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Rubio, Luis A.
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Rubio San Millán, Luis Ángel
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CSIC - Estación Experimental del Zaidín (EEZ)
Fisiología y bioquímica de la nutrición animal
Salud Gastrointestinal
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017A pea (Pisum sativum L.) seed albumin extract prevents colonic DSS induced dysbiosis in miceAranda-Olmedo, Isabel; Ruiz, Raquel; Peinado, M Jesús; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
2Pea_Ruiz_Art2020.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2020A Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Seed Vicilins Hydrolysate Exhibits PPARγ Ligand Activity and Modulates Adipocyte Differentiation in a 3T3-L1 Cell Culture ModelRuiz, Raquel; Olías, Raquel; Clemente, Alfonso; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
3openAccessPea proteins- JSFA.pdf.jpg2013Characterization of pea (Pisum sativum) seed protein fractionsRubio, Luis A. ; Pérez, Alicia ; Ruiz, Raquel; Guzmán, M. Ángeles; Aranda-Olmedo, Isabel; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo
4openAccess2020_ArandaOlmedo_JFF_OA.pdf.jpg2020Dietary legumes, intestinal microbiota, inflammation and colorectal cancerAranda-Olmedo, Isabel; Rubio, Luis A. artículo de revisión
5openAccessCaramel- broiler- ANIMAL.pdf.jpg2013Effects of inulin and di-D-fructose dianhydride-enrichedPeinado, M Jesús; Echávarri, Ana; Ruiz, R.; Suárez-Pereira, E.; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García Fernández, José Manuel ; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
6openAccessAnimal.pdf.jpg2013Effects of inulin and di-d-fructose dianhydride-enriched caramels on intestinal microbiota composition and performance of broiler chickensPeinado, M.J.; Echevarri, A.; Suárez-Pereira, Elena ; Ortiz-Mellet, Carmen; García Fernández, José Manuel ; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
7closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactulose exert a selective stimulation on the growth of Bifidobacterium animalis in the large intestine of growing ratsMarín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Abecia, Leticia; Hernández-Hernández, Oswaldo  ; Sanz, M. Luz  ; Montilla, Antonia  ; Olano, Agustín  ; Rubio, Luis A. ; Moreno, F. Javier ; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo
8openAccessGarlic- Pathogens- Poult Sci.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2012Garlic derivative PTS-O is effective against broiler pathogens in vivoPeinado, M Jesús; Ruiz, Raquel; Echávarri, Ana; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
9openAccessGarlic- Vet Mic.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2012Garlic derivatives (PTS and PTS-O) differently affect the ecology of swine faecal microbiota in vitroRuiz, Raquel; García, M Pilar; Lara, Armando; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
10openAccess2020_Rubio_JSFA_Preprint.pdf.jpg2020Inclusion of limited amounts of extruded legumes plus cereal mixes in normocaloric or obesogenic diets for rats: effects on intestinal microbiota compositionRubio, Luis A. ; Aranda-Olmedo, Isabel; Contreras, Soraya; Góngora, Tamara; Rodriguez, Gema; Peralta-Sánchez, Juan M; Martín-Pedrosa, Mercedesartículo
11openAccessInclusion_Rubio_Art2020.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2020Inclusion of Limited Amounts of Extruded Legumes Plus Cereal Mixes in Normocaloric or Obesogenic Diets for Rats: Effects on Lipid ProfileRubio, Luis A. ; Aranda-Olmedo, Isabel; Martín-Pedrosa, Mercedesartículo
12openAccessDNA extraction- JSFA.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2012Lyophyllization improves the extraction of PCR-quality community DNA from pig faecal samplesRuiz, Raquel; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
13openAccessGOS- JN.pdf.jpg2013Monomer and Linkage Type of Galacto-Oligosaccharides Affect Their Resistance to Ileal Digestion and Prebiotic Properties in RatsHernández-Hernández, Oswaldo  ; Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Rubio, Luis A. ; Moreno, F. Javier; Sanz, M. Luz ; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Monomer and linkage type of galacto-oligosaccharides affect their resistance to ileal digestion and prebiotic properties in ratsHernández-Hernández, Oswaldo  ; Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Rubio, Luis A. ; Moreno, F. Javier ; Sanz, M. Luz  ; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo
15openAccessIberian- JAS- histol_enz.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2012Morphology and enzymatic activity of the small intestinal mucosa of Iberian pigs as compared with a lean pig strainRubio, Luis A. ; Ruiz, Raquel; Peinado, M Jesús; Echávarri, Anaartículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Nutrients and non-nutrients composition and in vitro starch digestibility of five Algerian legume seed floursMoussou, N.; Ouazib, M.; Wanasundara, J.; Zaidi, F.; Rubio, Luis A. artículo
17openAccess2020_Wang_Ms_OA.pdf.jpg2020Pivotal roles for pH, lactate, and lactate-utilizing bacteria in the stability of a human colonic microbial ecosystemWang, S.P.; Rubio, Luis A. ; Duncan, Sylvia H.; Donachie, G. E.; Holtrop, Grietje; Lo, Galiana; Farquharson, F.M; Wagner, J.; Parkhill, Julian; Louis, P.; Walker, A.W.; Flint, Harry J.artículo
18openAccess2019_Rubio_PS_OA.pdf.jpg2019Possibilities of early life programming in broiler chickens via intestinal microbiota modulationRubio, Luis A. artículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2012The structure and composition of galacto-oligosaccharides affects their resistance to ileal digestion and prebiotic properties in ratsHernández-Hernández, Oswaldo  ; Marín-Manzano, M. Carmen; Rubio, Luis A. ; Moreno, F. Javier ; Sanz, M. Luz  ; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo
20closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2006Uptake of 2S albumin allergens, Ber e 1 and Ses i 1, across human intestinal epithelial Caco-2 cell monolayersMoreno, F. Javier ; Rubio, Luis A. ; Olano, Agustín  ; Clemente, Alfonsoartículo