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Tena, Noelia
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CSIC - Instituto de la Grasa (IG)
Caracterización y Calidad de Lípidos. Grupo: Trazabilidad y calidad de alimentos (SEXIA)
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Trazabilidad y calidad de alimentos.
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1openAccessGYA_2016_V67_e157.pdf.jpg2016A neuroimaging study of pleasant and unpleasant olfactory perceptions of virgin olive oilVivancos, J.; Tena, Noelia  ; Morales, M.T.; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
2openAccessGrasasAceites_V63_e210.pdf.jpgJun-2017A study of the differences between trade standards inside and outside EuropeGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Romero, Inmaculada; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Morales, M. T.; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
3closedAccess1-Jun-2011Authentication of organic and conventional eggs by carotenoid profilingRuth, Saskia van; Alewijn, Martin; Rogers, Karyne; Newton-Smith, Elizabeht; Tena, Noelia  ; Bollen, Mirkro; Koot, Alexartículo
4openAccessGrasasYAceites_2019_V70_e329.pdf.jpg22-Jul-2019Characterization of different ozonized sunflower oils I. Chemical changes during ozonizationLedea-Lozano, O. E.; Fernández-García, L. A.; Gil-Ibarra, D.; Tena, Noelia  ; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael  ; Martínez-Force, Enrique  ; Salas, Joaquín J.  artículo
5closedAccessJan-2012Chemical changes of thermoxidized virgin olive oil determined by excitation-emission fluorescence spectroscopy (EEFS)Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
6openAccess591.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2009Contributing to interpret sensory attributes qualifying Iberian hams from the volatile profileGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
7openAccessDenominaciones_origen.pdf.jpg2012Describing chemical singularity of Spanish protected designations of origin of virgin olive oils in relation to oils from neighbouring areasTena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
8openAccess420.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2007Evaluation of the methods based on triglycerides and sterols for the detection of hazelnut oil in olive oilGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Viera, María; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
9closedAccess25-Nov-2009Evaluation of virgin olive oil thermal deterioration by fluorescence spectroscopyTena, Noelia  ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
10openAccess2015Identification of botanical and geographical origin of distillers dried grains with solubles by near infrared microscopyTena, Noelia  ; Boix, Ana; Holst, Christoph vonartículo
11closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015In-depth assessment of analytical methods for olive oil purity, safety, and quality characterizationTena, Noelia  ; Wang, Selina C.; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio, Ramónartículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Origin authentication of distillers' dried grains and solubles (DDGS)--application and comparison of different analytical strategies.Vermeulen, Philippe; Nietner, V; Haughey, Simon A.; Yang, Zengling; Tena, Noelia  ; Chmelarova, Hana; Ruth, Saskia van; Tomaniova, Monika; Boix, Ana; Han, Lujia; Elliott, Christopher T.; Baeten, Vincent; Fauhl-Hassek, Carstenartículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016Phenolic profile of virgin olive oils with and without sensory defects: Oils with non-oxidative defects exhibit a considerable concentration of phenolsAparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Oliver-Pozo, Celia; Tena, Noelia  ; Morales, M.T.; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018PhotooxidationEffect in Liquid Lipid Matrices: Answers from an Innovative FTIR Spectroscopy Strategy with >mesh Cell> IncubationTena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
15openAccessGrasas_Aceites_2017_V68_e219.pdf.jpg2017Predicting extra virgin olive oil freshness during storage by fluorescence spectroscopyAparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Tena, Noelia  ; Romero del Río, Inmaculada ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Morales, M. T.artículo
16closedAccess28-Jul-2010Quality Characterization of the New Virgin Olive Oil Var. Sikitita by Phenols and Volatile CompoundsGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Real time monitoring of the combined effect of chlorophyll content and light filtering packaging on virgin olive oil photo-stability using mesh cell-FTIR spectroscopyTrypidis, Dimitrios; García-González, Diego L.  ; Lobo Prieto, Ana; Nenadis, Nikolaos; Tsimidou, Maria Z.; Tena, Noelia  artículo
18openAccess2014Sensor responses to fat food aroma: A comprehensive study of dry-cured ham typicalityGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
19closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2009Thermal Deterioration of Virgin Olive Oil Monitored by ATR-FTIR Analysis of Trans ContentTena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
20openAccessGrasas_Y_Aceites_2014_65.pdf.jpg2014Use of polar and nonpolar fractions as additional information sources for studying thermoxidized virgin olive oils by FTIRTena, Noelia  ; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo