Título,Autor,palabras clave,Fecha publicación,Editor,citación,Resumen,url,doi,issn,isbn,tipología "Spin-polarized electrons in bilayer graphene ribbons","Orellana, P. A.; Rosales, L.; Chico, Leonor; Pacheco, M.","","2013","American Institute of Physics","Journal of Applied Physics 113(21): 213710 (2013)","We show that a bilayer graphene ribbon deposited above a ferromagnetic insulator can behave as a spin-filtering device. The ferromagnetic material induces exchange splitting in the graphene ribbon, and due to the Fano antiresonances occurring in the transmission of the graphene ribbon as a function of ribbon length and energy, it is possible to obtain a net spin current. This happens when an antiresonance for one spin channel coincides with a maximum transmission for the opposite spin. We propose these structures as a means to obtain spin-polarized currents and spin filters in graphene-based systems. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.","http://hdl.handle.net/10261/95508","10.1063/1.4809752","","","Artículo"