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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessMar-1998Control of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cell proliferation and its implication in cardiovascular diseaseSpyridopoulos, Ioakim; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
2openAccessFront Biosci 012-04439.pdf.jpgMay-2007Murine models to investigate the influence of diabetic metabolism on the development of atherosclerosis and restenosisGonzález-Navarro, Herminia ; Burks, Deborah J.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
3openAccessFront Biosci 012-02291.pdf.jpgJan-2007Plasma insulin levels predict the development of atherosclerosis when IRS2 deficiency is combined with severe hypercholesterolemia in apolipoprotein E-null miceGonzález-Navarro, Herminia ; Vila-Caballer, Marian; Pastor, María Francisca; Vinué, Ángela ; White, Morris F.; Burks, Deborah J.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
4openAccessApr-2000Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseasesRivard, Alain; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
5openAccessrodriguezCC6-5.pdf.jpgMar-2007Role of the CDKN1A/p21, CDKN1C/p57, and CDKN2A/p16 Genes in the Risk of Atherosclerosis and Myocardial InfarctionRodríguez, Isabel; Coto, Eliecer; Reguero, Julian R.; González, Pelayo; Andrés, Vicente; Lozano, Iñigo; Martín, María; Álvarez, Victoria; Morís, Césarartículo
6openAccess3749.pdf.jpgDec-2004Unexpected Proatherogenic Properties of p21: Beyond Cell Cycle Control?Andrés, Vicenteartículo
7openAccessMar-2003Role of the Growth Suppressor p27Kip1 During Vascular RemodelingDíez-Juan, Antonio; Castro, Claudia; Edo, María Dolores; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
8openAccessJul-2002Increased early atherogenesis in young versus old hypercholesterolemic rabbits by a mechanism independent of arterial cell proliferationCortés, María José; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Pérez, Paloma  ; Pérez-Roger, Ignacio; Arroyo-Pellicer, Rosa; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
9openAccess575.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2004Telomeres and Cardiovascular Disease Does Size Matter?Serrano, Antonio L.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
10openAccessMay-2005Aging, telomeres, and atherosclerosisEdo, María Dolores; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
11openAccessJan-2009Atherosclerosis development in apolipoprotein E-null mice deficient for CD69Gómez, Manuel; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Naim Abu Nabah, Yafa ; Lamana, Amalia; Sánchez Madrid, Francisco; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
12openAccess1167.pdf.jpgNov-2006Telomere Biology and Cardiovascular DiseaseFuster, José J. ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
13closedAccessJul-2006Potential role of proliferation signal inhibitors on atherosclerosis in renal transplant patientsAndrés, Vicente; Castro, Claudia; Campistol, Josep M.artículo
14openAccessMar-2003Antiproliferative Strategies for the Treatment of Vascular Proliferative DiseaseAndrés, Vicente; Castro, Claudiaartículo
15openAccessJan-2004Rapamycin attenuates atherosclerosis induced by dietary cholesterol in apolipoprotein-deficient mice through a p27Kip1-independent pathwayCastro, Claudia; Campistol, Josep M.; Sancho, David; Sánchez Madrid, Francisco; Casals, Elena; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
16openAccess2002Gene Therapy Antiproliferative Strategies against Cardiovascular DiseaseGascón-Irún, Marisol; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
17openAccessApr-2006Cytostatic gene therapy for occlusive vascular disease Read More:ález, José María; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
18openAccessMar-2006Atheroma development in apolipoprotein E-null mice is not regulated by phosphorylation of p27Kip1 on threonine 187Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Melero-Fernández de Mera, Raquel; Malek, Nisar P.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
19openAccessCardiovasc Res 075-00803.pdf.jpg10-May-2007Increased p53 gene dosage reduces neointimal thickening induced by mechanical injury but has no effect on native atherosclerosisSanz-González, Silvia M. ; Barquín, Leire; García-Cao, Isabel; Roque, Mercè; González, José María; Fuster, José J. ; Castells, M. Teresa; Flores, Juana María; Serrano, Manuel; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
20openAccess2019 Vila_Caballer J Mol Cell Cardiol 132-154 Suppl Mat.pdf.jpg2019Disruption of the CCL1-CCR8 axis inhibits vascular Treg recruitment and function and promotes atherosclerosis in miceVila Caballer, Mª Amparo ; González-Granado, José M. ; Zorita, V.; Abu Nabah, Y.N.; Silvestre-Roig, C.; del Monte-Monge, A.; Molina-Sánchez, P.; Ait-Oufella, H.; Andrés-Manzano, M.J.; Sanz, M.J.; Weber, C.; Kremer, Leonor ; Gutiérrez, J.; Mallat, Z.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
Results 1-20 of 20 (Search time: 0.534 seconds).
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