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openAccessFernandez-Fernandez_et_al_2017_Geoderma_305_328-335.pdf.jpg2017Effects of a high-severity wildfire and post-fire straw mulching on gross nitrogen dynamics in Mediterranean shrubland soil.Fernández-Fernández, M.; Rütting, T.; González-Prieto, S.J.Artículo
openAccessFernandez-Fernandez_et_al_2016_Geoderma_284_122-131.pdf.jpg2016Straw mulching is not always a useful post-fire stabilization technique for reducing soil erosion.Fernández-Fernández, M.; Vieites-Blanco, C.; Gómez-Rey, M.X.; González-Prieto, S.J.Artículo
openAccessCouto-Vazquez_&_Gonzalez-Prieto_2016_STR_161_10-18-2.pdf.jpg2016Fate of 15N-fertilizers in the soil-plant system of a forage rotation under conservation and plough tillage.Couto-Vázquez, A.; González-Prieto, S.J.Artículo
openAccessCouto-Vazquez_Gonzalez-Prieto_2014_EJFR_133_631-637.pdf.jpg2014Effects of biotic and abiotic factors on 15N in young Pinus radiata.Couto-Váquez, A.; González, S.J.Artículo
openAccessGomez_Rey_et_al_2014_IJWF_23_93-103.pdf.jpg2014Effects of post-fire soil stabilization techniques on trace elements lost by erosion.Gómez-Rey, M.X.; García-Marco, S.; Fernández, C; Couto-Vázquez, A.; González-Prieto, S.J.Artículo
openAccessGomez_Rey_et_al_2014_SUM_30_445-453-2.pdf.jpg2014Soil P and cation availability and crop uptake in a forage rotation under conventional and reduced tillage.Gómez-Rey, M. X.; García-Marco, S.; González Prieto, Serafín Jesús Artículo
openAccessRey et al 2007 Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2007Translocation of soils to simulate climate change: CO2 emissions and modifications to soil organic matter.Rey, M.; Guntiñas, E.; Gil-Sotres, F.; Leirós, M.C.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.Artículo
openAccessMiralles et al. 2013a Dicgital CSIC.pdf.jpg2013Labile carbon in biological soil crusts in the Tabernas desert, SE Spain.Miralles, Isabel ; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Leirós M., Carmen; Gil-Sotres, FernandoArtículo
openAccessMiralles et al 2012b Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2012Hydrolase enzyme activities in a successional gradient of biological soil crusts in arid and semi-arid zones.Miralles, Isabel ; Domingo, Francisco ; Cantón, Yolanda ; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Leirós, M. Carmen; Gil-Sotres, FernandoArtículo
openAccessMiralles et al 2012a Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2012Biological and microbial activity in biological soil crusts from the Tabernas desert, a sub-arid zone in SE Spain.Miralles, Isabel ; Domingo, Francisco ; García-Campos, Elena; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Leirós, M. Carmen; Gil-Sotres, FernandoArtículo
openAccessBello et al_ 2013a Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2013Effect of sawdust amendment on mineralization of organic nitrogen in a 2,4,5-trichlorophenol contaminated soil.Bello, Diana; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Leirós, M. C.; Gil-Sotres, FernandoArtículo
openAccessBello et al 2013 Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2013Modification of enzymatic activity in soils of contrasting pH contaminated with 2,4-dichlorophenol and 2,4,5-trichlorophenol.Bello, Diana; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Carmen Leirós, M. Carmen; Gil-Sotres, FernandoArtículo
openAccessBello et al 2008 Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2008Evaluation of various tests for the diagnosis of soil contamination by 2,4,5 trichlorophenol (2,4,5-TCP).Bello, Diana; Trasar-Cepeda, Carmen; Leirós, M.C.; Gil-Sotres,F.Artículo
openAccessFernandez-Fernandez_et_al_2015_STOTEN_515-516_92-100.pdf.jpg2015Effects of fire and three fire-fighting chemicals on main soil properties, plant nutrient content and vegetation growth and cover after 10 years.Fernández-Fernández, M.; Gómez-Rey, M. X.; González Prieto, Serafín Jesús Artículo
openAccessagrarian_technologies_Ferro.pdf.jpg2015Deciphering the evolution of agrarian technologies during the last ~1600 years using the isotopic fingerprint (δ13C, δ15N) of a polycyclic terraced soilFerro Vázquez, María Cruz  ; González Prieto, Serafín Jesús ; Martínez Cortizas, Antonio; Criado-Boado, Felipe  Artículo
openAccess12870_2014_Article_354.pdf.jpg30-dic-2014The GRAS gene family in pine: transcript expression patterns associated with the maturation-related decline of competence to form adventitious rootsAbarca, Dolores; Pizarro, Alberto; Hernández, Inmaculada; Sánchez Fernández, M.ª Concepción; Solana, Silvia P.; Amo, Alicia del; Carneros, Elena; Díaz-Sala, CarmenArtículo
openAccessValladares  et al Genetics and genomes.pdf.jpg2013Expression of the QrCPE gene is associated with the induction and development of oak somatic embryosValladares, Silvia; Rico, Saleta; Viéitez, Ana M.; Covelo, Purificación; Sánchez Fernández, M.ª ConcepciónArtículo
openAccessSHR paper web csic.pdf.jpg2008Characterization and expression of a Pinus radiata putative ortholog to the Arabidopsis SHORT-ROOT geneSolé, Alicia; Sánchez Fernández, M.ª Concepción; Vielba, Jesús M.; Valladares, Silvia; Abarca, Dolores; Díaz-Sala, CarmenArtículo
openAccessGomez-Rey_&_Gonzalez-Prieto_2015_BFS_51_493-505.pdf.jpg2015Soil gross N transformation rates after a wildfire and straw mulch application for burned soil emergency stabilization.Gómez-Rey, M.X.; González-Prieto, S.J.Artículo
openAccessErratic_overdispersion_GPDH_SOD_XDH.pdf.jpg2001Erratic overdispersion of three molecular clocks: GPDH, SOD, and XDHRodríguez-Trelles, Francisco; Tarrío, Rosa ; Ayala, Francisco J.Artículo
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