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Almendros Martín, Gonzalo
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CSIC - Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN)
Biogeoquímica y Ecología Microbiana
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Profesor de investigacion del CSIC
Gonzalo Almendros Martín has specialized in the structure and function of organic matter in different soil types, both from the point of view of their molecular characterization, and in its effect on soil productivity and ecosystem functioning. His activities focus on the evaluation and control of environmental impacts in soils and sediments and the analysis of processes with a bearing on global change and carbon sequestration, ecosystem conservation and soil productivity and its regulatory role in the mobility of pollutants and bioelements. The research developed in the Laboratoty of Humus Chemistry grouped into: 1) Origin, structure and function of humic substances [Basic studies on the molecular level]. 2) Ecological study of humification [biogeochemistry in terrestrial ecosystems]. 3) Applied research on humic substances in natural resources and wastes. [Organic matter in the control of soil functioning]. These lines aimed at two complementary objectives: a) To extract environmental information from the molecular characterization of humus. b) To establish functional relationships to explain and to improve the properties of soils.
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1closedAccess199513C and 15N NMR analysis of some fungal melanins in comparison with soil organic matterKnicker, Heike  ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Lüdemann, H.-D.; Martín Martínez, Franciscoartículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg200013C NMR assessment of decomposition patterns during composting of forest and shrub biomassAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Dorado, José ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Blanco Santos, Mª J.; Lankes, U.artículo
3closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg199613C- and 15N-NMR spectroscopic examination of the transformation of organic nitrogen in plant biomass during thermal treatmentKnicker, Heike  ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Martín Martínez, Francisco; Lüdemann, H.-D.artículo
4openAccess13C-NMR of forest soil lipids.pdf.jpg200113C-NMR of forest soil lipidsAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Tinoco, Pilar; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Lüdemann, H.-D.; Sanz Perucha, Jesús ; Velasco de Pedro, F.artículo
5closedAccessAcceso restringido Digital CSIC.pdf.jpgJun-1997A 13C CP/MAS NMR evaluation of the structural changes in wheat straw subjected to different chemical and biological pulping conditionsGuadalix, M. Eugénia; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Martínez, Ángel T.  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Lankes, U.artículo
6openAccessA first approach to the stimation of black carbon.pdf.jpg2004A first approach to the estimation of black carbon production bay forest fires in Andalusian mediterranean forestGonzález-Pérez, José Antonio  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Polvillo, Oliva ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Knicker, Heike  artículo
7closedAccessAcceso restringido Digital CSIC.pdf.jpg2008A new conceptual model for the structural properties of char produced during vegetation firesKnicker, Heike  ; Hilscher, André; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012A worldwide view of organic carbon export from catchmentsÁlvarez Cobelas, Miguel  ; Angeler, D. G.; Sánchez Carrillo, Salvador  ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2003An assessment of soil fertility and agronomic constraints in southern African Savannas: A case study of the Pandamatenga area, BotswanaPardo Fernández, María Teresa ; Ristori, G. G.; D’Acqui, L. P.; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo
10openAccessAn evaluation of the differences.pdf.jpg1987An evaluation of the differences in the composition of humic acids in soils under oak and pine forest by GC-MS after mild degradationGonzález-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Martín Martínez, Franciscoartículo
11closedAccessAnalysis_13C_15N_CPMAS.pdf.jpgApr-1991Analysis of 13C and 15N CPMAS NMR-spectra of soil organic matter and compostsAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Fründ, R.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Haider, K. M.; Knicker, Heike  ; Lüdemann, H.-D.artículo
12openAccessAnalysis of carbon and nitrogen forms in soil fractions.pdf.jpg2004Analysis of carbon and nitrogen forms in soil fractions after the addition of 15N-compost by 13C and 15N nuclear magnetic resonanceTinoco, Pilar; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Lankes, U.; Lüdemann, H.-D.artículo
13openAccessAppraisal of pyrolytic techniques on different.pdf.jpg1998Appraisal of pyrolytic techniques on different forms of organic matter from a Cretaceous basement in Central SpainAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Martín Martínez, Francisco; Sanz Perucha, Jesús ; Álvarez Ramis, Concepciónartículo
14openAccess2007 Poitiers- Hernandez et al 2.pdf.jpg2007Assessment of agro-ecological descriptors responsive to soil quality and carbon sequestration in continental Mediterranean agroecosystemsHernández, Zulimar ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Bello Pérez, Antonio ; Gómez Sal, A.; Piedra-Buena, Anaartículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2001Assessment of molecular descriptors involved in the sorptive interactions of phenoxy-carboxylic herbicides in soil treated with different concentrations of humic acidDorado, José ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo
16closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Assessment of the effects of environmental factors on humification processes by derivative infrared spectroscopy and discriminant analysisFernández-Getino, A. P.; Hernández, Zulimar ; Piedra-Buena, Ana; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo
17openAccessBiodegradación y compostaje de la paja de trigo.pdf.jpgOct-1987Biodegradación y compostaje de la paja de trigo inoculada con Ulocladium AtrumAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Martín Martínez, Francisco; González-Vila, Francisco Javier  ; Martínez, Ángel T.  artículo
18closedAccessembargo.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2010Biofertilization of Degraded Southern African Soils with Cyanobacteria Affects Organic Matter Content and QualityPardo Fernández, María Teresa ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Zancada Fernández, M. Cristina ; López-Fando, Cristina artículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2003Biogeochemical Assessment of Resilient Humus Formations from Virgin and Cultivated Northern Botswana SoilsAlmendros Martín, Gonzalo  ; Kgathi, Donald; Sekhwela, Mogodisheng; Zancada Fernández, M. Cristina ; Tinoco, Pilar; Pardo Fernández, María Teresa artículo
20openAccessj.1475-2743.2010.00282.x BIOGEOCHEMICAL PROXIES.pdf.jpg2010Biogeochemical Proxies of Anthropic Impact in Mediterranean Forest SoilsTinoco, Pilar; Piedra-Buena, Ana; Zancada Fernández, M. Cristina ; Sanz Perucha, Jesús ; Almendros Martín, Gonzalo  artículo