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4th Edition of CSIC Open Access Mandate Portal Goes Live [08/01/2024]
The Portal analyses the degree of compliance with the CSIC Open Access mandate, in force since 1st April 2019. It is updated by DIGITAL.CSIC Team once a year and reflects the degree of compliance at the time of data extraction and analysis. The fourth edition of the Monitor was published in December 2023 and focuses on compliance with regards to scientific outputs in 2022. The main findings of the analysis can be found here.

e-IEO repository gets merged into DIGITAL.CSIC [13/12/2023]
The import of the institutional repository e-IEO of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, a CSIC research centre since 2021 and previously a Public Research Organisation, has been completed. With this migration, DIGITAL.CSIC completes the series of institutional repository migrations planned for 2023, which included those of the IGME and INIA in the first half of the year. DIGITAL.CSIC is enriched not only with a large volume of outputs including scientific articles, campaign reports, technical manuals and an interesting collection of maps. More information.

New research data collection for the study of climate change [13/12/2023]
DIGITAL.CSIC gets enriched with a new dataset for the study of climate change. The Bryozoa Identification Tool (BIT) for Quaternary and Recent Mediterranean and North Atlantic Bryozoans project makes available in open access the research data from the collection of 690 images of fossil bryozoan specimens from the National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC). More information in this news.  

Process open to identify candidates to work in DIGITAL.CSIC [24/11/2023]
Today the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities announced the 2023 Call for applications for Technical Support Staff (PTA) for research in universities and research organizations in Spain. The call is aimed at university graduates and the employment contracts of the personnel incorporated will have a duration of three years. A process to identify interested candidates is open until December 7. More information here.

DIGITAL.CSIC celebrates Open Access Week 2023 [31/10/2023]
This year the Open Access Week has encouraged a conversation about which approaches to open scholarship prioritize the best interests of the public and the academic community—and which do not. DIGITAL.CSIC has joined the celebrations with a series of interviews around research data management, training events focused on open access and responsible research and innovation and a poster in the II Conference on Diamond Open Access. Access all the resources here.

DIGITAL.CSIC partners with IFCA on a climate change data intensive initiative [18/10/2023]
IFCA is actively involved in the development of the Interactive Atlas of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The collaboration with the institutional repository includes the opening of the (IFCA) AR6 Interactive Atlas Dataset collection, the standardized description of its data sets, the assignment of DOIs, the use of the DIGITAL.CSIC README file and the storage of files for their access and conservation. Other value-added services include reporting on the “FAIRness” of datasets by using the FAIR EVA tool and collection of usage statistics. Further details here.

Training materials of "Pillars for the Advancement of Open Science" course available [20/09/2023]
The training materials of the CSIC-UIMP summer course "Pillars for the Advancement of Open Science" are available in this collection. The course has addressed the different dimensions of Open Science from a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective to help identify and understand the major issues proposed by this new paradigm to produce, manage, evaluate, disseminate and exploit research results.

Let us not reinvent the wheel: Institutional repositories as innovative publishing infrastructures [24/08/2023]
We are pleased to share our publication titled "No-pay publishing: use institutional repositories" (Nature Correspondence, July 25th, 2023). This letter is a contribution to the ongoing debate about an “open, equitable, and sustainable scholarly publishing system” without costs to readers or authors, which has been revitalized by the recent recommendations of the EU Council. The objective of our contribution is to demonstrate that the infrastructure required to realize the vision of free and sustainable scholarly publishing is already available. Read the full announcement here

REBIUN Report on DSpace Repositories in Spain Out [07/06/2023]
REBIUN Repositories Working Group has released the report Marcos de calidad y autoevaluación para repositorios institucionales: resultados de la encuesta a repositorios DSpace españoles. This is the outcome of the analysis of surveyed repositories about their main features and Dspace functionalities as well as own technological developments and services. The report has been elaborated by members in the WG Action to improve DSpace repositories and COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories has been used for benchmarking.

Training resources to make the most of DIGITAL.CSIC functionalities and services [06/06/2023]
Last May 23-25 we delivered an intensive workshop to explain how to make use of all functionalities made available on DIGITAL.CSIC to upload, manage and analyze its contents and use advanced services, for instance, to open profiles for researchers, groups and projects; conduct open peer reviews and open comments and measure the degree of FAIRness of its datasets. 

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