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Serra Alfaro, José Manuel
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CSIC - Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ)
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Prof. Jose M. Serra (Chemical Engineer, male) is a Research Professor at the Institute of Chemical Technology, ITQ. He leads the Energy Conversion and Storage group at ITQ. His activities are focused on heterogeneous catalysis, catalytic membrane reactors, process intensification, membrane technology, electrochemical conversion and energy storage. He worked at the Institute for Materials and Processes in Energy Systems (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany), working on the development of nano-structured SOFC electrodes and new ionic membranes. He has been supervisor of 8 PhD students and several Bachelor/Master theses, as well as postdoctoral researchers. He is a co-author of 165 articles, 14 book chapters and 245patent applications in the field of membranes, catalysis and energy systems. Prof. Serra is the CSIC representative for European Energy Research Alliance (EERA): Basic Science for Energy Joint Programme (AMPEA), and member of the Spanish Ceramic & Glass Society and Spanish Catalysis Society. He is the coordinator of the European project iCAREPLAST "Integrated Catalytic Recycling of Plastic Residues Into Added-Value Chemicals" and eCOCO2 project within the SPIRE innitiative. For his contribution to the field, he has received the ExxonMobil Chemical European Science and Engineering Award 2005, the Spanish Catalysis Society PhD Award 2004, the Christian Friedrich Schönbein Medal 2009, European Ceramic Society Young Scientist Award 2015 and Medal of the Royal Spanish Engineering Academy 2016.
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1openAccessBoletinGEC_058-art6.pdf.jpgDec-2020BiocombustiblesCampos Martín, José Miguel CSIC ORCID ; Chica Lara, Antonio; Dómine, Marcelo Eduardo ; García Martínez, Tomás CSIC ORCID ; Pawelec, Bárbara CSIC ORCID; Pinilla Ibarz, José Luis CSIC ORCID ; Rojas Muñoz, Sergio CSIC ORCID; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Suelves Laiglesia, Isabel CSIC ORCID artículo de revisión
2openAccessCharacterization_and_Distillation.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2020Characterization and Distillation of Pyrolysis Liquids Coming from Polyolefins Segregated of MSW for Their Use as Automotive Diesel FuelGala, A.; Guerrero, M.; Guirao, B.; Dómine, Marcelo Eduardo ; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
3embargoedAccessCharacterization of oxygen transport.pdf.jpg1-May-2020Characterization of oxygen transport phenomena on BSCF membranes assisted by fluid dynamic simulations including surface exchangeCatalán-Martínez, D.; Santafé-Moros, A.; Gozálvez-Zafrilla, J. M.; Garcia-Fayos, Julio; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
4embargoedAccessCharacterization of post-consumer.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2020Characterization of post-consumer plastic film waste from mixed MSW in Spain: A key point for the successful implementation of sustainable plastic waste management strategiesGala, A.; Guerrero, M.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
5openAccessDirect_CO2.pdf.jpgDec-2019Direct CO2 conversion to syngas in a BaCe0.2Zr0.7Y0.1O3-¿-based proton-conducting electrolysis cellBausá, Nuria; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Escolástico Rozalén, Soniaartículo
6openAccessElectric and magnetic properties of Lanthanum Barium Cobaltite.pdf.jpgMar-2020Electric and magnetic properties of lanthanum barium cobaltiteSzpunar, I.; Wachowski, S.; Miruszewski, T.; Dzierzgowski, K.; Górnicka, K.; Klimczuk, T.; Sørby, M.H.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Balaguer, Maríaartículo
7openAccessElectrifying_chemistry.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2019Electrifying chemistry with protonic cellsSerra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Epitaxial films of the proton-conducting Ca-doped LaNbO4 material and a study of their charge transport propertiesCavallaro, Andrea CSIC ORCID; Solís, Cecilia; García, Pablo; Ballesteros, Belén CSIC ORCID; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Santiso, José CSIC ORCIDartículo
9openAccessHigh-Temperature.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2020High-temperature structural and electrical properties of BaLnCo2O6 positrodesSzpunar, I.; Strandbakke, R.; Sørby, Magnus H.; Wachowski, S.L.; Balaguer, María; Tarach, M.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Witkowska, A.; Dzik, E.; Norby, Truls; Gazda, M.; Mielewczyk-Gry¿, Aartículo
10openAccessHydrogen production.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2020Hydrogen production via microwave-induced water splitting at low temperatureSerra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Borrás Morell, J.F.; Garcia-Baños, B.; Balaguer, María; Plaza González, P.; Santos-Blasco, J; Catalán-Martínez, D.; Navarrete, L.; Catalá-Civera, J.M.artículo
11openAccessceramics-02-00020-v2.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2019Ice-templating for the elaboration of oxygen permeation asymmetric tubular membrane with radial oriented porosityGaudillere, Cyril; Garcia-Fayos, Julio; Plaza, Jorge; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
12openAccessImproving_the_performance.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2019Improving the performance of oxygen transport membranes in simulated oxy-fuel power plant conditions by catalytic surface enhancementGarcia-Fayos, Julio; Balaguer, María; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
13openAccessIn_Situ_Raman.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2020In situ raman characterization of sofc materials in operational conditions: A doped ceria studySolís, Cecilia; Balaguer, María; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2019Influence of the solid-electrolyte ionic material in a potentiometric sensor for ethylene detectionToldrá-Reig, Fidel; Pastor, Daniel; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
15openAccesslanthanum_tungstate.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2019Lanthanum tungstate membranes for H2 extraction and CO2 utilization: Fabrication strategies based on sequential tape casting and plasma-spray physical vapor depositionIvanova, M.E.; Deibert, W.; Marcano, D.; Escolástico, S.; Mauer, G.; Meulenberg, W.A.; Bram, M.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Vaßen, R.; Guillon, O.artículo
16openAccessMixed proton and electron.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2019Mixed proton and electron conducting double perovskite anodes for stable and efficient tubular proton ceramic electrolysersE. Vøllestad; R. Strandbakke; M. Tarach; D. Catalán-Martínez; M.L. Fontaine; D. Beeaff; D. Clark; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; T. Norbyartículo
17openAccessNickel_exsolution.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2019Nickel Exsolution-driven Phase Transformation from an n=2 to an n=1 Ruddlesden-Popper Manganite for Methane Steam Reforming Reaction in SOFC ConditionsVecino-Mantilla, S.; Gauthier-Maradei, P.; Huvé, M.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Roussel, P.; Gauthier, G.H.artículo
18openAccessNovel Polymeric Thin-Film Composite ... membranes-09-00051-v2.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2019Novel polymeric thin-film composite membranes for high-temperature gas separationsWeigelt, F.; Escorihuela, Sara; Descalzo, Alberto; Tena, Alberto CSIC ORCID CVN; Escolástico Rozalén, Sonia; Shishatskiy, S.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Brinkmann, T.artículo
19openAccessOxygen_permeation.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2019Oxygen permeation studies in surface Pd-activated asymmetric Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 membranes for application in CO2 and CH4 environmentsGarcia-Fayos, Julio; Søgaard, M.; Kaiser, A.; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel artículo
20embargoedAccessProduction_strategies.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2020Production strategies of asymmetric BaCe0.65Zr0.20Y0.15O3-δ – Ce0.8Gd0.2O2-δ membrane for hydrogen separationMercadelli, Elisa; Gondolini, A.; Montaleone, D.; Pinasco, P.; Escolástico Rozalén, Sonia; Serra Alfaro, José Manuel ; Sanson, Alessandraartículo