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Ríos Insua, David
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CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT)
Risk Analysis; Decision Analysis; Bayesian Statistics
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1openAccess2018A framework for risk management decisions in aviation safety at state levelRíos Insua, David ; Alfaro, César; Gómez, Javier; Hernández-Coronado, Pablo; Bernal, Franciscoartículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019A model for an affective non-expensive utility-based decision agentGómez Esteban, Pablo; Ríos Insua, David artículo
3openAccess2016A participatory budget model under uncertaintyGómez, Javier; Ríos Insua, David ; Alfaro, Césarartículo
4openAccess2019Adversarial classification: an adversarial risk analysis approachNaveiro Flores, Roi; Redondo, Alberto.; Ríos Insua, David ; Ruggeri, Fabrizioartículo
5openAccess2018Adversarial issues in reliabilityRíos Insua, David ; Ruggeri, Fabrizio.; Soyer, Refik; Rasines, Daniel G.artículo
6openAccess2019Adversarial risk analysis for bi-agent influence diagrams: an algorithmic approachGonzález-Ortega, Jorge; Ríos Insua, David ; Cano, Javierartículo
7openAccess2016Adversarial risk analysis for urban security risk analysisGil, César; Ríos Insua, David ; Ríos, Jesúsartículo
8openAccessMolecular Diversity_Gallego_2021.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2021AI in drug development: a multidisciplinary perspectiveGallego, Víctor; Naveiro Flores, Roi; Roca, Carlos CSIC ORCID; Ríos Insua, David ; Campillo, Nuria E. CSIC ORCID artículo
9openAccess2019An adversarial risk analysis framework for cybersecurityRíos Insua, David ; Couce-Vieira, Aitor; Rubio, Jose A.; Pieters, Wolter.; Labunets, Katsiaryna; Rasines, Daniel G.artículo
10closedAccess6-Dec-2019An affective decision-making model with applications to social roboticsLiu, Si; Ríos Insua, David artículo
11closedAccess2019Competition and cooperation in a community of autonomous agentsGómez Esteban, Pablo; Liu, Si; Ríos Insua, David ; González-Ortega, Jorgeartículo
12openAccess2018Critical networked infrastructure protection from adversariesQuijano, Eduardo; Ríos Insua, David ; Cano, Javierartículo
13openAccesspreprint_david.rios@icmat.es_131022-090844[1].pdf.jpg2022Dynamic linear models for policy monitoring. The case of maternal and neonatal mortality in GhanaAdebanji, Atinuke; Ríos Insua, David ; Ruggeri, Fabrizioartículo
14closedAccess2019Forecasting and assessing consequences of aviation safety occurrencesRíos Insua, David ; Alfaro, César; Gómez, Javier; Hernández-Coronado, Pablo; Bernal, Franciscoartículo
15closedAccesshypothesis testing.pdf.jpg2019Hypothesis testing in presence of adversariesGonzález-Ortega, J.; Ríos Insua, David ; Ruggeri, F.; Soyer, R.artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2019Large-scale automated forecasting for network safety and security monitoringNaveiro Flores, Roi; Rodríguez, Simón; Ríos Insua, David artículo
17openAccess2016Modeling Opponents in Adversarial Risk AnalysisRíos Insua, David ; Banks, David; Ríos, Jesúsartículo
18openAccess2016Multithreat multisite protection: a case study in securityRíos Insua, David ; Cano, Javier; Pellot, Michael; Ortega, Ricardoartículo
19openAccess2016Policy analysis and policy analyticsDaniell, Katherine A.; Morton, Alec; Ríos Insua, David artículo
20openAccess2015Risk analysis for unintentional slide deployment during airline operationsAyra, Eduardo S.; Ríos Insua, David ; Castellanos, Maria Eugenia; Larbi, Lydiaartículo