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ID: 62153 - 5-HT1A receptor agonist-mediated protection from MPTP toxicity in mouse and macaque models of Parkinson's disease 485
ID: 76190 - Adenosine A2A receptors in neuroadaptation to repeated dopaminergic stimulation: Implications for the treatment of dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease 476
ID: 65079 - Neurobiología de las metilxantinas |The neurobiology of methylxanthines 407
ID: 66447 - Expression and function of CB1 receptor in the rat striatum: Localization and effects on D1 and D2 dopamine receptor-mediated motor behaviors 396
ID: 62160 - Absence of hematopoiesis from transplanted olfactory bulb neural stem cells 348
ID: 64362 - L-DOPA-induced increase in TH-immunoreactive striatal neurons in parkinsonian mice: Insights into regulation and function 348
ID: 410970 - Bases Neurobiológicas de la Adicción a Drogas 333
ID: 66443 - D1 but not D5 dopamine receptors are critical for LTP, spatial learning, and LTP-induced arc and zif268 expression in the hippocampus 331
ID: 69613 - Dopamine D2-receptor knockout mice are protected against dopaminergic neurotoxicity induced by methamphetamine or MDMA 329
ID: 62183 - Absence of quasi-morphine withdrawal syndrome in adenosine A2A receptor knockout mice 320
ID: 81486 - Nrf2 deficiency potentiates methamphetamine-induced dopaminergic axonal damage and gliosis in the striatum 313
ID: 76187 - Acute hypercarbic gas exposure reveals functionally distinct subpopulations of serotonergic neurons in rats 310
ID: 370871 - Oxidative stress, altered dopamine neurotransmission and increased susceptibility to nigrostriatal neurodegeneration in diabetic mice 309
ID: 66341 - Persistent MDMA-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity in the striatum and substantia nigra of mice 302
ID: 76195 - Dopamine D1-histamine H3 receptor heteromers provide a selective link to MAPK signaling in GABAergic neurons of the direct striatal pathway 301
ID: 330523 - Circuit-specific signaling in astrocyte-neuron networks in basal ganglia pathways 295
ID: 84046 - The role of dopamine receptors in the neurotoxicity of methamphetamine 295
ID: 330141 - Neonatal administration of vasopressin antiserum induces long-term deficits on active and passive avoidance behaviour in rats 293
ID: 76194 - Cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonism markedly increases dopamine receptor-mediated stereotypies 293
ID: 66466 - Genetic Inactivation of Dopamine D1 but Not D2 Receptors Inhibits L-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia and Histone Activation 292
ID: 76191 - Adenosine A2A receptor stimulation potentiates nitric oxide release by activated microglia 292
ID: 66470 - Associative learning and CA3-CA1 synaptic plasticity are impaired in D 1R null, Drd1a-/- mice and in hippocampal siRNA silenced Drd1a mice 289
ID: 76196 - Lack or Inhibition of Dopaminergic Stimulation Induces a Development Increase of Striatal Tyrosine Hydroxylase-Positive Interneurons 289
ID: 62154 - 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)1A autoreceptor adaptive changes in substance P (neurokinin 1) receptor knock-out mice mimic antidepressant-induced desensitization 286
ID: 37253 - Tyrosine hydroxylase cells appearing in the mouse striatum after dopamine denervation are likely to be projection neurones regulated by l-DOPA 284
ID: 333307 - Cocaine potentiates MDMA-induced oxidative stress but not dopaminergic neurotoxicity in mice: implications for the pathogenesis of free radical-induced neurodegenerative disorders 280
ID: 77211 - Chronic treatment with atypical neuroleptics induces striosomal FosB/ΔFosB expression in rats 278
ID: 64399 - Distribution of diacylglycerol lipase alpha, an endocannabinoid synthesizing enzyme, in the rat forebrain 276
ID: 83930 - Pancreatic homeodomain transcription factor IDX1/IPF1 expressed in developing brain regulates somatostatin gene transcription in embryonic neural cells 276
ID: 66360 - Selective vulnerability in striosomes and in the nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway after methamphetamine administration : early loss of TH in striosomes after methamphetamine. 274
ID: 334496 - Intra-accumbens rimonabant is rewarding but induces aversion to cocaine in cocaine-treated rats, as does in vivo accumbal cannabinoid CB1 receptor silencing: Critical role for glutamate receptors 273
