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Llorens, Maria-Gema
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1embargoedAccessA dynamic atlas_Finch_Postprint_Art2022.pdf.jpgDec-2022A dynamic atlas of interference patterns in superimposed, opposite sense ductile shear zonesFinch, M. A.; Bons, Paul Dirk; Weinberg, R. F.; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Griera, Albert; Gómez-Rivas, Enriqueartículo
2openAccessLLorens_The Cryosphere_16_ 2009–2024_2022.pdf.jpgMay-2022Can changes in deformation regimes be inferred from crystallographic preferred orientations in polar ice?Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Griera, Albert; Bons, Paul Dirk; Weikusat, Ilka; Prior, D. J.; Gómez-Rivas, Enrique; de Riese, Tamara; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone CSIC ORCID ; García-Castellanos, Daniel CSIC ORCID ; Lebensohn, Ricardo A.artículo
3embargoedAccessFolds inside pebbles_Ran_Postprint_Art2022.pdf.jpgJul-2022Folds inside pebbles: When do they form during conglomerate deformation? Numerical modelling and comparison with the Hutuo Group conglomerates, North China CratonRan, H.; Bons, Paul Dirk; Wang, Genhou; Griera, Albert; Riese, Tamara de; Gómez-Rivas, Enrique; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Ran, Shuming; Wang, Yao; Wang, Shubiaoartículo
4openAccessLlorens_Journal of Geophysical_Research_Earth_Surface_2020JF005714_preprint.pdf.jpgOct-2020Seismic Anisotropy of Temperate Ice in Polar Ice SheetsLlorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Griera, Albert; Bons, Paul Dirk; Gómez-Rivas, Enrique; Weikusat, Ilka; Prior, D. J.; Kerch, J.; Lebensohn, Ricardo A.artículo
5openAccessLLorens_Marine and Petroleum Geology 136_2022_105444.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2022Stylolites and stylolite networks as primary controls on the geometry and distribution of carbonate diagenetic alterationsGómez-Rivas, Enrique; Martín-Martín, Juan Diego CSIC ORCID; Bons, Paul Dirk; Koehn, Daniel; Griera, Albert; Travé, Anna; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Humphrey, Elliot; Neilson, Joyceartículo
6openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2020The ephemeral development of C′ shear bands: A numerical modelling approachFinch, M. A.; Bons, Paul Dirk; Steinbach, F.; Griera, Albert; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Gómez-Rivas, Enrique; Ran, H.; de Riese, Tamaraartículo
7openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2020The influence of layer-interface geometry on single-layer foldingGriera, Albert; Gómez-Rivas, Enrique; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID artículo de revisión
8openAccessfeart-10-828005.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2022Towards a Digital Twin of the Earth System: Geo-Soft-CoRe, a Geoscientific Software & Code RepositoryDeFelipe, Irene CSIC ORCID CVN ; Alcalde, Juan CSIC ORCID ; Baykiev, Eldar; Bernal, Isabel CSIC ORCID ; Boonma, Kittiphon CSIC ORCID ; Carbonell, Ramón CSIC ORCID ; Flude, Stefanie; Folch, Arnau CSIC ORCID ; Fullea, J. CSIC ORCID; García-Castellanos, Daniel CSIC ORCID ; Geyer, Adelina CSIC ORCID ; Giralt, Santiago CSIC ORCID ; Hernández, Armand CSIC ORCID ; Jimenez-Munt, Ivone CSIC ORCID ; Kumar, Ajay CSIC ORCID ; Llorens, Maria-Gema CSIC ORCID ; Martí Molist, Joan CSIC ORCID ; Molina Fernández, Cecilia CSIC ORCID ; Olivar-Castaño, Andrés; Parnell, Andrew; Schimmel, Martin CSIC ORCID; Torné, Montserrat CSIC ORCID ; Ventosa, Sergio CSIC ORCID artículo