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Calatayud, David G.
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Calatayud, D. G.
González Calatayud, David
González-Calatayud, David
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Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio
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Synthesis and characterisation of coordination compounds. Synthesis and processing of nanostructured materials. Soft chemistry synthesis and directed bioinspired assembly. Biosensing, molecular imaging and drug delivery applications. Characterisation of the functional response, electrochemical and photoreactivity studies.
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1openAccessLi_Practical_Dyes and Pigments_2020.pdf.jpg2019A practical graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4)based fluorescence sensor for the competitive detection of trithiocyanuric acid and mercury ionsLi, Meng.; Wang, B.; An, X.; Li, Z.; Zhu, H.; Mao, Boyang; Calatayud, David G.  ; James, Tony D.artículo
2openAccessGe_Behavior_CellPress_2017_vs_pub.pdf.jpg2017Behavior of Supramolecular Assemblies of Radiometal-Filled and Fluorescent Carbon Nanocapsules In Vitro and In VivoGe, Haobo; Riss, Patrick J.; Mirabello, Vincenzo; Calatayud, David G.  ; Flower, Stephen E.; Arrowsmith, Rory L.; Fryer, Tim D.; Hong, Young; Sawiak, Steve; Jacobs, Robert M.J.; Botchway, Stanley W.; Tyrrell, Rex M.; James, Tony D.; Fossey, John S.; Dilworth, Jonathan R.; Aigbirhio, Franklin I.; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
3openAccessMao_et_al-2019-ChemistryOpen.pdf.jpg2019Directed Molecular Stacking for Engineered Fluorescent Three-Dimensional Reduced Graphene Oxide and Coronene FrameworksMao, Boyang; Cortezon-Tamarit, Fernando; Ge, Haobo; Kuganathan, Navaratnarajah; Mirabello, Vincenzo; Palomares, F. Javier ; Kociok-Köhn, Gabriele; Botchway, Stanley W.; Calatayud, David G.  ; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
4openAccessCalatayud_et_al-2018-ChemistryOpen.pdf.jpg2018Encapsulation of Cadmium Selenide Nanocrystals in Biocompatible Nanotubes: DFT Calculations, X-ray Diffraction Investigations, and Confocal Fluorescence ImagingCalatayud, David G.  ; Ge, Haobo; Kuganathan, Navaratnarajah; Mirabello, Vincenzo; Jacobs, Robert M. J.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Stoppiello, Craig T.; Khlobystov, Khlobystov; Tyrrell, Rex M.; Da-Como, Enrico; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
5openAccessLi_Fluorenscence_Chemcomm_2018_vs_pub.pdf.jpg2018Fluorescence detection and removal of copper from water using a biobased and biodegradable 2D soft materialLi, Meng; Liu, Zhijiang; Wang, Shuwen; Calatayud, David G.  ; Zhu, Weihong; James, Tony D.; Wang, Lidong; Mao, Boyang; Xiao, Hui-Ningartículo
6openAccessMao_et_al-2017-Chemistry_-_A_European_Journal.pdf.jpg2017Fluorescence-Lifetime Imaging and Super-Resolution Microscopies Shed Light on the Directed- and Self-Assembly of Functional Porphyrins onto Carbon Nanotubes and Flat SurfacesMao, Boyang; Calatayud, David G.  ; Mirabello, Vincenzo; Kuganathan, Navaratnarajah; Ge, Haobo; Jacobs, Robert M.J.; Shepherd, Ashley M.; Ribeiro Martins, José A.; De-La-Serna, José Bernardino; Hodges, Benjamin J.; Botchway, Stanley W.; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
7closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Highly photoactive anatase nanoparticles obtained using trifluoroacetic acid as an electron scavenger and morphological control agentCalatayud, David G.  ; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Peiteado, Marco ; Palomares, F. Javier ; RUBIO ALONSO, FAUSTO  ; Fernández Hevia, D.; Caballero Cuesta, Amador artículo
8embargoedAccess2019Highly photoactive TiO2 microspheres for photocatalytic production of hydrogenPulido Melián, E.; Nereida Suárez, M.; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Calatayud, David G.  ; Campo, Ángel Adolfo del  ; Doña-Rodríguez, J.M.; Araña, J.; González Díaz, O.M.artículo