ID: 66337 - Neurobiology of cocaine's addiction | Neurobiología de la cocaína 272
ID: 330872 - Fragment C Domain of Tetanus Toxin Mitigates Methamphetamine Neurotoxicity and Its Motor Consequences in Mice 271
ID: 64408 - The T-box brain 1 (Tbr1) transcription factor inhibits astrocyte formation in the olfactory bulb and regulates neural stem cell fate 265
ID: 66444 - Early loss of dopaminergic terminals in striosomes after MDMA administration to mice 264
ID: 86143 - Metabolic interactions between glutamatergic and dopaminergic neurotransmitter systems are mediated through D1 dopamine receptors 264
ID: 303553 - Activation of DREAM (Downstream Regulatory Element Antagonistic Modulator), a calcium-binding protein, reduces L-DOPA-induced dyskinesias in mice 263
ID: 335959 - Amphetamine-related drugs neurotoxicity in humans and in experimental animals: Main mechanisms. 263
ID: 75088 - Hypoxia transduction by carotid body chemoreceptors in mice lacking dopamine D2 receptors 262
ID: 64183 - Involvement of cannabinoid CB1 receptor in associative learning and in hippocampal CA3-CA1 synaptic plasticity 261
ID: 64341 - Dopamine D 1 receptor deletion strongly reduces neurotoxic effects of methamphetamine 256
ID: 331677 - The JNK inhibitor, SP600125, potentiates the glial response and cell death induced by methamphetamine in the mouse striatum 255
ID: 64439 - Striatal signaling in L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia: Common mechanisms with drug abuse and long term memory involving D1 dopamine receptor stimulation 255
ID: 335955 - Adenosine a2A receptors in striatal glutamatergic terminals and GABAergic neurons oppositely modulate psychostimulant action and DARPP-32 phosphorylation 254
ID: 76016 - Neuroanatomical relationship between type 1 cannabinoid receptors and dopaminergic systems in the rat basal ganglia 254
ID: 76192 - Are tuberomammillary histaminergic neurons involved in CO 2-mediated arousal? 251
ID: 330861 - Expression of D4 dopamine receptors in striatonigral and striatopallidal neurons in the rat striatum 248
ID: 338027 - Persistent behavioral sensitization to chronic L-DOPA requires A2A adenosine receptors 246
ID: 330215 - Dopaminergic regulation of olfactory type G-protein α subunit expression in the striatum 245
ID: 329872 - The activity-regulated cytoskeletal-associated protein arc is expressed in different striosome-matrix patterns following exposure to amphetamine and cocaine 234
ID: 330137 - Embryonic defence mechanisms against glucose-dependent oxidative stress require enhanced expression of Alx3 to prevent malformations during diabetic pregnancy 234
ID: 330195 - Methamphetamine and parkinson's disease 232
ID: 330207 - Molecular phenotype of rat striatal neurons expressing the dopamine D5 receptor subtype 232
ID: 64267 - New strategies in neuroprotection and neurorepair 232
ID: 330507 - Nitric oxide synthase inhibition decreases l-DOPA-induced dyskinesia and the expression of striatal molecular markers in Pitx3-/- aphakia mice 229
ID: 331735 - Aging-related dysregulation of dopamine and angiotensin receptor interaction 229
ID: 331623 - Receptor subtypes involved in the presynaptic and postsynaptic actions of dopamine on striatal interneurons 227
ID: 335863 - Methamphetamine-Induced Toxicity in Indusium Griseum of Mice is Associated with Astro- and Microgliosis 226
ID: 330149 - Dopamine D1 receptor mutant mice are deficient in striatal expression of dynorphin and in dopamine-mediated behavioral responses 225
ID: 331513 - Serotonin 5-HT1A receptor expression is selectively enhanced in the striosomal compartment of chronic Parkinsonian monkeys 223
ID: 331628 - Methamphetamine causes degeneration of dopamine cell bodies and terminals of the nigrostriatal pathway evidenced by silver staining 222
ID: 330204 - Distinct roles of D1 and D5 dopamine receptors in motor activity and striatal synaptic plasticity 220
ID: 330218 - D1 but not D4 dopamine receptors are critical for MDMA-induced neurotoxicity in mice 216
ID: 330855 - Genetic inactivation of Pleiotrophin triggers amphetamine-induced cell loss in the substantia nigra and enhances amphetamine neurotoxicity in the striatum 212
ID: 331742 - Role of Nurr1 in the Generation and Differentiation of Dopaminergic Neurons from Stem Cells 212
ID: 330009 - Coordinate expression of c-fos and jun B is induced in the rat striatum by cocaine 211
ID: 335859 - L-DOPA Oppositely Regulates Synaptic Strength and Spine Morphology in D1 and D2 Striatal Projection Neurons in Dyskinesia 210
