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The journal Psicológica was born in 1980 as the flagship journal of the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology to support the publication of high quality articles spanning the entire spectrum of Experimental Psychology. Since 1998, Psicológica has been an electronic-only, open access journal.

Starting from 2022, all journal contents, including articles, peer reviews, data, and software code will be published exclusively at DIGITAL.CSIC, the institutional open access repository of the Spanish National Research Council, at no cost for authors or readers.

The journal is financially supported by the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology and the University of Valencia in Spain. The implementation of the journal’s innovative publication and peer review model is supported by the organization Open Scholar and the OPRM software.


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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessMera_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Enhancing memory through error correctionMera, Yeray; Migueles, Malen; Marin-Garcia, Eugeniadocumento de trabajo
openAccessMiller_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Some Determinants of Bottled vs. Tap Water Choice on CampusMiller, Ashley; DeStefano, Kaitlyn; Pineño, Oskardocumento de trabajo
openAccessGutierrez-Blanco_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Hand movements reveal the time course of gender stereotypes during facial categorizationGutiérrez- Blanco, Francisco; Palenciano, Ana F.; Ruz, Maríadocumento de trabajo
openAccessRodrigues-dos-Santos_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Development and Validation of the Interoceptive Attribution of Physical Effort Scale (IAPES)Rodrigues dos Santos, Lucas Eduardo; Wallman-Jones, Amie; Oliveira Pires, Flávio; dos Santos Henrique, Rafael; Brietzke, Caique; Zapaterra Campos, Eduardo; Leal Guimarães, Mayara Alves; da Silva Ferreira, Daniela Karina; Elsangedy, Hassan Mohamed; dos Santos, Tony Meirelesdocumento de trabajo
openAccessGarrido-Vasquez_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Agency matters for sensory attenuation in multi-step actionsGarrido-Vásquez, Patriciadocumento de trabajo
openAccessNie_2024_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Differentiating expectancy: Impacts of item-related and source-related expectancy on episodic memoryNie, Aiqing; Xiao, Yueyuedocumento de trabajo
openAccessLi_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Optimizing Experiments on the Time Course of Mental Processes: A Novel Method and Application for Measuring Keyboard Switches Bounce-back TimeLi, Jia Qi; Fang, Yu; Deng, Yidocumento de trabajo
openAccessXiong _2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Effect of Emotional Priming on Eating Willingness of Women with Restrictive DietLv Yu, Chen; Chen, Ying; Xiong, Weiruidocumento de trabajo
openAccessMorsella_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Mary Had a Little... : Stimulus-Elicited Involuntary Musical ImageryWhite, Nathan A.; Velasquez, Anthony G.; Gazzaley, Adam; Morsella, Ezequieldocumento de trabajo
openAccessAristizabal_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023The context switch effect on predictive learning with funeral and marketing stimulusAristizábal, José A.; Rodríguez-González, Liliana Y.; Tejada, Julian; Pardo-Fajardo, Kathery X.; García-Viedma, Rosariodocumento de trabajo
openAccessXueyan_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Consumption of Cognitive Resources in Verbal-humor Processing: Evidence from a Dual-task ParadigmXueyan, Li; Han, Wang; Hanning, Guo; Lina, Sun; Beixian, Gu; Yanhui, Cui; Huili, Wangdocumento de trabajo
openAccessLopez-Moreno_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Spanish Norms for Words and Icons Related to Social Networks: Familiarity, Valence and ArousalLópez-Moreno, Mario; Ruiz-Sánchez de León, José María; Fernández-Blázquez, Miguel Ángeldocumento de trabajo
openAccessTamayo_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Duration and interval between stimuli on learning sequences of positionTamayo, Jairo; Rodríguez Pérez, María Elena; Mercado Rodríguez, Fabioladocumento de trabajo
openAccessMontoya-Lozano_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024The Effect of Economic Inequality on Individuals' Cooperative Behavior Using an Economic ExperimentMontoya-Lozano, Mar; Willis, Guillermo B.; Rodríguez-Bailón, Rosaartículo
openAccessDidyk_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Choice-Induced Preference Change and Recollection of Choice in the Free-Choice ParadigmDidyk, Patrycja; Nieznański, Marekdocumento de trabajo
openAccessNunez-Santana_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Qualitatively varied reinforcement does not increase rates of schedule-induced behaviourNúñez-Santana, Cuitláhuac; Hérnandez, Felizdania; López-Tolsa, Gabriela E.; Pellón, Ricardodocumento de trabajo
openAccessGonzalez-Martin_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Self-referential processing probes cognitive control: A replication of Dignath et al. (2023) in a Spanish cohortGonzález Martín, Ana María; Alejandro Marín-Gutiérrez; Abrahamse, Elgerartículo
openAccessZsido_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2024Problematic internet use may be linked to issues with verbal processingZsido, Andras N; Inhóf, Orsolya; Arató, Nikolett; Budai, Tímea; Bali, Cintia; Lábadi, Beatrixartículo
openAccessSifre_2024_Preprint_v.02.pdf.jpg2023Can people apply the instructions? Accuracy and eye-tracking in identification lineupSifre, Ignacio; Pérez-Mata, Nieves; Diges, Margaritadocumento de trabajo
openAccessMacizo_2023_Preprint_v.01.pdf.jpg2023Inhibition and the control of information in language, memory, and other cognitive domainsMacizo, Pedro; Bajo, Teresadocumento de trabajo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 52
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