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Porta, Josep M.
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CSIC - Instituto de Robótica e Informática Industrial (IRII)
Kinematics and Robot Design
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Josep M. Porta received the degree in Computer Science in 1994, and the Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2001, both from the UPC. From 2001 to 2003 he held a postdoctoral position at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, he is an Associate Researcher at the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial and his research interests include planning under uncertainty and computational kinematics. Currently he is Associate Editor of the IEEE TRO
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1openAccessabayesianimage.pdf.jpg2016A Bayesian approach to simultaneously recover camera pose and non-rigid shape from monocular imagesMoreno-Noguer, Francesc  ; Porta, Josep M.  artículo
2openAccessA branch-and-prune.pdf.jpg2005A branch-and-prune solver for distance constraintsPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  ; Torras, Carme  artículo
3openAccesscontrol structure for the locomotion.pdf.jpg1998A control structure for the locomotion of a legged robot on difficult terrainCelaya, Enric  ; Porta, Josep M.  artículo
4openAccessA Convolutional Neural Network_Bazaga.pdf.jpgDec-2019A Convolutional Neural Network for the automatic diagnosis of collagen VI-related muscular dystrophiesBazaga, Adrián; Roldán, Mònica; Badosa, Carmen; Jiménez-Mallebrera, Cecilia; Porta, Josep M.  artículo
5openAccess2019A fast branch-and-prune algorithm for the position analysis of spherical mechanismsShabani, Arya; Sarabandi, Soheil; Porta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
6openAccessSingularity-Sets.pdf.jpg2014A general method for the numerical computation of manipulator singularity setsBohigas, Oriol ; Zlatanov, Dimiter; Ros, Lluís  ; Manubens, Montserrat ; Porta, Josep M.  artículo
7openAccessA linear relaxation.pdf.jpg2009A linear relaxation technique for the position analysis of multiloop linkagesPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
8openAccessA matrix-based approach.pdf.jpg2006A matrix-based approach to the image moment problemMartínez Bauza, Judit; Porta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
9openAccess2011Amortized constant time state estimation in Pose SLAM and hierarchical SLAM using a mixed Kalman-information filterIla, Viorela ; Porta, Josep M.  ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo
10openAccessBox_approximations.pdf.jpgApr-2007Box approximations of planar linkage configuration spacesPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Creemers, Tom ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
11openAccessClosed-Trusses.pdf.jpg2017Closed-form position analysis of variable geometry trussesPorta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
12openAccessComplete maps of molecular.pdf.jpg2007Complete maps of molecular-loop conformational spacesPorta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  ; Thomas, Federico  ; Corcho, Francesc J.; Cantó, Josep; Pérez, Juan Jesúsartículo
13openAccessConcise proof of Tienstra.pdf.jpg2009Concise proof of Tienstra's formulaPorta, Josep M.  ; Thomas, Federico  artículo
14openAccess2013Efficient asymptotically-optimal path planning on manifoldsJaillet, Léonard ; Porta, Josep M.  artículo
15openAccess2013Exploring the energy landscapes of flexible molecular loops using higher-dimensional continuationPorta, Josep M.  ; Jaillet, Léonard artículo
16openAccessFurther characterization of the zebrafish model of acrylamide acute.pdf.jpg8-May-2019Further characterization of the zebrafish model of acrylamide acute neurotoxicity: gait abnormalities and oxidative stressFaria, Melissa ; Valls, Arnau; Prats, Eva ; Bedrossiantz, Juliette ; Orozco, Manuel; Porta, Josep M.  ; Gómez-Oliván, Leobardo Manuel; Raldúa, Demetrio  artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Grasp optimization under specific contact constraintsRosales, Carlos ; Porta, Josep M.  ; Ros, Lluís  artículo
18openAccessInformation-based compact.pdf.jpg2010Information-based compact Pose SLAMIla, Viorela ; Porta, Josep M.  ; Andrade-Cetto, Juan  artículo
19openAccessPath-planning.pdf.jpg2016Path planning for active tensegrity structuresPorta, Josep M.  ; Hernàndez, Sergiartículo
20closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Path planning under kinematic constraints by rapidly exploring manifoldsJaillet, Léonard ; Porta, Josep M.  artículo