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Wierzchos, Jacek
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CSIC - Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN)
Biogeoquímica y Ecología Microbiana
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Jacek Wierzchos is a research scientist at the National Museum of Natural History (Spanish National Research Council - CSIC) and earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1990. His main research areas include geomicrobiology, ecology of microorganisms in extreme environments, biodeterioration of historical monuments, electron and photon microscopy, and microanalysis and micropaleontology.
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1openAccessenvmicrob.pdf.jpg2003Acid microenvironments in microbial biofilms of antarctic endolithic microecosystemsRíos, Asunción de los  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
2openAccessAdaptation strategies of endolithic chlorophototrophs.pdf.jpg10-Sep-2015Adaptation strategies of endolithic chlorophototrophs to survive the hyperarid and extreme solar radiation environment of the Atacama DesertWierzchos, Jacek  ; Souza-Egipsy, Virginia  ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
3closedAccessJan-2008Advances in the ultrastructural study of the implant–bone interface by backscattered electron imaging.Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Falcioni, T.; Kiciak, A.; Wolin´ski, J.; Koczorowski, R.; Chomicki, P.; Porembska, M.; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
4openAccessInt Adv Wier.pdf.jpg1995Advantages of application of the backscattered electron scanning image in the determination of soil structure and soil constituentsWierzchos, Jacek  ; García-González, M. T.  ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
5openAccessPM_2015_84_3A_539.pdf.jpg2015Anthropic effect on the lichen colonization in building stones from cultural heritageCámara Gallego, Beatriz ; Álvarez de Buergo, Mónica  ; Fort González, Rafael  ; Souza-Egipsy, Virginia  ; Pérez-Ortega, Sergio; Ríos, Asunción de los  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Application of artificial neural networks as a tool for moisture prediction in microbially colonized halite in the Atacama DesertWierzchos, K.; Cancilla, J.C.; Torrecilla, J.S.; Díaz-Rodríguez, P.; Davila, A.F.; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Nienow, J.; McKay, C.P.; Wierzchos, Jacek  artículo
7openAccessjournal of microscopy 1994.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional.pdf.jpg1994Application of back-scattered electron imaging to the study of the lichen-rock interfaceAscaso, Carmen  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  artículo
8openAccess2005Biomineralization of endolithic microbes in rocks from the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica: implications for microbial fossil formation and their detectionWierzchos, Jacek  ; García Sancho, Leopoldo; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
9openAccessCG_2016_443_22.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2016Biosignatures and microbial fossils in endolithic microbial communities colonizing Ca-sulfate crusts in the Atacama DesertCámara Gallego, Beatriz ; Souza-Egipsy, Virginia  ; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Artieda, Octavio ; Ríos, Asunción de los  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  artículo
10openAccessPNAS.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2001Chains of magnetite crystals in the meteorite ALH84001: Evidence of biological originImre Friedman, E.; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Winklhofer, Michaelartículo
11openAccessjournal of soil science 1992.pdf.jpg1992Changes in microstructure of soils following extraction of organically bonded metals and organic matterWierzchos, Jacek  ; Ascaso, Carmen  ; García-González, M. T.  artículo
12closedAccessembargo.pdf.jpg2002Chemical and ultrastructural features of the lichen-volcanic/sedimentary rock interface in a semiarid region (Almería, Spain)Souza-Egipsy, Virginia  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; García-Ramos, José Vicente ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
13openAccessinternat microbiol13 79-.pdf.jpg2010Comparative analysis of the microbial communities inhabiting halite evaporites of the Atacama DesertRíos, Asunción de los  ; Valea, Sergio ; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Davila, Alfonso F.; Kastovsky, Jan; McKay, Christopher P.; Wierzchos, Jacek  artículo
14openAccessBotanica Acta 2.pdf.jpg1995Cytological Investigations of Lithobiontic Microorganisms in Granitic RocksAscaso, Carmen  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Ríos, Asunción de los  artículo
15openAccess2004ESASP_545___67W.pdf.jpgNov-2004Detecting life traces in extreme cold and dry conditions on earth: possible analogues of life on MarsWierzchos, Jacek  ; Ríos, Asunción de los  ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
16openAccessInt BiodetBiodeg 67- 64-72 (2012) POSTPRINT.pdf.jpg2012Differential effects of biocide treatments on saxicolous communities: Case study of the Segovia cathedral cloister (Spain)Ríos, Asunción de los  ; Pérez-Ortega, Sergio; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
17openAccessDiscovery_Vítek_Art2017.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2017Discovery of carotenoid red-shift in endolithic cyanobacteria from the Atacama DesertVítek, Petr; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Artieda, Octavio ; Casero, María Cristina ; Wierzchos, Jacek  artículo
18openAccessMartin-Gonzalez_et_al_Double fossilization.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2009Double fossilization in eukaryotic microorganisms from Lower Cretaceous amberMartín González, Ana; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos; Alonso, Jesús ; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
19openAccesslichenologist.pdf.jpg2005Ecology of endolithic lichens colonizing granite in continental AntarcticaRíos, Asunción de los  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Green, Allan; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
20openAccessIntBiodBiodeg_2018_126_86-94.pdf.jpg2018Effect of biological colonization on ceramic roofing tiles by lichens and a combined laser and biocide procedure for its removalPeña Poza, Javier ; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Sanz, M. ; Pérez-Ortega, Sergio; Oujja, M.  ; Wierzchos, Jacek  ; Souza-Egipsy, Virginia  ; Cañamares, María Vega  ; Urizal, M.; Castillejo, Marta  ; García Heras, Manuel  artículo