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Luján Serrano, María Ángeles
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CSIC - Estación Experimental de Aula Dei (EEAD)
Nutrición vegetal
Photosynthesis: Chloroplast Genomics and Proteomics and its Response to Abiotic Stress
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1openAccessPicorelR_PhotosynthRes_2017.pdf.jpgJun-2017A simple and efficient method to prepare pure dimers and monomers of the cytochrome b6f complex from spinachLuján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Lorente Lorente, Patricia; Zazubovich, Valter; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  artículo
2openAccessPicorelR_Metallomics_2011.pdf.jpg2011Characterization of the recombinant copper chaperone (CCS) from the plant Glycine (G.) max.Sagasti Escalona, Sara ; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  ; Bernal Ibáñez, María ; Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Frago, Susana; Medina, Milagros; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  artículo
3openAccessPicorelR_JPhysChemB_2019.pdf.jpgNov-2019Evidence of Simultaneous Spectral Hole Burning Involving Two Tiers of the Protein Energy Landscape in Cytochrome b6fShafiei, Golia; Levenberg, Alexander; Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; Zazubovich, Valterartículo
4embargoedAccessAlfonsoM_PlantMolBiol_2020.pdf.jpgAug-2020Functional analysis of β-ketoacyl-CoA synthase from biofuel feedstock Thlaspi arvense reveals differences in the triacylglycerol biosynthetic pathway among BrassicaceaeClaver Lacasa, Ana; Vega Maeso, Marina de la; Rey-Giménez, Raquel; Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; López Sánchez, María Victoria  ; Alfonso Lozano, Miguel  artículo
5openAccessPicorelR_JPhotochemPhotobiolB_2015.pdf.jpg2015In vivo reconstitution of a homodimeric cytochrome b559 like structure: The role of the N-terminus α-subunit from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Martínez, Jesús I.; Alonso, Pablo J.; Torrado, Alejandro ; Roncel Gil, Mercedes ; Ortega, José M.  ; Sancho, Javier ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  artículo
6openAccessPicorelR_JPhysChemB_2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017Probing nergy landscapes of cytochrome b6f with spectral hole burning: Effects of deuterated solvent and detergentLevenberg, Alexander; Shafiei, Golia; Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Giannacopoulos, Steven; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; Zazubovich, Valterartículo
7openAccessPicorelRE_PhotRes_2012.pdf.jpgSep-2012Reconstitution, spectroscopy, and redox properties of the photosynthetic recombinant cytochrome b559 from higher plantsLuján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Martínez, Jesús I.; Alonso, Pablo J.; Guerrero, Fernando ; Roncel Gil, Mercedes ; Ortega, José M.  ; Yruela Guerrero, Inmaculada  ; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  artículo
8openAccessAlfonsoM_PlantPhysiol_2019.pdf.jpgMay-2019Tissue Distribution and Specific Contribution of Arabidopsis FAD7 and FAD8 Plastid Desaturases to the JA and ABA Mediated Cold Stress or Defence ResponsesSoria-García, Ángel  ; Rubio Luna, María Carmen  ; Lagunas Castán, Beatriz ; López-Gomollón, Sara ; Luján Serrano, María Ángeles  ; Díaz-Guerra, Raúl; Picorel Castaño, Rafael  ; Alfonso Lozano, Miguel  artículo