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García-González, Diego L.
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CSIC - Instituto de la Grasa (IG)
Caracterización y Calidad de Lípidos. Grupo: Trazabilidad y calidad de alimentos (SEXIA)
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Trazabilidad y calidad de alimentos.
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1openAccessGrasasAceites_V63_e210.pdf.jpgJun-2017A study of the differences between trade standards inside and outside EuropeGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Romero, Inmaculada; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Morales, M. T.; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2015Analysis of Volatile Markers for Virgin Olive Oil Aroma Defects by SPME-GC/FID: Possible Sources of Incorrect DataOliver-Pozo, Celia; Aparicio-Ruiz, Ramón; Romero, Inmaculada; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
3openAccessPostprint_2018_EJLST_Aparicio.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2018Andalusian Protected Designations of Origin of Virgin Olive Oil: The Role of Chemical Composition in Their AuthenticationAparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Lobo Prieto, Ana; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
4openAccessPostprint_2017_FoodChem_V230_P108.pdf.jpgSep-2017Characterization and authentication of Spanish PDO wine vinegars using multidimensional fluorescence and chemometricsRíos Reina, Rocío; Elcoroaristizabal, Saioa; Ocaña-González, Juan A.; García-González, Diego L.  ; Amigo, José M.; Callejón, Raquel M.artículo
5closedAccessJan-2012Chemical changes of thermoxidized virgin olive oil determined by excitation-emission fluorescence spectroscopy (EEFS)Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
6openAccessOCL_2014_D506.pdf.jpg2014Chemical characterization of organic and non-organic virgin olive oilsGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Morales, María Teresaartículo
7closedAccess22-Dec-2010Comparative study of virgin olive oil quality from single varieties cultivated in Chile and SpainGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Romero, Nalda; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
8embargoedAccessPostprint_2018_Talanta_V187_P133.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2018Comparison of two analytical methods validated for the determination of volatile compounds in virgin olive oil: GC-FID vs GC-MSAparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Morales, M. T.; Lobo Prieto, Ana; Romero, Inmaculadaartículo
9openAccess591.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2009Contributing to interpret sensory attributes qualifying Iberian hams from the volatile profileGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
10closedAccess15-May-2010Coupling MOS sensors and gas chromatography to interpret the sensor responses to complex food aroma: Application to virgin olive oilGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
11openAccessDenominaciones_origen.pdf.jpg2012Describing chemical singularity of Spanish protected designations of origin of virgin olive oils in relation to oils from neighbouring areasTena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Does >best before> date embody extra-virgin olive oil freshness?Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
13openAccess420.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2007Evaluation of the methods based on triglycerides and sterols for the detection of hazelnut oil in olive oilGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Viera, María; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
14closedAccess25-Nov-2009Evaluation of virgin olive oil thermal deterioration by fluorescence spectroscopyTena, Noelia  ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
15openAccess2015Geographical traceability of virgin olive oils from south-western Spain by their multi-elemental compositionBeltrán, María; Sánchez-Astudillo, María; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  artículo
16openAccessmolecules-24-01044.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2019In House Validated UHPLC Protocol for the Determination of the Total Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol Content in Virgin Olive Oil Fit for the Purpose of the Health Claim Introduced by the EC Regulation 432/2012 for “Olive Oil Polyphenols”Tsimidou, Maria Z.; Sotiroglou, Michaela; Mastralexi, Aspasia; Nenadis, Nikolaos; García-González, Diego L.  ; Gallina Toschi, Tulliaartículo
17closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015In-depth assessment of analytical methods for olive oil purity, safety, and quality characterizationTena, Noelia  ; Wang, Selina C.; Aparicio-Ruiz, R. ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Aparicio, Ramónartículo
18closedAccess28-Sep-2011Mapping brain activity induced by olfaction of virgin olive oil aromaGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Vivancos, Jorge; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo
19openAccessGrasas_Aceites_2017_V68_e219.pdf.jpg2017Predicting extra virgin olive oil freshness during storage by fluorescence spectroscopyAparicio-Ruiz, R. ; Tena, Noelia  ; Romero del Río, Inmaculada ; Aparicio López, Ramón  ; García-González, Diego L.  ; Morales, M. T.artículo
20closedAccess28-Jul-2010Quality Characterization of the New Virgin Olive Oil Var. Sikitita by Phenols and Volatile CompoundsGarcía-González, Diego L.  ; Tena, Noelia  ; Aparicio López, Ramón  artículo