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1openAccessMar-1998Control of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cell proliferation and its implication in cardiovascular diseaseSpyridopoulos, Ioakim; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
2openAccess15-Apr-1997Histopathology of In-Stent Restenosis in Patients With Peripheral Artery DiseaseKearney, Marianne; Andrés, Vicente; Isner, Jeffrey M.artículo
3openAccess2009In-stent restenosis: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic principlesAndrés, Vicente; Wessely, Rainerartículo
4openAccessConferencia de Vicente Andrés en el ciclo Vívela Ciencia.pdf.jpgMay-2002Enfermedades cardiovasculares: realidades, necesidades y expectativasAndrés, Vicentecomunicación de congreso
5closedAccess2009Stent restenosisAndrés, Vicente; Wessely, Rainercapítulo de libro
6openAccess740585.pdf.jpg2011Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 Expression Is Increased in Circulating Leukocytes of Patients with Acute Coronary SyndromeJiménez-Navarro, Manuel F.; Andrés, Vicente; González-Navarro, Herminia artículo
7openAccessPáginas de 041116_555,21_booklet.pdf.jpg2003Functional polymorphism in the promoter region of p27/kip1 is associated to early myocardial infarctionGonzález, P.; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Andrés, Vicente; Álvarez, Victoria; Coto, Eliecercomunicación de congreso
8openAccess14-May-2004Role of E2F and ERK1/2 in STI571-mediated smooth muscle cell growth arrest and cyclin A transcriptional repressionSanz-González, Silvia M. ; Castro, Claudia; Pérez, Paloma  ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
9openAccessfj.03-0710fje.full.pdf.jpgFeb-2004Short telomeres protect from diet-induced atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-null micePoch, Enric; Carbonell, Paz; Franco, Sonia; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Blasco Marhuenda, María Antonia; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
10openAccessPáginas de Resumenes.pdf.jpg2005Inducción temprana de componentes del complemento en la pared arterial en respuesta a hipercolesterolemia y posible papel patológicoCastro, Claudia; Verdeguer, Francisco; Kuvicek, F.; Pla, Davinia  ; Pocoví, Miguel; Calvete, Juan J. ; Andrés, Vicentecomunicación de congreso
11openAccessMar-2000Age-dependent increase in c-fos activity and cyclin A expression in vascular smooth muscle cells. A potential link between aging, smooth muscle cell proliferation and atherosclerosisRivard, Alain; Principe, Nicole; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
12openAccessJ Cell Biol 187-00945.pdf.jpg28-Dec-2009Role of A-type lamins in signaling, transcription and chromatin organizationAndrés, Vicente; González, José Maríaartículo
13openAccessFront Biosci (Schol Ed) 002-00194.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2010Pathophysiology of the proatherothrombotic state in the metabolic syndromePalomo, Ivan; Moore-Carrasco, Rodrigo; Alarcón, Marcelo; Rojas, Armando; Espana, Francisco; Andrés, Vicente; González-Navarro, Herminia artículo
14openAccessFront Biosci 012-04439.pdf.jpgMay-2007Murine models to investigate the influence of diabetic metabolism on the development of atherosclerosis and restenosisGonzález-Navarro, Herminia ; Burks, Deborah J.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
15openAccess1741-7007-2-5.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2004A single-nucleotide polymorphism in the human p27kip1 gene (-838C>A) affects basal promoter activity and the risk of myocardial infarctionGonzález, Pelayo; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Coto, Eliecer; Victoria, Álvarez; Reguero, Julian R.; Batalla, Alberto; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
16openAccessTrends Mol Med 013-00192.pdf.jpgMay-2007Classical and novel roles of p53 and prospects for anticancer therapyFuster, José J. ; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Moll, Ute M.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
