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Institute/Center: CSIC - Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos y Nutrición (ICTAN)

Author: Cofrades, S.; Álvarez, M.D.; Saiz, A. y Pérez-Mateos, M.

“Biopolymer-based emulsions with controlled lipid digestibility for development of functional meat products as a strategy to manage Type 3 diabetes mellitus (POLIMEATSI)”. The first milestone of the research project was the design of food emulsions resistant to subsequent digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. This approach included the stabilization of pork fat droplets by biopolymers (soy protein and carboxymethylcellulose) without compromising technological characteristics of the food emulsion. Confocal microscopy shown the distribution of pork fat droplets and biopolymers (in green and red colour, respectively). These preliminary emulsions can be a promising alternative to reduce fat intake from emulsified meat products. The final emulsion will be tailored containing silicon as a functional ingredient in order to reduce more the fat absorption. In vitro and in vivo studies will be carried out to analyse the impact on lipid digestion. This research was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: PID2019-103872RB-I00.

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Confocal imagen of pork yard emulsion stabilized with soy protein and carboxymethylcellulose