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Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos
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CSIC - Instituto de Robótica e Informática Industrial (IRII)
Automatic Control
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Profesor Agregado
He received his electronics engineering degree and his MSc. degree in industrial automation from the National University of Colombia, Campus Manizales, in 2001 and 2003, respectively. In 2007, he received his Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering from the UPC. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the UPC - ESAII. His main research interests include constrained model predictive control, large-scale systems management (partitioning and non-centralized control), and industrial applications.
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1openAccessDrinking-Water-System.pdf.jpg2017A distributed predictive control approach for periodic flow-based networks: application to drinking water systemsGrosso, J. M.; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Puig, Vicenç  artículo
2openAccessfuel-cell-systems.pdf.jpg2014A gain-scheduled LPV control for oxygen stoichiometry regulation in PEM fuel cell systemsBianchi, Fernando D.; Kunusch, Cristian ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo S.artículo
3openAccessGame Theoretical_Muros.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2018A game theoretical randomized method for large-scale systems partitioningMuros, Francisco Javier; Maestre, Jose Maria; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Algaba, Encarnación; Camacho, Eduardo F.artículo
4openAccessMulti-objective predictive_SiniscalchiMinna.pdf.jpg2018A multi-objective predictive control strategy for enhancing primary frequency support with wind farmsSiniscalchi-Minna, Sara; De-Prada-Gil, Mikel; Bianchi, Fernando D.; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Schutter, Bart deartículo
5openAccess2010Actuator fault-tolerant control based on set separationOcampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Doná, J. A. de; Serón, Maríaartículo
6openAccessActuator-fault Detection.pdf.jpg2014Actuator-fault detection and isolation based on set-theoretic approachesXu, Feng ; Puig, Vicenç  ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Stoican, Florin; Olaru, Sorinartículo
7openAccessairflowPID.pdf.jpg2016Air flow regulation in fuel cells: An efficient design of hybrid fuzzy-PID controlBaroud, Zakaria; Benalia, Attalah; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos artículo
8openAccessAlgebraic Observer-Based_Baroud.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2018Algebraic observer-based output-feedback controller design for a PEM fuel cell air-supply subsystemZakaria, Baroud; Noureddine, Gazzam; Atallah, Benalia; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos artículo
9openAccess2013Application of predictive control strategies to the management of complex networks in the urban water cycle [Applications of control]Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Puig, Vicenç  ; Cembrano, Gabriela  ; Quevedo, Josebaartículo
10openAccessAtomicity_Fletscher.pdf.jpgDec-2018Atomicity and non-anonymity in population-like games for the energy efficiency of hybrid-power HetNetsFletscher, Luis A.; Barreiro-Gómez, Julian ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Valencia Peroni, Catalina; Maestre, Jose Mariaartículo
11openAccesscentralwatermanage.pdf.jpg2018Centralized and distributed command governor approaches for water supply systems managementTedesco, Francesco; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Casavola, Alessandro; Puig, Vicenç  artículo
12openAccessDrinking-Water-Networks.pdf.jpg2014Chance-constrained model predictive control for drinking water networksGrosso, J. M.; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Puig, Vicenç  ; Joseph-Duran, Bernat artículo
13openAccess2014Closed-loop actuator-fault detection and isolation using set tubes and invariant setsXu, Feng ; Puig, Vicenç  ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Stoican, Florin; Olaru, Sorinartículo
14openAccessConstrained-Distributed.pdf.jpg2016Constrained distributed optimization: A population dynamics approachBarreiro-Gómez, Julian ; Quijano, Nicanor; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos artículo
15openAccessControlfuel-cellapplications.pdf.jpg2017Control-oriented model of a membrane humidifier for fuel cell applicationsSolsona Alarcón, Miguel; Kunusch, Cristian ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos artículo
16openAccessfuel-cell-based-systems.pdf.jpg2015Control-oriented thermal modeling methodology for water-cooled PEM fuel-cell-based systemsRojas, J. D.; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Kunusch, Cristian ; Puig, Vicenç  artículo
17openAccessData-driven_OcampoMartinez.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2018Data-driven fault diagnosis and robust control: Application to PEM fuel cell systemsOcampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo S.; Bianchi, Fernando D.; Ingimundarson, Ariartículo
18openAccess2011Design and implementation of LQR/LQG strategies for oxygen stoichiometry control in PEM fuel cells based systemsNiknezhadi, Ali; Allué, Miguel; Kunusch, Cristian ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos artículo
19openAccessDesign of optimization.pdf.jpg2012Design of optimization-based controllers applied to an ethanol steam reformer for hydrogen productionRecio-Garrido, D.; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Serra, Maria  artículo
20openAccessDynaMPCApp.pdf.jpg2017Dynamical tuning for MPC using population games: A water supply network applicationBarreiro-Gómez, Julian ; Ocampo-Martinez, Carlos ; Quijano, Nicanorartículo