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ID: 43798 - Sistema español de información de suelos en Internet 2015
ID: 240707 - Capacidad de las raíces para penetrar sustratos compactados y detectar grietas. Metodología y aplicación a la colonización vegetal de laderas erosionadas en ambiente semiárido 1688
ID: 787 - Compostaje de un lodo biológico de la industria cervecera con aireación forzada y virutas de eucalipto 1431
ID: 240939 - New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide 1072
ID: 44173 - Capacidad de uso del suelo en la Comunidad Valenciana. Una aproximación a la planificación territorial. 1033
ID: 43018 - Fuego y evolución en el Mediterráneo 1005
ID: 43730 - Importancia de los estudios de erosión en la planificación de usos del suelo. Veinte años de estudios en la Comunidad Valenciana 915
ID: 63183 - Impact of plant roots on the resistance of soils to erosion by water: A review 846
ID: 33928 - Long-term deforestation in NW Spain: linking the Holocene fire history to vegetation change and human activities 827
ID: 35998 - Systematic Revision of the Epipetrum Group of Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae) Endemic to Chile 827
ID: 3520 - El clima y el hombre como factores de la estabilidad estructural del suelo. Un estudio a lo largo de gradientes climático-altitudinales. 826
ID: 35815 - Expected trends and surprises in the Lateglacial and Holocene vegetation history of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands 807
ID: 21959 - Quantitative determination of octylphenol, nonylphenol, alkylphenol ethoxylates and alcohol ethoxylates by pressurized liquid extraction and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in soils treated with sewage sludges 796
ID: 44179 - Análisis y valoración de los sistemas de evaluación de suelos en España: Evolución, tendencias actuales y perspectivas futuras 792
ID: 43750 - Evolución, situación actual y perspectivas de la agricultura ecológica en España 766
ID: 33239 - Morphological traits and water use strategies in seedlings of Mediterranean coexisting species 758
ID: 34325 - Diplochory in Ulex parviflorus pourr 754
ID: 32227 - Determination of pesticides and their degradation products in soil: critical review and comparison of methods 745
ID: 33815 - Holocene fire activity and vegetation response in South-Eastern Iberia 706
ID: 3524 - Movilización del suelo por impacto de las gotas de lluvia: ensayo de un nuevo diseño de cápsulas para su determinación en pendientes. 704
ID: 32782 - Effects of fire and vegetation cover on hydrological characteristics of a Mediterranean shrubland soil 702
ID: 47438 - SALTIRSOIL: a simulation model for the mid to long-term prediction of soil salinity in irrigated agriculture 700
ID: 47448 - An empirical equation to calculate soil solution electrical conductivity at 25 degrees C from major ion concentrations 692
ID: 66804 - Nucleation processes in a mediterranean bird-dispersed plant 691
ID: 15699 - Pinus halepensis Mill. plantations did not restore organic carbon, microbial biomass and activity levels in a semi-arid Mediterranean soil 690
ID: 48674 - Leaf physiological traits in relation to resprouter ability in the Mediterranean Basin 686
ID: 26306 - Determination of tetracycline residues in soil by pressurized liquid extraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry 683
ID: 56547 - Fire severity as a key factor in post-fire regeneration of Pinus pinaster (Ait.) in Central Portugal 680
ID: 61531 - Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the Cape fynbos heath Erica coccinea (Ericaceae) 677
ID: 15688 - Do plant clumps constitute microbial hotspots in semiarid Mediterranean patchy landscapes? 676
ID: 21962 - The contribution of recombination to heterozygosity differs among plant evolutionary lineages and life-forms 675
ID: 240958 - The lanky and the corky: Fire-escape strategies in savanna woody species 669
ID: 47421 - What information does the electrical conductivity of soil water extracts of 1 to 5 ratio (w/v) provide for soil salinity assessment of agricultural irrigated lands? 668
