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1openAccessUgalde_et_al_2021_preprint.pdf.jpgJan-2021A new autoregressive moving average modeling of H/V spectral ratios to estimate the ground resonance frequencyUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Egozcue, Juan J.; Ranero, César R. CSIC ORCIDartículo
2closedAccessDec-2009Coda-Wave Attenuation Imaging of Galeras Volcano, ColombiaLacruz, Jesús; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Vargas, Carlos A.; Carcolé, Eduardartículo
3openAccessSalinas_et_al_postprint.pdf.jpgJul-2019Designing and testing a network of passive seismic surveying and monitoring in Dehdasht (South Western Iran)Salinas, V.; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Kamayestani, Ahmad; Jokar, M.; Gharibvand, M. M.; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Heidari, G.artículo
4openAccessUgalde_Bulletin_of_the_SSA_106_2_812.pdf.jpg2016Erratum to Temporal Variations of Seismic Velocity at Paradox Valley, Colorado, Using Passive Image InterferometryUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Gaite, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN artículo
5closedAccessDec-1998Estimation of the Intrinsic Absorption and Scattering Attenuation in Northeastern Venezuela (Southeastern Caribbean) Using Coda WavesUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Pujades, Luis G.; Canas, José Antonio; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN artículo
6openAccessVillaseñor_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgJan-2020Fault reactivation by gas injection at an underground gas storage off the east coast of SpainVillaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Herrmann, Robert B.; Gaite, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID artículo
7openAccessWilliams_et_al_2023.pdf.jpgSep-2023Fiber-Optic Observations of Internal Waves and TidesWilliams, Ethan F.; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Martins, Hugo F. CSIC ORCID CVN ; Becerril, Carlos; Callies, Jörn; Claret, Mariona CSIC ORCID; Fernández-Ruiz, María R.; González-Herráez, Miguel CSIC ORCID; Martín-López, Sonia CSIC ORCID; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís CSIC ORCID ; Winters, K.B.; Zhan, Zhongwenartículo
8openAccessCarcole_et_al_2008.pdf.jpgSep-2008Formulation of the multiple anisotropic scattering process in two dimensions for anisotropic source radiationCarcolé, Eduard; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID artículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Frequency-dependent Lg-wave attenuation in northern MoroccoNoriega, R.; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Harnafi, M.artículo
10openAccessVillaseñor_Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.pdf.jpgMay-2016Improving the location of induced earthquakes associated with an underground gas storage in the Gulf of Valencia (Spain)Gaite, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Blanch, Estefaníaartículo
11openAccessPujades_et_al_1997.pdf.jpgMay-1997Intrinsic and scattering attenuation from observed seismic codas in the Almeria Basin (southeastern Iberian Peninsula)Pujades, Luis G.; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Canas, José Antonio; Navarro, M.; Badal, F. J.; Corchete, V.artículo
12closedAccessJan-2007Intrinsic and scattering attenuation in western India from aftershocks of the 26 January, 2001 Kachchh earthquakeUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Tripathi, Jayant Nath; Hoshiba, M.; Rastogi, B. K.artículo
13openAccessCanas_et_al_1998.pdf.jpgJul-1998Intrinsic and scattering seismic wave attenuation in the Canary IslandsCanas, José Antonio; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Pujades, Luis G.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos CSIC ORCID; Soler, Vicente CSIC ORCID; Blanco, María Joséartículo
14openAccessUgalde_et_al_2022_preprint.pdf.jpgJan-2022Noise Levels and Signals Observed on Submarine Fibers in the Canary Islands Using DASUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Becerril, Carlos; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Ranero, César R. CSIC ORCID; Fernández-Ruiz, María R.; Martín-López, Sonia CSIC ORCID; González-Herráez, Miguel CSIC ORCID; Martins, Hugo F. CSIC ORCID CVN artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Passive Seismic Monitoring of an Experimental CO2 Geological Storage Site in Hontomin (Northern Spain)Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Villaseñor, Antonio CSIC ORCID CVN ; Gaite, Beatriz CSIC ORCID; Casquero, Sofía CSIC; Martí, David CSIC ORCID ; Calahorrano, Alcinoe CSIC ORCID ; Marzán, Ignacio ; Carbonell, Ramón CSIC ORCID ; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés CSICartículo
16closedAccessJul-2004Regional estimation of Q from seismic coda observations by the Gauribidanur seismic array (southern India)Tripathi, Jayant Nath; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID artículo
17openAccessUgalde_et_al_2010_preprint.pdf.jpgAug-2010S-wave attenuation characteristics in the Galeras volcanic complex (south western Colombia)Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Carcolé, Eduard; Vargas, Carlos A.artículo
18openAccessUgalde 2013 J Seismol 17 771version postprint.pdf.jpg2013S-wave envelope broadening characteristics of microearthquakes in the Canary IslandsUgalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID artículo
19closedAccessSep-2010Seismic Ambient Noise Characterization of a New Permanent Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometer Site offshore Catalonia (Northeastern Iberian Peninsula)Frontera, Tànit; Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Olivera, Carme; Jara, José Antonio CSIC ORCID; Goula, Xavierartículo
20openAccessUgalde_et_al_2002.pdf.jpgJun-2002Seismic coda attenuation after the Mw = 6.2 Armenia (Colombia) earthquake of 25 January 1999Ugalde, Arantza CSIC ORCID ; Vargas, Carlos A.; Pujades, Luis G.; Canas, José Antonioartículo