17openAccessFront Biosci 012-02291.pdf.jpgJan-2007Plasma insulin levels predict the development of atherosclerosis when IRS2 deficiency is combined with severe hypercholesterolemia in apolipoprotein E-null miceGonzález-Navarro, Herminia ; Vila-Caballer, Marian; Pastor, María Francisca; Vinué, Ángela ; White, Morris F.; Burks, Deborah J.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
18openAccessApr-2000Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseasesRivard, Alain; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
19openAccessFeb-2003Inhibiting Cyclin-Dependent Kinase / Cyclin Activity for the Treatment of Cancer and Cardiovascular DiseaseIvorra, Carmen; Samyn, H.; Edo, María Dolores; Castro, Claudia; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
20openAccess595.pdf.jpg2005Ciclo celular y arteriosclerosis inducida por la dietaAndrés, Vicentecapítulo de libro
21openAccessrodriguezCC6-5.pdf.jpgMar-2007Role of the CDKN1A/p21, CDKN1C/p57, and CDKN2A/p16 Genes in the Risk of Atherosclerosis and Myocardial InfarctionRodríguez, Isabel; Coto, Eliecer; Reguero, Julian R.; González, Pelayo; Andrés, Vicente; Lozano, Iñigo; Martín, María; Álvarez, Victoria; Morís, Césarartículo
22openAccess3749.pdf.jpgDec-2004Unexpected Proatherogenic Properties of p21: Beyond Cell Cycle Control?Andrés, Vicenteartículo
23openAccessMay-2010Control of cell proliferation in atherosclerosis: insights from animal models and human studiesFuster, José J. ; Fernández-San José, Patricia; González-Navarro, Herminia ; Silvestre, Carlos; Naim Abu Nabah, Yafa ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
24openAccessJul-2004Control of vascular cell proliferation and migration by cyclin-dependent kinase signalling: new perspectives and therapeutic potentialAndrés, Vicenteartículo
25openAccessarticulo.pdf.jpgFeb-2008Biochemical characterization of the optic nerve in mice overexpressing the p53 gen. Oxidative stress assaysGallego-Pinazo, R.; Zanón-Moreno, V.; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Andrés, Vicente; Serrano, Manuel; García-Cao, Isabel; Pinazo-Durán, M. D.artículo
26openAccessP7-E199-S140-A1328.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2002Papel del inhibidor del ciclo celular p27 durante el remodelado vascularAndrés, Vicente; Díez-Juan, Antonioartículo
27openAccessJul-2004Atherogenic role of the type EIIIA fibronectin domainAndrés, Vicenteartículo
28openAccessMay-2003Cyclin-dependent protein kinases as therapeutic targets in cardiovascular diseaseEdo, María Dolores; Roldán, Marta; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
29openAccessMar-2003Role of the Growth Suppressor p27Kip1 During Vascular RemodelingDíez-Juan, Antonio; Castro, Claudia; Edo, María Dolores; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
30openAccess342.pdf.jpgMar-2001Role of Sp1 in the Induction of p27 Gene Expression in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells In Vitro and After Balloon AngioplastyAndrés, Vicente; Ureña, Jesús; Poch, Enric; Chen, Donghui; Goukassian, Davidartículo
31openAccessJul-2002Increased early atherogenesis in young versus old hypercholesterolemic rabbits by a mechanism independent of arterial cell proliferationCortés, María José; Díez-Juan, Antonio; Pérez, Paloma  ; Pérez-Roger, Ignacio; Arroyo-Pellicer, Rosa; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
32openAccess575.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2004Telomeres and Cardiovascular Disease Does Size Matter?Serrano, Antonio L.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
33openAccessMar-2010Tumor suppressor p27Kip1 undergoes endolysosomal degradation through its interaction with sorting nexin 6Fuster, José J. ; González, José María; Edo, María Dolores; Viana, Rosa  ; Boya, Patricia ; Cervera, Javier; Verges, Marcel; Rivera, José; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
34closedAccessJun-2011A-type lamins and Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome: pathogenesis and therapyGonzález, José María; Pla, Davinia  ; Pérez-Sala, Dolores ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