ID: 32320 - Soil profile characteristics influencing runoff and soil erosion after forest fire: A case study (Valencia, Spain) 661
ID: 60918 - Postfire response and genetic diversity in Erica coccinea: Connecting population dynamics and diversification in a biodiversity hotspot 661
ID: 62526 - Risk assessment on the presence of pharmaceuticals in sediments, soils and waters of the Pego-Oliva Marshlands (Valencia, eastern Spain) 656
ID: 33270 - Root traits explain different foraging strategies between resprouting life histories 652
ID: 62950 - Modified topsoil islands within patchy Mediterranean vegetation in SE Spain 650
ID: 44433 - TRY - a global database of plant traits 642
ID: 56561 - The coexistence of acorns with different maturation patterns explains acorn production variability in cork oak 642
ID: 47444 - Calcite and gypsum solubility products in water-saturated salt-affected soil samples at 25 degrees C and at least up to 14 dS m(-1) 639
ID: 15696 - Molecular and physiological bacterial diversity of a semi-arid soil contaminated with different levels of formulated atrazine 638
ID: 59712 - A burning story: The role of fire in the history of life 634
ID: 32289 - Relative efficiency of three representative matorral species in reducing water erosion at the microscale in a semi-arid climate (Valencia, Spain) 633
ID: 32239 - Changes in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and cations in soil as a result of fire and water erosion in a Mediterranean landscape 630
ID: 63542 - Wildfire effects on the soil seed bank of a maritime pine stand — The importance of fire severity 626
ID: 47418 - Principal component analysis of chemical properties of soil saturation extracts from an irrigated Mediterranean area: Implications for calcite equilibrium in soil solutions 625
ID: 43877 - BIB-ERON: Base de datos bibliográfica sobre erosión hídrica del suelo 621
ID: 61583 - Glacial survival, phylogeography, and a comparison of microsatellite evolution models for resolving population structure in two species of dwarf yams (Borderea, Dioscoreaceae) endemic to the central Pyrenees 621
ID: 322273 - Carbon redistribution by erosion processes in an intensively disturbed catchment 619
ID: 33230 - Ecological interactions are evolutionarily conserved across the entire tree of life 619
ID: 40051 - The jungle of methods for evaluating phenotypic and phylogenetic structure of communities 619
ID: 33352 - Modelling soil moisture at SMOS scale by use of a SVAT model over the Valencia Anchor Station 613
ID: 62553 - Nunatak survival vs. tabula rasa in the Central Pyrenees: a study on the endemic plant species Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae) 613
ID: 15736 - Storage effects on the community level physiological profiles of Mediterranean forest soils 612
ID: 3471 - Valoración de la idoneidad de lso índices PCI y MFI para estimar la concentración y agresividad de las precipitaciones en la Comunidad Valenciana 606
ID: 66787 - The chaparral vegetation in Mexico under nonmediterranean climate: The convergence and Madrean-Tethyan hypotheses reconsidered 606
ID: 33209 - Water repellency and moisture content spatial variations under Rosmarinus officinalis and Quercus cocciferanext term in previous terma Mediterranean burned soil 595
ID: 66794 - Ecological causes, function, and evolution of abortion and parthenocarpy in Pistacia lentiscus (Anacardiaceae) 590
ID: 32171 - Hydrological properties of a Mediterranean soil burned with different fire intensities 587
ID: 47134 - Influence of organic matter transformations on the bioavailability of heavy metals 587
ID: 47573 - Development of an equation to relate electrical conductivity to soil and water salinity in a Mediterranean agricultural environment 587
ID: 51227 - Total content and extractable fraction of cadmium, cobalt, copper, nickel, lead, and zinc in calcareous orchard soils 586
ID: 33759 - Pollen morphology of Iranian species of Typha L. (Typhaceae) and its taxonomic significance 583
ID: 66766 - The effect of deceptive fruits on predispersal seed predation by birds in Pistacia lentiscus 579
ID: 33908 - Holocene vegetation changes in NW Iberia revealed by anthracological and palynological records from a colluvial soil 577
