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Simó, Rafel
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CSIC - Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM)
Biología Marina
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Profesor Investigación
I am interested in marine biogeochemistry and ocean biosphere-atmosphere interactions, particularly within the sulfur cycle. For over 15 years I have been investigating the biological and environmental actors that govern the production and emission of dimethylsulfide. This has recently brought me into photobiological research and into trying to reproduce realistic light fields when experimentally exposing plankton communitites to solar radiation. On the upper side of the ocean-atmosphere interface, I am interested in the production of primary and secondary aerosols and their effects on clouds. For my research I make use of a broad array of methodologies, from “single-cell biogeochemistry” based on molecular biology techniques, through plankton ecology and physiology, all the way up to satellite analyses of the global ocean and atmosphere. I have conducted fieldwork in the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic, the tropical Pacific, the Southern Indian, the Arctic and Antarctica.
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1openAccessLe_Clainche_et_al_2010.pdf.jpgSep-2010A first appraisal of prognostic ocean DMS models and prospects for their use in climate modelsLe Clainche, Yvonnick; Vallina, Sergio M. ; Simó, Rafel  artículo
2openAccessRoyer_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgAug-2016A high-resolution time-depth view of dimethylsulphide cycling in the surface seaRoyer, S.-J. ; Galí, Martí ; Mahajan, A.S.; Ross, Oliver N. ; Pérez, G.L.; Saltzman, Eric S.; Simó, Rafel  artículo
3openAccessGali_et_al_2015.pdf.jpgApr-2015A meta-analysis of oceanic DMS and DMSP cycling processes: Disentangling the summer paradoxGalí, Martí ; Simó, Rafel  artículo
4openAccessDallOsto_et_al_2018.pdf.jpgOct-2018Abiotic and biotic sources influencing spring new particle formation in North East GreenlandDall'Osto, Manuel  ; Simó, Rafel  ; Harrison, Roy M.; Beddows, D.C.S.; Saiz-Lopez, A. ; Lange, R.; Nøjgaard, J.K.; Nielsen, I.E.; Massling, A.artículo
5closedAccessOct-2012An original mode of symbiosis in open ocean planktonDecelle, Johan; Probert, Ian; Bittner, Lucie; Desdevises, Yves; Colin, Sebastien; Vargas, Colomban de ; Galí, Martí ; Simó, Rafel  ; Not, Fabrice artículo
6openAccessLana_et_al_2011.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2011An updated climatology of surface dimethlysulfide concentrations and emission fluxes in the global oceanLana, Arantxa ; Simó, Rafel  ; Ballabrera-Poy, Joaquim  ; Dachs, Jordi ; Liss, Peter S.artículo
7openAccessVallina_et_al_2007.pdf.jpgJul-2007Analysis of a potential "solar radiation dose—dimethylsulfide—cloud condensation nuclei" link from globally mapped seasonal correlationsVallina, Sergio M. ; Simó, Rafel  ; Gassó, S.; Boyer-Montégut, C. de; Río, Evilio del ; Jurado, Elena ; Dachs, Jordi artículo
8closedAccessOct-2007An annual cycle of dimethylsulfoniopropionate-sulfur and leucine assimilating bacterioplankton in the coastal NW MediterraneanVila-Costa, Maria ; Pinhassi, Jarone; Alonso, Cecilia; Pernthaler, Jakob; Simó, Rafel  artículo
9openAccessSimo_et_al_2009.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2009Annual DMSP contribution to S and C fluxes through phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in a NW Mediterranean coastal siteSimó, Rafel  ; Vila-Costa, Maria ; Alonso-Sáez, Laura ; Cardelús, Clara  ; Guadayol, Òscar ; Vázquez-Domínguez, Evaristo ; Gasol, Josep M.  artículo
10openAccessRuiz_Gonzalez_et_al_2012.pdf.jpgSep-2012Annual variability in light modulation of bacterial heterotrophic activity in surface northwestern Mediterranean watersRuiz-González, Clara  ; Galí, Martí ; Lefort, Thomas ; Cardelús, Clara  ; Simó, Rafel  ; Gasol, Josep M.  artículo
11openAccessDallOsto_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgJul-2017Antarctic sea ice region as a source of biogenic organic nitrogen in aerosolsDall'Osto, Manuel  ; Cortes, Pau ; Zamanillo Campos, Marina ; Nunes, Sdena ; Ortega-Retuerta, E. ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Vaqué, Dolors  ; Marrasé, Cèlia  ; Estrada, Marta  ; Sala, M. Montserrat  ; Simó, Rafel  artículo
12closedAccessJul-2019Arctic Primary Aerosol Production Strongly Influenced by Riverine Organic MatterPark, Jiyeon; Dall'Osto, Manuel  ; Park, Kihog; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Park, Jongkwan; Park, Ki-Tae; Hwang, Chung Yeon; Jang, Gwang Il; Gim, Yeontae; Kang, Sujin; Park, Sanghun; Jin, Yong Keun; Yum, Seong Soo; Simó, Rafel  ; Jun Yoon, Youngartículo
13openAccessDallOsto_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgJun-2017Arctic sea ice melt leads to atmospheric new particle formationDall'Osto, Manuel  ; Simó, Rafel  ; Harrison, Roy M.artículo
14openAccessSotomaryor_et_al_2020_suppl.pdf.jpgJul-2020Assessing Viral Abundance and Community Composition in Four Contrasting Regions of the Southern OceanSotomayor Garcia, Ana; Sala, M. Montserrat  ; Ferrera, Isabel ; Estrada, Marta  ; Vázquez-Domínguez, Evaristo ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Cortes, Pau ; Marrasé, Cèlia  ; Ortega-Retuerta, E. ; Nunes, Sdena ; Castillo, Yaiza  ; Serrano Cuerva, María; Sebastián, Marta ; Dall'Osto, Manuel  ; Simó, Rafel  ; Vaqué, Dolors  artículo
15closedAccessNov-2008Atmospheric deposition of organic and black carbon to the global oceansJurado, Elena ; Dachs, Jordi ; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Simó, Rafel  artículo
16closedAccess29-Sep-2004Atmospheric dry deposition of persistent organic pollutants to the Atlantic and inferences for the global oceansJurado, Elena ; Jaward, Foday M.; Lohmann, Rainer; Jones, Kevin C.; Simó, Rafel  ; Dachs, Jordi artículo
17openAccessRuiz_et_al_2013.pdf.jpgMay-2013Away from darkness: A review on the effects of solar radiation on heterotrophic bacterioplankton activityRuiz-González, Clara  ; Simó, Rafel  ; Sommaruga, Rubén; Gasol, Josep M.  artículo
18closedAccessAug-2016Bio-optical characterization of offshore NW Mediterranean waters: CDOM contribution to the absorption budget and diffuse attenuation of downwelling irradiancePérez, G.L.; Galí, Martí ; Royer, S.-J. ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Gasol, Josep M.  ; Marrasé, Cèlia  ; Simó, Rafel  artículo
19openAccessSimo_et_al_2000.pdf.jpgSep-2000Biological turnover of DMS, DMSP and DMSO in contrasting open-sea watersSimó, Rafel  ; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos ; Malin, Gillian; Grimalt, Joan O.  artículo
20closedAccessDec-2016CDOM Sources and Photobleaching Control Quantum Yields for Oceanic DMS PhotolysisGalí, Martí ; Marrasé, Cèlia  ; Simó, Rafel  artículo