9openAccessCalatayud_Microwave_Nanoscale Research Letters_9_273_2014.pdf.jpg2014Microwave-induced fast crystallization of amorphous hierarchical anatase microspheresCalatayud, David G.  ; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Peiteado, Marco ; Caballero Cuesta, Amador ; Fernández Hevia, D.artículo
10openAccessGumiel_Nanostructure_Jr_Materials_Chemistry_C_2020.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2020Nanostructure stabilization by low-temperature dopant pinning in multiferroic BiFeO3-based thin films produced by aqueous chemical solution depositionGumiel, Carlos; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Calatayud, David G.  ; Vranken, Thomas; Van Bael, Marlies K.; Hardy, An; Calzada, M. L. ; Jiménez, Ricardo ; García-Hernández, M.  ; Mompean, F. J. ; Caballero Cuesta, Amador ; Peiteado, Marco artículo
11openAccessBSECV-14-03-dos.pdf.jpg2012Preparación de materiales fotocatalizadores basados en Bi4Ti3O12 dopados con metales de transiciónCalatayud, David G.  ; Rodríguez, Mónica ; Gallego, B.; Fernández Hevia, D.; Jardiel, Teresa  artículo
12openAccessChantada_Proteomics_Journal of Proteomics_2020.pdf.jpg2020Proteomic investigation on bio-corona of Au, Ag and Fe nanoparticles for the discovery of triple negative breast cancer serum protein biomarkersChantada-Vázquez, María del Pilar; Castro López, Antonio; García Vence, María; Vázquez-Estévez, Sergio; Acea-Nebril, Benigno; Calatayud, David G.  ; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Bravo, Susana B.; Núñez, Cristinaartículo
13openAccessSarpaki_Radio_Nanoscale 12 6603-6608_2020.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2020Radio- and nano-chemistry of aqueous Ga(III) ions anchored onto graphene oxide-modified complexesSarpaki, S.; Cortezon-Tamarit, F.; de-Aguiar, S. R. M. M.; Exner, R. M.; Divall, D.; Arrowsmith, R. L.; Ge, H.; Palomares, F. Javier ; Carroll, L.; Calatayud, David G.  ; Paisey, S. J.; Aboagyef, E. O.; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
14openAccessOwen_Shedding_open.201900368.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2020Shedding Light Onto the Nature of Iron DecoratedGraphene and Graphite Oxide Nanohybrids for CO2Conversion at Atmospheric PressureOwen, Rhodri E.; Cortezon-Tamarit, Fernando; Calatayud, David G.  ; Evans, Enid A.; Mitchell, Samuel I. J.; Mao, Boyang; Palomares, F. Javier ; Mitchels, John; Plucinski, Pawel; Mattia, Davide; Jones, Matthew D.; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2015Synthesis and characterization of blue faceted anatase nanoparticles through extensive fluorine lattice dopingCalatayud, David G.  ; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Peiteado, Marco ; Illas, Francesc; Giamello, Elio; Palomares, F. Javier ; Fernández Hevia, D.; Caballero Cuesta, Amador artículo
16openAccessLledos_et_al-2018-ChemNanoMat.pdf.jpg2018Synthesis, Radiolabelling and In Vitro Imaging of Multifunctional NanoceramicsLledos, Marina; Mirabello, Vincenzo; Sarpaki, Sophia; Ge, Haobo; Smugowski, Hubert J.; Carroll, Laurence; Aboagye, Eric O.; Aigbirhio, Franklin I.; Botchway, Stanley W.; Dilworth, Jonathan R.; Calatayud, David G.  ; Plucinski, Pawel K.; Price, Gareth J.; Pascu, Sofia I.artículo
17openAccess2020Tailoring the visible light photoactivity of un-doped defective TiO2 anatase nanoparticles through a simple two-step solvothermal processCalatayud, David G.  ; Flores, Raquel M.; Castellanos-Aliaga, Ana; Peiteado, Marco ; Palomares, F. Javier ; Caballero Cuesta, Amador ; Jardiel, Teresa  artículo
18openAccess2017Titanium doping of BiFeO3 ceramics and identification of minor phases by Raman spectroscopyBernardo, M. S. ; Calatayud, David G.  ; Jardiel, Teresa  ; Makovec, D.; Peiteado, Marco ; Caballero Cuesta, Amador artículo
19openAccessGumiel_Two_step_BSECV_2019_Publicada.pdf.jpg2019Two-step doping approach releasing thepiezoelectric response of BiFeO3 bulk ceramicsco-doped with titanium and samariumGumiel, Carlos; Bernardo, M. S. ; Villanueva, Pablo G.; Calatayud, David G.  ; Peiteado, Marco ; Jardiel, Teresa  artículo