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1openAccessenological_repercussions_non-saccharomyces_species.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2019Enological Repercussions of Non-Saccharomyces SpeciesAranda, Agustín  artículo
2closedAccessApr-2004Exposure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Acetaldehyde Induces Sulfur Amino Acid Metabolism and Polyamine Transporter Genes, Which Depend on Met4p and Haa1p Transcription Factors, RespectivelyAranda, Agustín  ; Olmo, Marcel.lí delartículo
3openAccess1475-2859-12-1-S1.PDF.jpg2-Jan-2013Genetic manipulation of longevity-related genes as a tool to regulate yeast life span and metabolite production during winemakingOrozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
4openAccess10261_143710.pdf.jpg2016Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition)Klionsky, Daniel J.; Coll, Núria S.; Aldudo Jesús; Izquierdo, José M. ; Pantazopoulou, Areti ; Oeste, Clara L. ; Hilfiker, Sabine; Oliver, Francisco Javier; Gotor, Cecilia  ; Pérez-Pérez, María Esther  ; Mollinedo, Faustino ; Lazo, Pedro A.  ; Varela-Nieto, Isabel  ; Martín-Sanz, Paloma  ; Valverde, Ángela M.; Aranda, Agustín  ; Orozco, Helena ; Triola Guillem, Gemma ; Fernández-Checa, José C. ; García-Ruiz, Carmen  ; González-Cabo, Pilar ; Villar, Margarita ; Gargini, Ricardo ; Miranda-Vizuete, Antonio artículo
5openAccessherbicdferment.pdf.jpg2017Herbicide glufosinate inhibits yeast growth and extends longevity during wine fermentationVallejo, Beatriz; Picazo, Cecilia ; Orozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
6openAccessjournal_pone_0117267.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Interplay among Gcn5, Sch9 and Mitochondria during Chronological Aging of Wine Yeast Is Dependent on Growth ConditionsPicazo, Cecilia ; Orozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
7openAccessnonproduct.pdf.jpg2018Non-canonical regulation of glutathione and trehalose biosynthesis characterizes non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts with poor performance in active dry yeast productionGamero-Sandemetrio, Esther; Payá-Tormo, Lucía; Gómez Pastor, Rocío ; Aranda, Agustín  ; Matallana, Emilia artículo
8openAccessAranda-AEM 2012.pdf.jpg2012Oxidative stress tolerance, adenylate cyclase, and autophagy are key players in the chronological life span of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during winemakingOrozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
9openAccessCell Mol Biol Lett 2012-017-00393.pdf.jpg18-May-2012Phylogenetic origin and transcriptional regulation at the post-diauxic phase of SPI1, in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeCardona, Fernando  ; Del Olmo,; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
10openAccessyeastcytosol.pdf.jpg2019Saccharomyces cerevisiae cytosolic thioredoxins control glycolysis, lipid metabolism, and protein biosynthesis under wine-making conditionsPicazo, Cecilia ; McDonagh, Brian; Peinado, José; Bárcena, José A.; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
1112934_2020_Article_1381.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2020Saccharomyces cerevisiae nutrient signaling pathways show an unexpected early activation pattern during winemakingVallejo, Beatriz; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
12openAccesssch9wine.pdf.jpg2017Sch9p kinase and the Gcn4p transcription factor regulate glycerol production during winemakingVallejo, Beatriz; Orozco, Helena ; Picazo, Cecilia ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
13openAccessCardona - Archives Microbiol-2011.pdf.jpg2011The Saccharomyces cerevisiae flavodoxin-like proteins Ycp4 and Rfs1 play a role in stress response and in the regulation of genes related to metabolismCardona, Fernando  ; Orozco, Helena ; Friant, Sylvie; Aranda, Agustín  ; Del Olmo, Marcel.liartículo
14openAccess1475-2859-11-104-S3.PDF.jpg8-Aug-2012Two-carbon metabolites, polyphenols and vitamins influence yeast chronological life span in winemaking conditionsOrozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
15openAccessOrozco-MAD-2012.pdf.jpg2012Wine yeast sirtuins and Gcn5p control aging and metabolism in a natural growth mediumOrozco, Helena ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo
16openAccessfermentation-05-00037-v2.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2019Yeast Life Span and its Impact on Food FermentationsAranda, Agustín  ; Orozco, Helena ; Picazo, Cecilia ; Matallana, Emilia artículo
17openAccessyeastproces.pdf.jpg2018Yeast thioredoxin reductase Trr1p controls TORC1-regulated processesPicazo, Cecilia ; Matallana, Emilia ; Aranda, Agustín  artículo