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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessGil_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgApr-2020Assessing relative post-release mortality for the transparent goby fishery: Environmental drivers and the utility of vitality metricsGil, María del Mar CSIC ORCID; Palmer, Miquel CSIC ORCID; Morey, Gabriel; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Pastor, Elena; Díaz-Gil, Carlos CSIC ORCID; Grau, Antoni Mariaartículo
2closedAccessJun-2010Automated Taxon Identification of Teleost fishes using an otolith online database-AFOROParisi-Baradad, Vicenç CSIC; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID ; Olivella, Roger CSIC; Chic, Óscar CSIC ORCID CVN ; Piera, Jaume CSIC ORCID ; García-Ladona, Emilio CSIC ORCID artículo
3openAccessapplsci-10-03408-v2.pdf.jpg14-May-2020Automatic Classification of Morphologically Similar Fish Species Using Their Head ContoursMartí-Puig, Pere; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID artículo
4openAccessFerrer_et_al_2013.pdf.jpg2013Efficient cubic spline interpolation implemented with FIR filtersFerrer Arnau, Lluís Jordi; Reig-Bolaño, Ramón; Martí-Puig, Pere; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Parisi-Baradad, Vicenç CSICartículo
5openAccessMarti_Puig_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgMar-2020Fourier-based contour descriptors to relax positional standardization of the otolith images in AFORO queriesMartí-Puig, Pere; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID artículo
6openAccessMarti_Puig_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgJul-2016New parameterisation method for three-dimensional otolith surface imagesMartí-Puig, Pere; Danés, J.; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID artículo
7openAccessTuset_et_al_2021_postprint.pdf.jpgJun-2021Paradox of otolith shape indices: routine but overestimated useTuset, Víctor M. CSIC ORCID; Otero-Ferrer, Jose Luís; Siliprandi, Carolina C.; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Martí-Puig, Pere; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID artículo
8closedAccessAug-2018Quantitatively scoring behavior from video-recorded, long-lasting fish trajectoriesMartí-Puig, Pere; Serra, M.; Campos-Candela, Andrea CSIC ORCID; Reig-Bolaño, Ramón; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Palmer, Miquel CSIC ORCIDartículo
9closedAccessOct-2016Relationships between otolith and fish size from Mediterranean and north-eastern Atlantic species to be used in predator-prey studiesGiménez, Joan CSIC ORCID ; Manjabacas, Amalia CSIC ORCID ; Tuset, Víctor M. CSIC ORCID; Lombarte, Antoni CSIC ORCID artículo