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Dréau, G. le
Centro o Instituto:
CSIC - Instituto de Biología Molecular de Barcelona (IBMB)
Developmental Biology (DB). Grupo: Morphogenesis of the vertebrate nervous system
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Postdoctoral Researcher (AECC AIO2014)
Development of the Spinal Cord in health and disease
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1closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Canonical BMP7 activity is required for the generation of discrete neuronal populations in the dorsal spinal cordDréau, G. le  ; Garcia-Campmany, Lidia; Rabadán, M. Angeles ; Ferronha, Tiago; Tozer, Samuel; Briscoe, James; Martí, Elisa  artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Dorsal-ventral patterning of the neural tube: a tale of three signalsDréau, G. le  ; Martí, Elisa  artículo
3openAccessE proteins_Dreau.pdf.jpg10-Aug-2018E proteins sharpen neurogenesis by modulating proneural bHLH transcription factors’ activity in an E-box-dependent mannerDréau, G. le  ; Escalona, René; Fueyo, Raquel; Herrera, Antonio ; Martínez, Juan D. ; Usieto, Susana  ; Menendez, Anghara  ; Pons, Sebastián  ; Martínez-Balbás, Marian  ; Martí, Elisa  artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Hedgehog activation is required upstream of Wnt signalling to control neural progenitor proliferationÁlvarez-Medina, Roberto ; Dréau, G. le  ; Ros, María A. ; Martí, Elisa  artículo
5openAccessJagged2_controls_the_generation.pdf.jpg2012Jagged2 controls the generation of motor neuron and oligodendrocyte progenitors in the ventral spinal cordRabadán, M. Angeles ; Cayuso, Jordi; Dréau, G. le  ; Cruz, Catarina; Barzi, Mercedes; Pons, Sebastián  ; Briscoe, James; Martí, Elisa  artículo
6openAccessLMO4.pdf.jpg2013LMO4 is an essential cofactor in the Snail2-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of neuroblastoma and neural crest cellsFerronha, Tiago; Rabadán, M. Angeles ; Gil-Guiñón, Estel; Dréau, G. le  ; Torres, Carmen de; Martí, Elisa  artículo
7closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010NOV/CCN3 upregulates CCL2 and CXCL1 expression in astrocytes through β1 and β5 integrinsDréau, G. le  ; Martinerie, Cécileartículo
8openAccessSonic hedgehog.pdf.jpg2013Sonic hedgehog signaling switches the mode of division in the developing nervous systemSaade, Murielle  ; Gutiérrez-Vallejo, Irene ; Dréau, G. le  ; Rabadán, M. Angeles ; Míguez, David G. ; Buceta, Javier; Martí, Elisa  artículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Temporal and spatial expression of CCN3 during retina developmentLaurent, Maryvonne; Dréau, G. le  ; Guillonneau, Xavier; Lelièvre, Elise; Slembrouck, Amélie; Goureau, Olivier; Martinerie, Cécile; Marx, Mariaartículo
10closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Temporal control of BMP signalling determines neuronal subtype identity in the dorsal neural tubeTozer, Samuel; Dréau, G. le  ; Martí, Elisa  ; Briscoe, Jamesartículo
11closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013The multiple activities of BMPs during spinal cord developmentDréau, G. le  ; Martí, Elisa  artículo
12openAccessLe-Dreau-JCellBiol-2014-v204-p591.pdf.jpg10-Feb-2014The strength of SMAD1/5 activity determines the mode of stem cell division in the developing spinal cordDréau, G. le  ; Saade, Murielle  ; Gutiérrez-Vallejo, Irene ; Martí, Elisa  artículo