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openAccess2021Ecological and geological processes impacting speciation modes drive the formation of wide-range disjunctions within tribe Putorieae (Rubiaceae)Rincón-Barrado, Mario; Olsson, Sanna; Villaverde, Tamara; Moncalvillo, Belén; Pokorny, Lisa; Forrest, Alan; Riina, Ricarda CSIC ORCID; Sanmartín, Isabel CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess2021Documenting trumpet leaf-miner moths (Tischeriidae): New Neotropical Coptotriche and Astrotischeria species, with notes on Sapindaceae as a host-plant familyStonis, Jonas R.; Diškus, Arunas; Remeikis, Andrius; Fernández-Alonso, José Luis; Baryshnikova, Svetlana V.; Solís, María Almaartículo
openAccess2021DNA barcode analyses improve accuracy in fungal species distribution modelsFernández-López, Javier; Tellería, M. T.; Dueñas, Margarita CSIC ORCID CVN; May, Tom; Martín, María P. CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess2021Description of Phaeobola aeris gen. nov., sp. nov (Rhizaria, Cercozoa, Euglyphida) Sheds Light on Euglyphida’s Dark MatterDumack, K.; Duckert, C.; Meinhardt, R.; Lara, Enrique; Bonkowski, M.artículo
openAccess2021Contribution of microbial photosynthesis to peatland carbon uptake along a latitudinal gradientHamard, S.; Céréghino, Régis; Barret, M.; Sytiuk, A.; Lara, Enrique; Dorrepaal, E.; Kardol, P.; Küttim, M.; Lamentowicz, M.; Leflaive, J.; Le Roux, G.; Tuittila, E.S.; Jassey, V.E.J.artículo
openAccess2021Biogeography Meets Niche Modeling: Inferring the Role of Deep Time Climate Change When Data Is LimitedCulshaw, Victoria; Mairal, Mario; Sanmartín, Isabel CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess2021Biogeographic history and diversification patterns in the Irano-Turanian genus Acanthophyllum s.l. (Caryophyllaceae)Mahmoudi Shamsabad, Masoumeh; Moharrek, Farideh; Assadi, Mostafa; Nieto Feliner, Gonzalo CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess2021Beyond sea turtles: Fusarium keratoplasticum in eggshells of podocnemis unifilis, a threatened amazonian freshwater turtleGarcía-Martín, Joaquina M.; Sarmiento-Ramírez, Jullie M.; Diéguez-Uribeondo, Javierartículo
closedAccess2021Arcellinida testate amoebae as climate miner's canaries in Southern SpainSoler-Zamora, Carmen; González-Miguéns, Rubén; Guillén-Oterino, Antonio; Lara, Enriqueartículo
closedAccess2021Aphanomyces astaci mtDNA: insights into the pathogen's differentiation and its genetic diversity from other closely related oomycetesCasabella-Herrero, G.; Martínez-Ríos, M.; Viljamaa-Dirks, S.; Martín-Torrijos, Laura; Diéguez-Uribeondo, Javierartículo
openAccess2021Annual and perennial Medicago show signatures of parallel adaptation to climate and soil in highly conserved genesBlanco-Pastor, J.L.; Liberal, Isabel.M.; Sakiroglu, M; Wei, Y; Brummer, E.C.; Andrew, R.L.; Pfeil, B.E.artículo
openAccess2021An Overview of 24 Years of Molecular Phylogenetic Studies in Phallales (Basidiomycota) With Notes on Systematics, Geographic Distribution, Lifestyle, and EdibilityMelanda, Gislaine C.S.; Silva-Filho, Alexandre G.S.; Lenz, Alexandre Rafael; Menolli, Nelson; Lima, Alexandro de Andrade de; Ferreira, Renato Juciano; Assis, Nathalia Mendonça de; Cabral, Tiara S.; Martín, María P. CSIC ORCID; Baseia, Iuri Goulartartículo
closedAccess2021A reassessment of testate amoebae diversity in Tierra del Fuego peatlands: Implications for large scale inferencesBurdman, Luciana; Malatoni, Gabriela; Mitchell, Edward A.D.; Lara, Enriqueartículo
openAccess2021A new species of Varronia P. Browne (Cordiaceae) from central ColombiaFernández Alonso, José Luis ; Miranda de Melo, José Iranildoartículo
openAccess2020A new combination in Geranium L. (Geraniaceae) Una nueva combinación en geranium L. (geraniaceae)Aedo, Carlos CSIC ORCIDartículo
openAccess526-Article Text-1569-1-10-20210621.pdf.jpg2021Additions to the smut fungi of the Iberian PeninsulaDenchev, Teodor T.; Martín, María Paz; Kemler, Martin; Denchev, Cvetomir M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020Distribution and ecology of dictyostelids in MadagascarCavender, James C.; Landolt, John C.; Vadell, Eduardo M.; Perrigo, Allison L.; Stephenson, Steven L.; De Basanta, Diana Wrigley; Lado, Carlos CSIC ORCID; Liu, Puartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Phylogenetic evidence for a Miocene origin of Mediterranean lineages: species diversity, reproductive traits and geographical isolationVargas, Pablo CSIC ORCID; Fernández-Mazuecos, Mario; Heleno, Rubénartículo
openAccessDiversity patterns ecological associations and future of research on Costa Rican myxomycetes.pdf.jpg2018Diversity patterns, ecological associations and future of research on Costa Rican myxomycetesLado, Carlos CSIC ORCID; Rojas, Carlosartículo
openAccesspone.0195353.pdf.jpg2018Crayfish plague in Japan: A real threat to the endemic Cambaroides japonicusMartín-Torrijos, Laura; Kawai, Tadashi; Makkonen, Jenny; Jussila, Japo; Kokko, Harry; Diéguez-Uribeondo, Javierartículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1011
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