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ID: 301299 - Conservation genetics of the rare Iberian endemic Cheirolophus uliginosus (Asteraceae) 742
ID: 305915 - From famine foods to delicatessen: Interpreting trends in the use of wild edible plants through cultural ecosystem services 706
ID: 333166 - Phylogeny and biogeography of Artemisia subgenus Seriphidium (Asteraceae: Anthemideae) 706
ID: 329543 - Medicinal plant uses and names from the herbarium of Francesc Bolòs (1773–1844) 701
ID: 304343 - Impact of dysploidy and polyploidy on the diversification of high mountain Artemisia (Asteraceae) and allies 586
ID: 257217 - Recent updates and developments to plant genome size databases 555
ID: 331793 - Reaffirming ‘Ethnobotanical Convergence’ 486
ID: 330214 - First genome size assessment in the genus Peganum and in the family Nitrariaceae: Iberian and North African data on Peganum harmala, including an intensive sampling in Tunisia 483
ID: 352284 - Guía etnobotánica para principiantes 470
ID: 325390 - Cytogenetic features of rRNA genes across land plants: analysis of the Plant rDNA database 458
ID: 80686 - GSAD: A Genome Size in the Asteraceae Database 448
ID: 312621 - A Matter of Taste: Local Explanations for the Consumption of Wild Food Plants in the Catalan Pyrenees and the Balearic Islands 442
ID: 262327 - Genome size in aquatic and wetland plants: fitting with the large genome constraint hypothesis with a few relevant exceptions 441
ID: 263793 - Plants with topical uses in the Ripollès district (Pyrenees, Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula): Ethnobotanical survey and pharmacological validation in the literature 410
ID: 28643 - Estudio etnobotánico del alto valle del río Ter (Pirineo catalán): resultados preliminares sobre la biodiversidad de los huertos familiares 409
ID: 312811 - Beyond food and medicine, but necessary for life, too: other folk plant uses in several territories of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands 395
ID: 82048 - Balearic insular isolation and large continental spread framed the phylogeography of the western Mediterranean Cheirolophus intybaceus s.l. (Asteraceae) 388
ID: 52052 - A molecular phylogenetic approach to Western North America endemic Artemisia and allies (Asteraceae): Untangling the sagebrushes 382
ID: 263582 - Molecular cytogenetic studies in western Mediterranean Juniperus (Cupressaceae): a constant model of GC-rich chromosomal regions and rDNA loci with evidences for paleopolyploidy 379
ID: 311470 - A vindication of ethnobotany: Between natural and social science 377
ID: 326103 - Phylogeographic insights into Artemisia crithmifolia (Asteraceae) reveal several areas of the Iberian Atlantic coast as refugia for genetic diversity 377
ID: 301411 - The striking and unexpected cytogenetic diversity of genus Tanacetum L. (Asteraceae): A cytometric and fluorescent in situ hybridisation study of Iranian taxa 373
ID: 250965 - Life cycle versus systematic placement: phylogenetic and cytogenetic studies in annual Artemisia (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) 368
ID: 325443 - Cytogenetic insights into an oceanic island radiation: The dramatic evolution of pre-existing traits in Cheirolophus (Asteraceae: Cardueae: Centaureinae) 367
ID: 325494 - Ethnobotany, Phylogeny, and ‘Omics’ for Human Health and Food Security 367
ID: 263591 - Genome size variation in gymnosperms under different growth conditions 365
ID: 265386 - Phylogenetic and cytogenetic studies reveal hybrid speciation in Saxifraga subsect. Triplinervium (Saxifragaceae) 349
ID: 29397 - A first approach to the molecular phylogeny of the genus Echinops (Asteraceae): Sectional delimitation and relationships with the genus Acantholepis. 348
ID: 319085 - Festuca dertosensis (Poaceae), an overlooked fescue from the NE Iberian Peninsula 348
ID: 318842 - Phenological and molecular studies on the introduced seaweed Dictyota cyanoloma (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) along the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula 338
ID: 321636 - Past climate changes facilitated homoploid speciation in three mountain spiny fescues (Festuca, Poaceae) 336
ID: 321522 - Wild food plants and minor crops in the Ripollès district (Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula): potentialities for developing a local production, consumption and exchange program 333
ID: 350795 - Folk medicinal plant mixtures: Establishing a protocol for further studies 332