ID: 335855 - L-DOPA treatment selectively restores spine density in dopamine receptor d2-expressing projection neurons in dyskinetic mice 209
ID: 330220 - ERK phosphorylation and FosB expression are associated with L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in hemiparkinsonian mice 207
ID: 329996 - Benzodiazepine receptor autoradiography in corpus striatum of rat after large frontal cortex lesions and chronic treatment with diazepam 205
ID: 345886 - Dopamine D3 Receptor Modulates l-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia by Targeting D1 Receptor-Mediated Striatal Signaling 202
ID: 330100 - Regional effects of pertussis toxin in vivo and in vitro on GABAB receptor binding in rat brain 200
ID: 331664 - Dopamine D4 receptors are heterogeneously distributed in the striosomes/matrix compartments of the striatum 200
ID: 262136 - Chronic lesion of corticostriatal fibers reduces GABAB but not GABAA binding in rat caudate putamen: an autoradiographic study 195
ID: 330517 - Dopaminergic regulation of olfactory type G-protein ¿ subunit expression in the striatum. 195
ID: 328162 - In vivo stimulation of phosphoinositide metabolism in the brainstem of rats following osmotic stress 193
ID: 329975 - Amphetamine and cocaine induce drug-specific activation of the c-fos gene in striosome-matrix compartments and limbic subdivisions of the striatum 190
ID: 330158 - Endogenous dopamine amplifies ischemic long-term potentiation via D1 receptors 188
ID: 330127 - Differential vulnerability of primate caudate-putamen and striosome-matrix dopamine systems to the neurotoxic effects of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine 186
ID: 330005 - Network-level changes in expression of inducible Fos-Jun proteins in the striatum during chronic cocaine treatment and withdrawal 183
ID: 330107 - Long-term hyperalgesia in rats induced by neonatal administration of vasopressin antiserum 182
ID: 329999 - D1-class dopamine receptors influence cocaine-induced persistent expression of Fos-related proteins in striatum 178
ID: 331506 - Molecular dissection of dopamine receptor signaling 175
ID: 330210 - Oleoylethanolamide reduces L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia via TRPV1 receptor in a mouse model of ParkinsonD́s disease 174
ID: 330011 - Flunitrazepam increases the affinity of the GABAA receptor in cryostat-cut rat brain sections 172
ID: 330145 - Elimination of cocaine-induced hyperactivity and dopamine-mediated neurophysiological effects in dopamine D1 receptor mutant mice 168
ID: 329551 - Vasopressin stimulates inositol phospholipid metabolism in rat medulla oblongata in vivo 165
ID: 330138 - Dynamic regulation of NGFI-A (zif268, egr1) gene expression in the striatum 164
ID: 331756 - Cellular responses to psychomotor stimulant and neuroleptic drugs are abnormal in mice lacking the D1 dopamine receptor 160
ID: 332932 - Selective attenuation of psychostimulant-induced behavioral responses in mice lacking A(2A) adenosine receptors 159
ID: 330017 - Dopamine uptake sites in the striatum are distributed differentially in striosome and matrix compartments. 157
ID: 330094 - Early-stage loss of dopamine uptake-site binding in MPTP-treated monkeys 157
ID: 330153 - A(2A) adenosine receptor deficiency attenuates brain injury induced by transient focal ischemia in mice 156
ID: 330104 - Portentiation of the analgesia induced in rats by morphine or [D-Ala2]-met-enkephalinamide after inhibition of brain type B monoamine oxidase: the role of phenylethylamine 154
ID: 379663 - Nurr1 blocks the mitogenic effect of FGF‐2 and EGF, inducing olfactory bulb neural stem cells to adopt dopaminergic and dopaminergic‐GABAergic neuronal phenotypes 143
ID: 330097 - Expression of the immediate early gene c-fos in basal ganglia: induction by dopaminergic drugs 135
ID: 369720 - ALX3-deficiency impairs embryonic defense mechanisms against oxidative stress during diabetic pregnancy via activation of FOXO1 transcription in mice 135
ID: 330014 - Flunitrazepam increases the affinity of the GABAA receptor in cryostat-cut rat brain sections 133
ID: 387373 - Hypomorphic Expression of Pitx3 Disrupts Circadian Clocks and Prevents Metabolic Entrainment of Energy Expenditure 124
ID: 399870 - Dopamine regulates spine density in striatal projection neurons in a concentration-dependent manner. 124
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