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dc.contributor.authorBeguería, Santiago-
dc.contributor.authorVicente Serrano, Sergio M.-
dc.coverage.temporalstart=1901-01; end=2013-12-
dc.identifier.citationSPEIbase v.2.3 [Dataset], 2014-
dc.descriptionThe Global 0.5° gridded SPEI dataset is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License. Users of the dataset are free to share, create and adapt under the conditions of attribution and share-alike.es_ES
dc.descriptionThe Global SPEI database, SPEIbase, offers long-time, robust information on the drought conditions at the global scale, with a 0.5 degrees spatial resolution and a monthly time resolution. It has a multi-scale character, providing SPEI time-scales between 1 and 48 months. The Standardized Precipitatin-Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) expresses, as a standardized variate (mean zero and unit variance), the deviations of the current climatic balance (precipitation minus evapotranspiration potential) with respect to the long-term balance. The reference period for the calculation, in the SPEIbase, corresponds to the whole study period. Being a standardized variate means that the SPEI condition can be compared across space and time. Calculation of the evapotranspiration potential in SPEIbase is based on the FAO-56 Penman-Monteith method. Data type: float; units: z-values (standard deviations). No land pixels are assigned a value of 1.0x10^30. In some rare cases it was not possible to achieve a good fit to the log-logistic distribution, resulting in a NAN (not a number) value in the database. Dimensions of the dataset: lon = 720; lat = 360; time = 1356. Resolution of the dataset: lon = 0.5º; lat = 0.5º; time = 1 month. Created in R using the SPEI package (http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/SPEI).-
dc.description.abstractGlobal gridded dataset of the Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) at time scales between 1 and 48 months.-- Spatial resolution of 0.5º lat/lon.-- This is an update of the SPEIbase v2.2 (http://hdl.handle.net/10261/72264).-- What’s new in version 2.3: 1) Data has been extended to the period 1901-2013 (it was 1901-2011 in v 2.0), based on the CRU TS3.22 dataset.-- For more details on the SPEI visit http://sac.csic.es/spei.es_ES
dc.relation.isbasedonThe SPEIbase v2.3 is based on the CRU TS3.22 dataset of the Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia (UK).-
dc.relation.isreferencedbyVicente-Serrano S.M., Beguería S., López-Moreno J.I., 2010: A Multi-scalar drought index sensitive to global warming: The Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index – SPEI. Journal of Climate 23(7), 1696-1718, DOI: 10.1175/2009JCLI2909.1.-- http://digital.csic.es/handle/10261/22405.-
dc.relation.isreferencedbyVicente-Serrano S.M., Beguería S., López-Moreno J.I., Angulo M., El Kenawy A. (2010) A global 0.5° gridded dataset (1901-2006) of a multiscalar drought index considering the joint effects of precipitation and temperature. Journal of Hydrometeorology 11(4), 1033-1043, DOI: 10.1175/2010JHM1224.1.-- http://digital.csic.es/handle/10261/23906.-
dc.relation.isreferencedbyBeguería S., Vicente-Serrano S., Reig F., Latorre B. (2014) Standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index (SPEI) revisited: Parameter fitting, evapotranspiration models, tools, datasets and drought monitoring. International Journal of Climatology 34, 3001-3023.-- http://digital.csic.es/handle/10261/90646.-
dc.relation.isreferencedbyBeguería S., Vicente-Serrano S.M., Angulo M. A multi-scalar global drought data set: the SPEIbase. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, DOI:10.1175/2010BAMS2988.1.--http://digital.csic.es/handle/10261/29993.-
dc.relation.requiresFiles in the Unidata netCDF format can be read in a number of softwares. One cross-platform, open source viewer is NASA GISS Panoply. We used netCDF version 4 since it allows data compression. Version 4 netCDF has not been implemented yet in some commercial softwares, but conversion to version 3 is straightforward with the nccopy utility. For more information, please refer to http://sac.csic.es/spei/database.html.-
dc.subjectDrought Indexes_ES
dc.subjectStandardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Indexes_ES
dc.subjectGlobal Warminges_ES
dc.subjectClimate changees_ES
dc.subjectClimate dataes_ES
dc.subjectGlobal dataes_ES
dc.titleSPEIbase v.2.3es_ES
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Fichero Descripción Tamaño Formato  