ID: 84806 - "Tertius gaudens": germplasm exchange networks and agroecological knowledge among home gardeners in the Iberian Peninsula 331
ID: 80725 - Biology, genome evolution, biotechnological issues and research including applied perspectives in Artemisia (Asteraceae) 330
ID: 28640 - Chromosome Numbers in Three Asteraceae Tribes from Inner Mongolia (China), with Genome Size Data for Cardueae 329
ID: 307767 - Phylogeographic insights of the lowland species Cheirolophus sempervirens in the southwestern Iberian Peninsula 327
ID: 350621 - A phylogenetic road map to antimalarial Artemisia species 324
ID: 29486 - Chromosome counts in Asian Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) species: from diploids to the first report of the highest polyploid in the genus. 322
ID: 29358 - Molecular Cytogenetics of Xeranthemum L. and Related Genera (Asteraceae, Cardueae) 321
ID: 28844 - Linkage of 35S and 5S rRNA genes in Artemisia (family Asteraceae): first evidence from angiosperms 320
ID: 322071 - Genome size, chromosome number, and rDNA organisation in Algerian populations of Artemisia herba-alba (Asteraceae), a basic plant for animal feeding facing overgrazing erosion 319
ID: 257223 - Resilience of traditional knowledge systems: The case of agricultural knowledge in home gardens of the Iberian Peninsula 317
ID: 82190 - Does Crop Diversification Pay Off? An Empirical Study in Home Gardens of the Iberian Peninsula 316
ID: 85294 - Molecular Phylogeny of the Genus Ptilostemon (Compositae: Cardueae) and Its Relationships with Cynara and Lamyropsis 316
ID: 350462 - Estudis etnobotànics a la comarca del Ripollès (Pirineu, Catalunya, península Ibèrica) 315
ID: 240762 - Genetic structure and seed germination in Portuguese populations of Cheirolophus uliginosus (Asteraceae): Implications for conservation strategies 313
ID: 251047 - Genome size and phylogenetic relationships between the Tunisian species of the genus Calligonum (Polygonaceae) 310
ID: 28869 - The Cardueae (Compositae) revisited: Insights from its, trnl-trnf, and matk nuclear and chloroplast dna analysis 309
ID: 78987 - Artemisia (Asteraceae): Understanding its evolution using cytogenetic and molecular systematic tools, with emphasis on subgenus Dracunculus 309
ID: 28863 - Chromosome numbers in the tribes Anthemideae and Inuleae (Asteraceae) 308
ID: 257419 - Key Processes for Cheirolophus (Asteraceae) Diversification on Oceanic Islands Inferred from AFLP Data 306
ID: 352239 - Papaver dubium L. 305
ID: 250824 - The explosive radiation of Cheirolophus (Asteraceae, Cardueae) in Macaronesia 304
ID: 307757 - Molecular and cytogenetic confirmation of the hybrid origin of Jacobaea ×mirabilis (Asteraceae, Senecioneae), with nomenclatural notes on this name 304
ID: 29423 - Extensive ribosomal DNA (18S-5.8S-26S and 5S) colocalization in the North American endemic sagebrushes (subgenus Tridentatae, Artemisia, Asteraceae) revealed by FISH. 300
ID: 43489 - First genome size estimations for some eudicot families and genera 299
ID: 28678 - Ribosomal DNA, heterochromatin, and correlation with genome size in diploid and polyploid North American endemic sagebrushes (Artemisia, Asteraceae) 298
ID: 352011 - A genome size and phylogenetic survey of Mediterranean Tripleurospermum and Matricaria (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) 298
ID: 4771 - Karyological evolution and molecular phylogeny in Macaronesian dendroid spurges (Euphorbia subsect. Pachycladae) 297
ID: 265389 - Plant rDNA database: update and new features 295
ID: 29664 - Ethnobotany of Food Plants in the High River Ter Valley (Pyrenees, Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula): Non-Crop Food Vascular Plants and Crop Food Plants with Medicinal Properties. 294
ID: 259650 - L'observació i el traç : dibuixos botànics 291
ID: 263778 - Traditional and alternative natural therapeutic products used in the treatment of respiratory tract infectious diseases in the eastern Catalan Pyrenees (Iberian Peninsula) 288
ID: 82038 - Genome size and ploidy levels in highly fragmented habitats: the case of western Mediterranean Juniperus (Cupressaceae) with special emphasis on J. thurifera L. 288
ID: 259766 - New data on genome size in 128 Asteraceae species and subspecies, with first assessments for 40 genera, 3 tribes and 2 subfamilies 287
ID: 29365 - New or rarely reported chromosome numbers in taxa of subtribe Artemisiinae (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) from Mongolia 287
ID: 256969 - Karyological and genome size insights into cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L., Asteraceae) in Tunisia 285
