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Sánchez Moral, Sergio
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CSIC - Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN)
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Investigador Cientifico del CSIC
Ph.D. in Geosciences (1994), has over 20 years experience in modeling low-Temperature geochemical processes including isotope geochemistry and geomicrobiology with an internationally recognised track record of applying specialised analytical techniques for problem solving applied to surface and sub-surface processes. Currently he is Head of the Department of Geology of the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN). He was the coordinator and principal investigator of the research teams of the Altamira Cave during the period 2002-2012. He has participated in, or led a variety of large research projects involving national and international institutions and has experience as PI on five funded research projects related to CO2. From last 5 years SSM has been principal investigator of several research projects funded in competitive calls by Spanish public bodies, including: CGL2010-17108/BTE: Temporal variability of CO2 concentration in karst systems: mechanisms for subsurface-atmosphere interaction and implications for fluxes estimation in the global carbon balance; CGL2013-43324-R: Sourcing methane and carbon dioxide in subsurface environments. Dr. Sanchez-Moral has an international research profile and has generated a large internationally recognised body of research with over published 80 SCI-indexed papers ( ( From last 5 years, the research group of SSM has focused his major efforts on the application of stable isotope geochemistry and cave monitoring to solving the issue of CO2 and CH4 exchange processes between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere as a key to understanding the feedbacks between climate change and the land surface.
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2013A new date for the neanderthals from El Sidrón cave (Asturias, Northern Spain)Wood, Rachel E.; Lalueza-Fox, Carles  ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Rosas, Antonio  ; Rasilla, Marco de laartículo
2openAccessStudy_state_conservation_2018-Postprint.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2018A study on the state of conservation of the Roman Necropolis of Carmona (Sevilla, Spain)Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Benavente, David; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Elez, J.; Jurado, Valme ; Rogerio Candelera, Miguel A.  ; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  artículo
3openAccessPOSTPRINT Atmosp Env 164 31-49 (2017).pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Abiotic and seasonal control of soil-produced CO2 efflux in karstic ecosystems located in Oceanic and Mediterranean climatesGarcía Antón, Elena ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Fernandez-Cortes, Ángel; Álvarez-Gallego, Miriam ; Pla, Concepción; Benavente, David; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Biogenic Mn oxide minerals coating in a subsurface granite environmentMiller, A. Z. ; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  ; Herrera Quintero, Liz K. ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Hermosín, Bernardo  ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
5closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2004Bioinduced barium precipitation in St. Callixtus and Domitilla catacombsSánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Luque Ripoll, L. de; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Laiz Trobajo, L. ; Jurado, Valme ; Hermosín, Bernardo  ; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  artículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003Biomediated precipitation of calcium carbonate metastable phases in hypogean environments: A short reviewSánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Laiz Trobajo, L. ; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  ; Bedoya, José; Luque Ripoll, L. deartículo
7openAccesscuevas.pdf.jpg2005Caracterización microambiental de la Cueva de Pozalagua (Vizcaya): aplicación a la gestión y protección de cavidades turísticasLario, Javier ; Soler, Vicente ; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Cave aerosols: distribution and contribution to speleothem geochemistryDredge, J.; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Jurado, Valme ; Grassineau, N.artículo
