, Isabel; Castellote, Martaartículo
closedAccess17-Mar-2021Unusual photodegradation reactions of Asteraceae and Poaceae grass pollen enzymatic extracts on P25 photocatalystSapiña, María; Jiménez-Relinque, Eva; Roman, E.; Nevshupa, Roman CSIC ORCID; Castellote, Martaartículo
closedAccess11-Dec-2020Statistical study of curing conditions in alkali activation of Portuguese mine tailingsCorreia, Elisete; Cerveira, Adelaide; Fernández-Jiménez, Ana; Coelho, João; Miranda, Tiago; Castro, Fernando; Cristelo, Nunoartículo
openAccess1-Dec-2021Printability of materials for extrusion 3D printing technologies: a review of material requirements and testingSotorrío, Guillermo; Alonso, Javier; Olsson, Nils; Tenorio Ríos, José Antonioartículo
openAccess11-Mar-2021Evolution of the Atonishing Naica Giant Crystals in Chihuahua, MexicoCarreño Márquez, Iván Jalil Antón; Castillo-Sandoval, Isaí; Pérez-Cázares, Bernardo Enrique; Fuentes-Cobas, Luis Edmundo; Esparza-Ponce, Hilda Esperanza; Menéndez, Esperanza; Fuentes-Montero, María Elena; Montero-Cabrera,artículo de revisión
openAccess26-Oct-2021Recommendation of RILEM TC 258-AAA: RILEM AAR-8: determination of potential releasable alkalis by aggregates in concreteMenéndez, Esperanza; Silva, António Santos; Duchesne, Joséeartículo
openAccess1-Dec-2021Durability of UHPFRC functionalised with nanoadditives due to synergies in the action of sulphate and chloride in cracked and uncracked statesGiménez, Mercedes; Alonso, M. Cruz ; Menéndez, Esperanza; Criado, María CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess29-May-2021Durability of Blended Cements Made with Reactive AggregatesMenéndez, Esperanza; Sanjuán, Miguel Ángel; García-Roves, Ricardo; Argiz, Cristina; Recino, Haironartículo
openAccess29-May-2021Durabiliity of Blended Cements Made with Reactive AggregatesMenéndez, Esperanza; Sanjuán, Miguel Ángel; García-Rovés, Ricardo; Recino, Haironartículo
openAccess2021Coal ash Portland cement mortars sulphate resistanceMenéndez, Esperanza; Argiz, Cristina; Sanjuán, Miguel Ángelartículo
openAccess8-Mar-2021Reduced carbonation, sulfate and chloride ingress due to the substitution of cement by 10% non‐precalcined bentoniteAndrade Perdrix, Carmen ; Martínez-Serrano, Ana; Sanjuán, Miguel Ángel; Tenorio Ríos, José Antonioartículo
openAccess29-Aug-2021Adaptative cover to achieve thermal comfort in open spaces of buildings: Experimental assessment and modellingGuerrero Delgado, Mcarmen; Castro Medina, Daniel; Sánchez Ramos, José; Palomo Amores, Teresa Rocío; Álvarez Domínguez, Servando; Tenorio Ríos, José Antonioartículo
openAccess20-May-2021Experimental evaluation of the effect of different design conditions on the risk of decay in solid wood exposed to outdoor climateConde-García, M.; Conde-García, M.; Tenorio Ríos, José Antonio; Fernández-Golfín, J.artículo
openAccess14-May-2021Corrosion of steel rebars in anoxic environments. Part ii: Pit growth rate and mechanical strengthGarcía, Elena; Torres, Julio; Rebolledo, Nuria; Arrabal, R.; Sánchez-Montero, Javierartículo
2-Nov-2021Recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste in the manufacture of green urban pavementsContreras, Manuel; Romero, Maximina; Gázquez, Manuel Jesús; Bolívar, Juan Pedroartículo
openAccess12-May-2021Corrosion of steel rebars in anoxic environments. Part i: Electrochemical measurementsGarcía, Elena; Torres, Julio; Rebolledo, Nuria; Arrabal, R.; Sánchez-Montero, Javierartículo
2021Construction and demolition waste as recycled aggregate for environmentally-friendly concrete pavingContreras, Manuel; Romero, Maximina; Jesús Gázquez, Manuel; Bolívar, Juan Pedroartículo
openAccess17-Apr-2021Evaluation of methodologies for assessing self‐healing performance of concrete with mineral expansive agents: An interlaboratory studyLitina, Chrysoula; Bumanis, Girts; Anglani, Giovanni; Dudek, Marta; Maddalena, Riccardo; Amenta, Maria; Papaioannou, Stamatoula; Pérez, Gloria; García Calvo, José Luis; Asensios, Eloy; Beltrán Cobos, Rubén; Tavares, Fabiano; Augonis, Algirdas; Davies, Robert; Guerrero Bustos, Ana María; Sánchez Moreno, Mercedes; Stryszewska, Teresa; Karatasios, Ioannis; Tulliani, Jean-Marc; Antonaci, Paola; Bajare, Diana; Al-Tabbaa, Abirartículo
openAccess15-Oct-2021Residual Strength and Drying Behavior of Concrete Reinforced with Recycled Steel Fiber from TiresRevuelta Crespo, David; Carballosa, Pedro; García Calvo, José Luis; Pedrosa, Filipeartículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1468
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