ID: 81855 - Plant rDNA database: ribosomal DNA loci information goes online 282
ID: 29459 - Genome Size Variation in the Genus Carthamus (Asteraceae, Cardueae): Systematic Implications and Additive Changes During Allopolyploidization. 281
ID: 29428 - Genome size variation in the Artemisia arborescens complex (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) and its cultivars 280
ID: 29722 - Phylogeny of Rhaponticum (Asteraceae, Cardueae–Centaureinae) and Related Genera Inferred from Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA Sequence Data: Taxonomic and Biogeographic Implications 279
ID: 29733 - Generic delimitation and phylogeny of the Carduncellus-Carthamus complex (Asteraceae) based on ITS sequences 278
ID: 359401 - Traditional knowledge in semi-rural close to industrial areas: ethnobotanical studies in western Gironès (Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula) 278
ID: 29782 - Molecular phylogeny of Cheirolophus (Asteraceae:Cardueae-Centaureinae) based on ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA. 277
ID: 352294 - Sustainability of traditional ecological knowledge: importance, distribution, endemicity and conservation of Spanish medicinal plants 276
ID: 28883 - Contribution to the karyological knowledge of Echinops (Asteraceae, Cardueae) and related genera 275
ID: 29865 - Pollen Studies in Subtribe Centaureinae (Asteraceae): The Carthamus Complex and the Genus Aegialophila Analyzed with Electron Microscopy 275
ID: 19837 - Cheirolophus intybaceus (Asteraceae, Centaureinae) o la constància del valor 2C 273
ID: 259762 - Genome size variation and evolution in the family Asteraceae 271
ID: 4775 - New chromosome counts in the genus Cousinia and the related genus Schmalhausenia (Asteraceae, Cardueae) 270
ID: 29471 - Phylogeny of Valerianaceae based on matK and ITS markers, with reference to matK individual polymorphism. 269
ID: 82194 - Genome size and chromosome number in Echinops (Asteraceae, Cardueae) in the Aegean and Balkan regions: Technical aspects of nuclear DNA amount assessment and genome evolution in a phylogenetic frame 269
ID: 29736 - Generic Delimitation and Phylogeny of the Subtribe Centaureinae (Asteraceae): A Combined Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA Analysis 266
ID: 265325 - Herba de les orenetes, flor de Sant Joan, octubre, col d'hivern: diversos aspectes del temps en el saber popular de les plantes detectats a través de recerques etnobotàniques en territoris de llengua catalana. 265
ID: 85282 - Comparative pollen morphology of Turkish species of Petrorhagia (Caryophyllaceae) and its systematic implications 264
ID: 28862 - Studies on pharmaceutical ethnobotany in the high river Ter valley (Pyrenees, Catalonia, Iberian Peninsula) 263
ID: 4748 - Molecular cytogenetic characterization of some representatives of the subgenera Artemisia and Absinthium (genus Artemisia, Asteraceae) 261
ID: 28623 - Molecular Phylogeny and Genome Size in European Lilies (Genus Lilium, Liliaceae) 259
ID: 29748 - Isozyme studies in the genusCheirolophus (Asteraceae:Cardueae-Centaureinae) in the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and the Canary Islands. 259
ID: 352127 - Classification of Unelaborated Culinary Products: Scientific and Culinary Approaches Meet Face to Face 258
ID: 29704 - Pollen studies in the genus Echinops L. and Xeranthemum group (Asteraceae). 257
ID: 29461 - Genome size variation in some representatives of the genus Tripleurospermum 256
ID: 29192 - Taxonomic problems in Carthamus (Asteraceae): RAPD markers and sectional classification 255
ID: 85595 - FISH mapping of 35S and 5S rRNA genes in Artemisia subgenus Dracunculus (Asteraceae): changes in number of loci during polyploid evolution and their systematic implications 255
ID: 29878 - Tribal and Subtribal Delimitation and Phylogeny of the Cardueae (Asteraceae): A Combined Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA Analysis 254
ID: 29460 - Genome size in Echinops L. and related genera (Asteraceae, Cardueae): karyological, ecological and phylogenetic implications. 252
ID: 333892 - Evolutionary implications of heterochromatin and rDNA in chromosome number and genome size changes during dysploidy: A case study in Reichardia genus 250
ID: 75769 - Polyploidy and other changes at chromosomal level and in genome size: Its role in systematics and evolution exemplified by some genera of Anthemideae and Cardueae (Asteraceae) 250
ID: 29729 - Some Narcissus from Northern Iberia 249
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