ID: 59268 - Characterization of microsatellites in the mountain plant Armeria caespitosa (Plumbaginaceae) and transferability to congeners 577
ID: 241012 - In situ genetic association for serotiny, a fire-related trait, in Mediterranean maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) 576
ID: 52374 - Polyploid origin, genetic diversity and population structure in the tetraploid sea lavender Limonium narbonense Miller (Plumbaginaceae) from eastern Spain 576
ID: 66702 - Bridging meta-analysis and the comparative method: A test of seed size effect on germination after frugivores' gut passage 576
ID: 39849 - Disentangling the role of heat and smoke as germination cues in Mediterranean Basin flora 574
ID: 39636 - Sistema de indicadores para evaluar la calidad ambiental y la desertificación en la Comunidad Valenciana 569
ID: 39856 - Anthropogenic fires increase alien and native annual species in the Chilean coastal matorral 567
ID: 34335 - Seed dormancy and longevity in Stipa tenacissima L. (Poaceae) 566
ID: 34308 - The role of thrips in pollination of Arctostaphyllos uva-ursi 564
ID: 59251 - Mucilage secretion by seeds doubles the chance to escape removal by ants 563
ID: 60682 - Burning phylogenies: Fire, molecular evolutionary rates, and diversification 563
ID: 59601 - Regeneration traits are structuring phylogenetic diversity in cork oak (Quercus suber) woodlands 560
ID: 32134 - Analytical strategies to determine quinolone residues in food and the environment 557
ID: 33401 - Relictual distribution reaches the top: Elevation constrains fertility and leaf longevity in Juniperus thurifera 557
ID: 32178 - Spatial patterns of soil temperatures during experimental fires 555
ID: 33182 - Olea europaea L. in the North Mediterranean basin during the Pleniglacial and the Early–Middle Holocene 555
ID: 62561 - Historical and biological determinants of genetic diversity in the highly endemic triploid sea lavender Limonium dufourii (Plumbaginaceae) 554
ID: 32006 - Aggregation of under canopy and bare soils in a Mediterranean environment affected by different fire intensities 553
ID: 180702 - Morphometric and molecular variation in concert: Taxonomy and genetics of the reticulate Pyrenean and Iberian alpine spiny fescues (Festuca eskia complex, Poaceae) 548
ID: 47125 - Soil saturated hydraulic conductivity assessment from expert evaluation of field characteristics using an ordered logistic regression model 547
ID: 53302 - Gestión, ordenación y protección de las laderas aterrazadas en la Comunidad Valenciana 547
ID: 59242 - Burning fire-prone mediterranean shrublands: Immediate changes in soil microbial community structure and ecosystem functions 545
ID: 34405 - Limitations to plant establishment on eroded slopes in southeastern Spain 543
ID: 66798 - Female biased sex ratios in Pistacia lentiscus L. (Anacardiaceae) 543
ID: 33376 - The SMOS Mediterranean Ecosystem L-Band characterisation EXperiment (MELBEX-I) over natural shrubs 542
ID: 63326 - Factors controlling vegetation establishment and water erosion on motorway slopes in Valencia, Spain 542
ID: 49492 - Determination of pharmaceuticals in soils and sediments by pressurized liquid extraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry 541
ID: 52335 - Assessment of the occurrence and distribution of pharmaceuticals in a Mediterranean wetland (L'Albufera, Valencia, Spain) by LC-MS/MS 541
ID: 57558 - Genders in Juniperus thurifera have different functional responses to variations in nutrient availability 538
ID: 24670 - Tamaño de área de drenaje y conectividad hidrológica en la formación de escorrentía en cuencas semiáridas mediterráneas. Cuenca aforada del Barranc del Corraixet 534
ID: 29564 - Evolution of heavy metals in marsh areas under rice farming 534
ID: 34321 - Seed vs. microsite limitation for seedling emergence in the perennial grass Stipa tenacissima L. (Poaceae) 533
ID: 42079 - El estudio de la erosión hídrica en España (1980-2004). Análisis bibliométrico 533
ID: 44432 - Intra-population comparison of vegetative and floral trait 529
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