SPEI_01.ncGlobal 01-month 1901-2013 SPEI317,01 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_03.ncGlobal 03-month 1901-2013 SPEI316,56 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_04.ncGlobal 04-month 1901-2013 SPEI316,19 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_05.ncGlobal 05-month 1901-2013 SPEI315,94 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_06.ncGlobal 06-month 1901-2013 SPEI315,57 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_07.ncGlobal 07-month 1901-2013 SPEI315,38 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_08.ncGlobal 08-month 1901-2013 SPEI315,06 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_09.ncGlobal 09-month 1901-2013 SPEI314,77 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_10.ncGlobal 10-month 1901-2013 SPEI314,4 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_11.ncGlobal 11-month 1901-2013 SPEI314,21 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_12.ncGlobal 12-month 1901-2013 SPEI313,79 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_13.ncGlobal 13-month 1901-2013 SPEI313,54 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_14.ncGlobal 14-month 1901-2013 SPEI313,26 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_15.ncGlobal 15-month 1901-2013 SPEI313,12 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_16.ncGlobal 16-month 1901-2013 SPEI313 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_17.ncGlobal 17-month 1901-2013 SPEI312,58 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_18.ncGlobal 18-month 1901-2013 SPEI312,32 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_19.ncGlobal 19-month 1901-2013 SPEI312,04 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_20.ncGlobal 20-month 1901-2013 SPEI311,77 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_21.ncGlobal 21-month 1901-2013 SPEI311,46 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_22.ncGlobal 22-month 1901-2013 SPEI311,18 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_23.ncGlobal 23-month 1901-2013 SPEI311,08 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_24.ncGlobal 24-month 1901-2013 SPEI310,56 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_25.ncGlobal 25-month 1901-2013 SPEI310,44 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_26.ncGlobal 26-month 1901-2013 SPEI310,06 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_27.ncGlobal 27-month 1901-2013 SPEI309,9 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_28.ncGlobal 28-month 1901-2013 SPEI309,85 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_29.ncGlobal 29-month 1901-2013 SPEI310 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_30.ncGlobal 30-month 1901-2013 SPEI309,33 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_31.ncGlobal 31-month 1901-2013 SPEI308,95 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_32.ncGlobal 32-month 1901-2013 SPEI308,64 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_33.ncGlobal 33-month 1901-2013 SPEI308,36 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_34.ncGlobal 34-month 1901-2013 SPEI308,15 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_35.ncGlobal 35-month 1901-2013 SPEI308,11 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_36.ncGlobal 36-month 1901-2013 SPEI307,67 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_37.ncGlobal 37-month 1901-2013 SPEI307,41 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_38.ncGlobal 38-month 1901-2013 SPEI307,23 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_39.ncGlobal 39-month 1901-2013 SPEI306,88 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_40.ncGlobal 40-month 1901-2013 SPEI306,83 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_41.ncGlobal 41-month 1901-2013 SPEI306,42 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_42.ncGlobal 42-month 1901-2013 SPEI306,21 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_43.ncGlobal 43-month 1901-2013 SPEI305,94 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_44.ncGlobal 44-month 1901-2013 SPEI305,89 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_45.ncGlobal 45-month 1901-2013 SPEI305,4 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_46.ncGlobal 46-month 1901-2013 SPEI305,51 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_02.ncGlobal 02-month 1901-2013 SPEI316,89 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_47.ncGlobal 47-month 1901-2013 SPEI304,82 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
SPEI_48.ncGlobal 48-month 1901-2013 SPEI304,79 MBNetCDF fileVisualizar/Abrir
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