35openAccessJCI97119414.pdf.jpg15-May-1997Downregulation of cyclin-dependent kinase 2 activity and cyclin A promoter activity in vascular smooth muscle cells by p27(KIP1), an inhibitor of neointima formation in the rat carotid arteryChen, Donghui; Krasinski, Kevin; Chen, Dongfen; Sylvester, Amy M.; Chen, Jun; Nisen, Perry D.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
36openAccessGonzalez et al_ATVB_2008-aceptado.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2008Molecular mechanisms of atherosclerosis in metabolic syndrome: role of reduced IRS2-dependent signalingGonzález-Navarro, Herminia ; Vinué, Ángela ; Vila-Caballer, Marian; Fortuño, Ana; Beloqui, Oscar; Zalba, Guillermo; Burks, Deborah J.; Díez, Javier; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
37openAccess17-Nov-2008Fast regulation of AP-1 activity through interaction of lamin A/C, ERK1/2, and c-Fos at the nuclear envelopeGonzález, José M.; Navarro, Ana; Casar, Berta ; Crespo, Piero ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
38openAccessCardiovasc Res 076-00340.pdf.jpg4-Jul-2007Complement regulation in murine and human hypercholesterolemia and role in the control of macrophage and smooth muscle cell proliferationVerdeguer, Francisco; Castro, Claudia; Kubicek, Markus; Pla, Davinia  ; Vila-Caballer, Marian; Vinué, Ángela ; Civeira, Fernando; Pocoví, Miguel; Calvete, Juan J. ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
39closedAccessJul-1998Control of vascular smooth muscle cell growth and its implication in atherosclerosis and restenosis (review)Andrés, Vicenteartículo
40openAccessMay-2005Transcriptional profiling of early onset diet-induced atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient miceCastro, Claudia; Campistol, Josep M.; Barettino, Domingo ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
41openAccessMay-2005Aging, telomeres, and atherosclerosisEdo, María Dolores; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
42openAccessNov-2007Telomere dysfunction in hypertensionFuster, José J. ; Díez, Javier; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
43openAccessJan-2009Atherosclerosis development in apolipoprotein E-null mice deficient for CD69Gómez, Manuel; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Naim Abu Nabah, Yafa ; Lamana, Amalia; Sánchez Madrid, Francisco; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
44closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2006A mechanism of AP-1 suppression through interaction of c-Fos with lamin A/CIvorra, Carmen; Kubicek, Markus; González, José María; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
45openAccess1989.full.pdf.jpgSep-2001The growth suppressor p27Kip1 protects against diet-induced atherosclerosisDíez-Juan, Antonio; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
46openAccessApr-2001Inhibition of the cyclin D1/E2F pathway by PCA-4230, a potent repressor of cellular proliferationGoukassian, David; Sanz-González, Silvia M. ; Pérez-Roger, Ignacio; Font de Mora, Jaime; Ureña, Jesús; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
47openAccess849.pdf.jpgAug-1999Antibody Blockade of Thrombospondin Accelerates Reendothelialization and Reduces Neointima Formation in Balloon-Injured Rat Carotid ArteryChen, Donghui; Asahara, Takayuki; Krasinski, Kevin; Witzenbichler, Bernhard; Yang, Jihong; Magner, Meredith; Kearney, Marianne; Frazier, William A.; Isner, Jeffrey M.; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
48openAccess1167.pdf.jpgNov-2006Telomere Biology and Cardiovascular DiseaseFuster, José J. ; Andrés, Vicenteartículo
49openAccessJan-2006Atheroma development in apolipoprotein E-null mice is not affected by partial inactivation of PTENAndrés, Vicente; Gascón-Irún, Marisol; Pandolfi, Pier Paolo; González-Navarro, Herminia artículo
50closedAccessJul-2006Potential role of proliferation signal inhibitors on atherosclerosis in renal transplant patientsAndrés, Vicente; Castro, Claudia; Campistol, Josep M.artículo
Results 1-50 of 76 (Search time: 1.519 seconds).