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Coll, Marta
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My research focuses on understanding patterns and processes that characterize marine ecosystems and, in particular, changes of, and threats to, marine biodiversity. I study population, community and food-web dynamics linked with human activities (such as fisheries, climate change, eutrophication, and invasive species), and how these translate into changes in ecosystem structure and functioning, and services that humans obtain from the ocean. I develop and apply a variety of ecological analyses such as ecosystem modelling techniques and statistical tools, and I use historical data, fisheries statistics, experimental results and field data sets.
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Subject:  Climate change

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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessColl_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgOct-2020Advancing Global Ecological Modeling Capabilities to Simulate Future Trajectories of Change in Marine EcosystemsColl, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Buszowski, Joe; Kaschner, Kristin; Lotze, Heike K.; Rousseau, Yannick; Tittensor, Derek P.; Walters, Carl J.; Watson, Reg; Christensen, Villyartículo
2openAccessTovar_et_al_2019_postprint.pdf.jpgFeb-2020Assessing drivers of tropical and subtropical marine fish collapses of Brazilian Exclusive Economic ZoneTovar Verba, Julia; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Lopes, Priscila F.M.artículo
3closedAccessOct-2013Assessing the trophic position and ecological role of squids in marine ecosystems by means of food-web modelsColl, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Navarro, Joan CSIC ORCID ; Olson, Robert J.; Christensen, Villyartículo
4openAccessRamirez_et_al_2022.pdf.jpgNov-2022Climate and fishing simultaneously impact small pelagic fish in the oceans around the southernmost tip of AfricaRamírez Benítez, Francisco CSIC ORCID CVN ; Shannon, Lynne J.; van der Lingen, Carl D.; Julià Melis, Laura CSIC ORCID; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID artículo
5openAccessPennino_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgJul-2020Current and Future Influence of Environmental Factors on Small Pelagic Fish Distributions in the Northwestern Mediterranean SeaPennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Albo Puigserver, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Fernández Corredor, Elena CSIC ORCID; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Giráldez, Ana; González, María; Esteban, Antonio; Bellido, José M.artículo
6openAccessHeneghan_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgNov-2021Disentangling diverse responses to climate change among global marine ecosystem modelsHeneghan, Ryan F.; Galbraith, Eric D.; Blanchard, Julia L.; Harrison, Cheryl; Barrier, Nicolas; Bulman, Catherine; Cheung, William W.L.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Eddy, Tyler D.; Erauskin‐Extramiana, Maite; Everett, Jason D.; Fernandes-Salvador, José A.; Gascuel, Didier; Guiet, Jerome; Maury, Olivier; Palacios-Abrantes, Juliano; Petrik, Colleen M.; Pontavice, Hubert du; Richardson, Anthony J.; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Tai, Travis C.; Volkholz, Jan; Woodworth-Jefcoats, Phoebe A.; Tittensor, Derek P.artículo
7openAccessEspasandin_et_al_2024.pdf.jpg2024Distributional range shift of a marine fish relates to a geographical gradient of emotions among recreational fishersEspasandín Soneira, Lucía CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Sbragaglia, Valerio CSIC ORCID artículo
8openAccessJan-2022Effects of environmental conditions and jellyfish blooms on small pelagic fish and fisheries from the Western Mediterranean SeaBáez, José Carlos CSIC ORCID; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Albo Puigserver, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Giráldez, Ana; Bellido, José M.artículo
9openAccessColl_2020.pdf.jpgDec-2020Environmental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic from a (marine) ecological perspectiveColl, Marta CSIC ORCID artículo
10openAccessOfir_et_al_2023.pdf.jpgJul-2023Evaluation of fisheries management policies in the alien species-rich Eastern Mediterranean under climate changeOfir, Eyal; Corrales, Xavier; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Heymans, Johanna J.; Goren, Menachem; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Amitai, Yael; Shachar, Noam; Gal, Gideonartículo
11openAccessOuled_et_al_2022.pdf.jpgOct-2022Fisheries-enhanced pressure on Mediterranean regions and pelagic species already impacted by climate changeOuled-Cheikh, Jazel CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Cardona, Luis; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Ramírez Benítez, Francisco CSIC ORCID CVN artículo
12closedAccessMar-2014From projected species distribution to food-web structure under climate changeAlbouy, Camille; Velez, Laure; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Colloca, Francesco; le Loc´H, François; Mouillot, David; Gravel, Dominiqueartículo
13openAccessCorrales_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017Hindcasting the dynamics of an Eastern Mediterranean marine ecosystem under the impacts of multiple stressorsCorrales, Xavier; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Ofir, Eyal; Piroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Goren, Menachem; Edelist, Dor; Heymans, Johanna J.; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Christensen, Villy; Gal, Gideonartículo
14openAccessRamirez_et_al_2022.pdf.jpgAug-2022Overfishing species on the move may burden seafood provision in the low-latitude Atlantic OceanRamírez Benítez, Francisco CSIC ORCID CVN ; Shannon, Lynne J.; Angelini, Ronaldo; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID artículo
15openAccessAgiadi_et_al_2023.pdf.jpgJan-2023Palaeontological evidence for community-level decrease in mesopelagic fish size during Pleistocene climate warming in the eastern MediterraneanAgiadi, Konstantina; Quillévéré, Frédéric; Nawrot, Rafal; Sommeville, Theo; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Koskeridou, Efterpi; Fietzke, Jan; Zuschin, Martinartículo
16openAccessSbragaglia_et_al_2022_postprint.pdf.jpgJun-2022Recreational angling and spearfishing on social media: insights on harvesting patterns, social engagement and sentiments related to the distributional range shift of a marine invasive speciesSbragaglia, Valerio CSIC ORCID ; Espasandín Soneira, Lucía CSIC ORCID; Coco, Salvatore; Felici, Alberto; Correia, Ricardo A.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Arlinghaus, Robertartículo
17closedAccess4-May-2010Relating marine ecosystem indicators to fishing and environmental drivers: an elucidation of contrasting responsesLink, Jason S.; Yemane, Dawit; Shannon, Lynne J.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Hill, Louize; Borges, María de Fátimaartículo
18openAccessAntoniou_et_al_2023.pdf.jpgApr-2023Sardines at a junction: Seascape genomics reveals ecological and oceanographic drivers of variation in the NW Mediterranean SeaAntoniou, Aglaia; Manousaki, Tereza; Ramírez Benítez, Francisco CSIC ORCID CVN ; Cariani, Alessia; Cannas, Rita; Kasapidis, Panagiotis; Magoulas, Antonios; Albo Puigserver, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Lloret Lloret, Elena CSIC ORCID ; Bellido, José M.; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Follesa, Maria Cristina; Esteban, Antonio; Saraux, Claire; Sbrana, Mario; Spedicato, Maria Teresa; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Tsigenopoulos, Costas S.artículo
19openAccessHeymans_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgSep-2020The Ocean Decade: A True Ecosystem Modeling ChallengeHeymans, Johanna J.; Bundy, Alida; Christensen, Villy; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Mutsert, Kim de; Fulton, Elizabeth A.; Piroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Travers-Trolet, Morganeartículo
20openAccessBryndum_et_al_2019_preprint.pdf.jpgFeb-2019Twenty‐first‐century climate change impacts on marine animal biomass and ecosystem structure across ocean basinsBryndum‐Buchholz, Andrea; Tittensor, Derek P.; Blanchard, Julia L.; Cheung, William W.L.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Galbraith, Eric D.; Jennings, S.; Maury, Olivier; Lotze, Heike K.artículo