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Romero, Luis C.
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Romero González, Luis Carlos
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CSIC-USE - Instituto de Bioquímica Vegetal y Fotosíntesis (IBVF)
Grupo de investigación: Metabolismo de cisteína y señalización
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Investigador Científico
Metabolismo de cisteína y señalización
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1embargoedAccessPCE-19-Zhang et al.pdf.jpg2020ABA-triggered guard cell L-cysteine desulfhydrase function and in situ hydrogen sulfide production contributes to HY1-modulated stomatal closureZhang, J.; Zhou, M.; Ge, Z., Shen, J.; Zhou, C.; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Duan, X.; Liu, X.; Wu, D.; Yin, X.; Xie, Y.artículo
2openAccess23-Feb-2010Arabidopsis S-Sulfocysteine Synthase Activity Is Essential for Chloroplast Function and Long-Day Light-Dependent Redox ControlBermúdez, María Ángeles ; Páez-Ochoa, Maria Angeles ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
3openAccess2014Assessing the transcriptional regulation of L-CYSTEINE DESULFHYDRASE 1 in Arabidopsis thalianaLaureano-Marín, Ana M. ; García, Irene  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
4openAccessArenas-Alfonseca et al-pcy047.pdf.jpg2018Beta-Cyanoalanine synthase action in root hair elongation is exerted at early steps of the root hair elongation pathway and is independent of direct cyanide inactivation of NADPH oxidaseArenas-Alfonseca, Lucía ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; García, Irene  artículo
5openAccessGarcía et al PSB-2.pdf.jpg2014Beyond toxicity: A regulatory role for mitochondrial cyanideGarcía, Irene  ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
6openAccessMPLANT-2013-021949v2-Gotor.pdf.jpg2014Cysteine and cysteine-related signaling pathways in arabidopsis thalianaRomero, Luis C.  ; Aroca, Ángeles ; Laureano-Marín, Ana M. ; Moreno, Inmaculada; García, Irene  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
7closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Cysteine homeostasis plays an essential role in plant immunityÁlvarez, Consolación ; Bermúdez, María Ángeles ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; García, Irene  artículo
8openAccess2012Cysteine-Generated Sulfide in the Cytosol Negatively Regulates Autophagy and Modulates the Transcriptional Profile in ArabidopsisÁlvarez, Consolación ; García, Irene  ; Moreno, Inmaculada; Pérez-Pérez, María Esther  ; Crespo, José L.  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
9closedAccessOct-2008Cytosolic cysteine in redox signalingLópez-Martín, M. Carmen; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
10openAccess23-Jun-2012Geminivirus C2 protein represses genes involved in sulphur assimilation and this effect can be counteracted by jasmonate treatmentLozano-Durán, Rosa; García, Irene  ; Huguet, Stéphanie; Balzergue, Sandrine; Romero, Luis C.  ; Bejarano, Eduardo R.artículo
11openAccesspcx056.pdf.jpg2017Hydrogen Sulfide Regulates the Cytosolic/Nuclear Partitioning of Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase by Enhancing its Nuclear Localization.Aroca, Ángeles ; Schneider, Markus; Scheibe, R.; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
12openAccessAroca et al-2018-fpls-09.pdf.jpg2018Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling in Plants: Emerging Roles of Protein PersulfidationAroca, Ángeles ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
13openAccess2020Hydrogen Sulfide: From a Toxic Molecule to a Key Molecule of Cell LifeAroca, Ángeles ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Bassham, Diane C.; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Increased cysteine availability is essential for cadmium tolerance and accumulation in Arabidopsis thalianaDomínguez Solís, José Ramón; López-Martín, M. Carmen; Ager, F. J. ; Ynsa, M. D.; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
15openAccessJBC_286_578_2010.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2011Inhibition of Arabidopsis O-acetylserine (Thiol)lyase A1 by tyrosine-nitrationÁlvarez, Consolación ; Lozano-Juste, Jorge ; Romero, Luis C.  ; García, Irene  ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; León-Ramos, José artículo
16openAccesslink-BecanaM_PlantPhys_2008.pdf.jpgApr-2008Knocking Out Cytosolic Cysteine Synthesis Compromises the Antioxidant Capacity of the Cytosol to Maintain Discrete Concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide in ArabidopsisLópez-Martín, M. Carmen; Becana Ausejo, Manuel  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
17openAccessMar-2013L-Cysteine Desulfhydrase 1 modulates the generation of the signaling molecule sulfide in plant cytosolRomero, Luis C.  ; García, Irene  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
18openAccessMol_Plant_2012.pdf.jpg2012Mitochondrial Sulfide Detoxification Requires a Functional Isoform O-Acetylserine(thiol)lyase C in Arabidopsis thalianaÁlvarez, Consolación ; García, Irene  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Gotor, Cecilia  artículo
19closedAccessOct-2010Mitochondrial β-Cyanoalanine Synthase Is Essential for Root Hair Formation in Arabidopsis thalianaGarcía, Irene  ; Castellano, José María  ; Vioque, Blanca  ; Solano, Roberto; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  artículo
20openAccess2019Multilevel regulation of peroxisomal proteome by posttranslational modificationsSandalio, Luisa M. ; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Romero, Luis C.  ; Romero-Puertas, María C.artículo