9openAccess2016_Pla_etal_SciTotEnv_preprint.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2016Changes in the CO2 dynamics in near-surface cavities under a future warming scenario: Factors and evidence from the field and experimental findingsPla, Concepción; Cuezva, Soledad ; García Antón, Elena ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Benavente, Davidartículo
10openAccessEnvironm Earth Sc 74(12) 7715-7730 (2015) POSTPRINT.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2015Changes in the storage and sink of carbon dioxide in subsurface atmospheres controlled by climate-driven processes: the case of the Ojo Guareña karst systemFernández-Cortés, A.; Cuezva, Soledad ; García-Antón, E.; Álvarez-Gallego, Miriam ; Pla, Concepción; Benavente, David; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Calaforra, José María; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
11openAccess309.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2004Cinética de carbonatación de morteros experimentales de cal de tipo romanoSánchez Moral, Sergio  ; García-Guinea, Javier  ; Luque Ripoll, L. de; González-Martín, Rafael ; López-Arce, Paula artículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Combining stable isotope (δ13C) of trace gases and aerobiological data to monitor the entry and dispersion of microorganisms in cavesGarcía Antón, Elena ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Jurado, Valme ; Porca, Estefanía ; Miller, A. Z. ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
13openAccessComposition_sprectra_copper_carotenoid.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2015Composition and spectra of copper-carotenoid sediments from a pyrite mine stream in SpainGarcía-Guinea, Javier  ; Furio, Marta ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Jurado, Valme ; Correcher, Virgilio; Sáiz-Jiménez, Cesáreo  artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Composition, luminescence, and color of a natural blue calcium carbonate from MadagascarGarcía-Guinea, Javier  ; Correcher, Virgilio; Benavente, David; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
15openAccess2016_Cuezva_etal_MaterialsandStructures_preprint.pdf.jpg2016Composition, uses, provenance and stability of rocks and ancient mortars in a Theban Tomb in Luxor (Egypt)Cuezva Robleño, Soledad; García-Guinea, Javier  ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Benavente, David; Ivars, Juan; Galán Allué, José Manuel  ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMar-2016Composition, uses, provenance and stability of rocks and ancient mortars in a Theban Tomb in Luxor (Egypt)Cuezva, Soledad ; García-Guinea, Javier  ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; Benavente, David; Ivars, J.; Galán Allué, José Manuel  ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2016Condiciones ambientales de la Sima del Vapor: relación con la Falla de Alhama de Murcia y su actividad tectónica recientePerez López, Raúl; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Martínez-Díaz, J. J. ; Quiles, L.; Bañón, E.; Marcos-Nuez, A.artículo
18openAccessRasilla_et_al_2013_ La_cueva_del_Sidrón_Piloña_Campañas_de_excavacion_e_investigacion_2007_2012.pdf.jpg2013La Cueva de El Sidrón (Piloña). Campañas de Excavación e Investigación 2007-2012.Rasilla, Marco de la; Santamaría, David; Martínez, Lucía ; Duarte, Elsa; Fernández de la Vega, Javier; Suárez, Paloma; Díez, Ana Belén; Martínez, Enrique; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; García Antón, Elena ; Lario, Javier ; Rosas, Antonio  ; Estalrrich, Almudena ; García-Tabernero, Antonio ; Huguet, Rosa ; Bastir, Markus  ; Fernández Cascón, Beatriz; Sesé, Carmen  ; Lalueza-Fox, Carles  ; Silva, Pablo G.; Carrasco, Pedro; Santos, Gabriel; Huerta, Pedro; Rodríguez, Loreto; Picón, Inmaculada; Fernández, Begoña ; Standing, M.; Badal, Ernestina; Tarriño, Antonio; Salazar García, Domingo Carlos; Fortea, Javierartículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2010Dating of the hominid (Homo Neanderthalensis) remains accumulation from El Sidrón cave (piloña, Asturias, North Spain): an example of a multi-methodological approach to the dating of upper pleistocene sitesTorres, Trinidad José de; Julià Brugués, Ramón ; Soler, Vicente ; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Lalueza-Fox, Carles  ; Rosas, Antonio  ; Fortea, Javierartículo
20openAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Definition of Microclimatic Conditions in a Karst Cavity: Rull Cave (Alicante, Spain)Pla, Concepción; Galiana-Merino, J.; Cuevas-González, J.; Andreu, J. M.; Cañaveras, Juan Carlos ; Cuezva, Soledad ; Fernández Cortés, Ángel ; García-Antón, E.; Sánchez Moral, Sergio  ; Benavente, Davidartículo