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My research focuses on understanding patterns and processes that characterize marine ecosystems and, in particular, changes of, and threats to, marine biodiversity. I study population, community and food-web dynamics linked with human activities (such as fisheries, climate change, eutrophication, and invasive species), and how these translate into changes in ecosystem structure and functioning, and services that humans obtain from the ocean. I develop and apply a variety of ecological analyses such as ecosystem modelling techniques and statistical tools, and I use historical data, fisheries statistics, experimental results and field data sets.
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Author:  Christensen, Villy

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1openAccessm512p155.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2014A century of fish biomass decline in the oceanChristensen, Villy; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Piroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Buszowski, Joe; Daniel, Paulyartículo
2closedAccess11-Nov-2014Advances on modelling spatial-temporal ecosystem dynamics in the Mediterranean SeaPiroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Liquete, Camino; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Moy, Diego Macias; Giannoulaki, Marianna; Christensen, Villyartículo
3openAccessColl_et_al_2020.pdf.jpgOct-2020Advancing Global Ecological Modeling Capabilities to Simulate Future Trajectories of Change in Marine EcosystemsColl, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Buszowski, Joe; Kaschner, Kristin; Lotze, Heike K.; Rousseau, Yannick; Tittensor, Derek P.; Walters, Carl J.; Watson, Reg; Christensen, Villyartículo
4closedAccessOct-2013Assessing the trophic position and ecological role of squids in marine ecosystems by means of food-web modelsColl, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Navarro, Joan CSIC ORCID ; Olson, Robert J.; Christensen, Villyartículo
5openAccessHeymans_et_al_2016.pdf.jpgJul-2016Best practice in Ecopath with Ecosim food-web models for ecosystem-based managementHeymans, Johanna J.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Link, Jason S.; Mackinson, Steven; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Walters, Carl J.; Christensen, Villyartículo
6closedAccessAug-2013Bridging the gap between ecosystem modeling tools and geographic information systems: Driving a food web model with external spatial-temporal dataSteenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Gurney, Leigh; Mélin, Frédéric; Hoepffner, Nicolas; Buszowski, Joe; Christensen, Villyartículo
7closedAccess11-Nov-2014Cumulative effects of environmental and human activities in the southern Catalan Sea ecosystem (NW Mediterranean) associated with the Ebro river deltaColl, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Palomera, Isabel CSIC ORCID ; Christensen, Villyartículo
8openAccessForrestal_et_al_2012.pdf.jpgJun-2012Ecosystem effects of bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus thynnus aquaculture in the NW Mediterranean SeaForrestal, F.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Die, D.J.; Christensen, Villyartículo
9closedAccessNov-2015Emergent Properties Delineate Marine Ecosystem Perturbation and RecoveryLink, Jason S.; Pranovi, Fabio; Libralato, Simone; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Christensen, Villy; Solidoro, Cosimo; Fulton, Elizabeth A.artículo
10embargoedAccessRehren_et_al_2022_suppl_2.pdf.jpgJul-2022Evaluating ecosystem impacts of gear regulations in a data-limited fishery-comparing approaches to estimate predator-prey interactions in Ecopath with EcosimRehren, Jennifer; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Jiddawi, Narriman; Kluger, Lotta Clara; Omar, Omar; Christensen, Villy; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Wolff, Matthiasartículo
11openAccessFouzai_et_al_2012.pdf.jpgOct-2012Fishing management scenarios to rebuild exploited resources and ecosystems of the Northern-Central Adriatic (Mediterranean Sea)Fouzai, Nadia CSIC; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Palomera, Isabel CSIC ORCID ; Santojanni, Alberto; Arneri, Enrico; Christensen, Villyartículo
12closedAccessMay-2013Food web structure and vulnerability of a deep-sea ecosystem in the NW Mediterranean SeaTecchio, Samuele CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Christensen, Villy; Company, Joan B. CSIC ORCID ; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva CSIC ORCID; Sardà, Francisco CSIC ORCIDartículo
13closedAccessSep-2013Food-web structure of and fishing impacts on the Gulf of Cadiz ecosystem (South-western Spain)Torres, María Ángeles; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Heymans, Johanna J.; Christensen, Villy; Sobrino, Ignacioartículo
14openAccessLotze_et_al_2019.pdf.jpgJun-2019Global ensemble projections reveal trophic amplification of ocean biomass declines with climate changeLotze, Heike K.; Tittensor, Derek P.; Bryndum‐Buchholz, Andrea; Eddy, Tyler D.; Cheung, William W.L.; Galbraith, Eric D.; Barangé, Manuel; Barrier, Nicolas; Bianchi, Daniele; Blanchard, Julia L.; Bopp, Laurent; Büchner, Matthias; Bulman, Catherine; Carozza, David A.; Christensen, Villy; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Dunne, John P.; Fulton, Elizabeth A.; Jennings, S.; Jones, Miranda C.; Mackinson, Steven; Maury, Olivier; Niiranen, Susa; Oliveros-Ramos, Ricardo; Roy, Tilla; Fernandes-Salvador, José A.; Schewe, Jacob; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Silva, Tiago A.M.; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Stock, Charles A.; Verley, Philippe; Volkholz, Jan; Walker, Nicola D.; Worm, Borisartículo
15openAccessHeymans_et_al_2014.pdf.jpgApr-2014Global Patterns in Ecological Indicators of Marine Food Webs: A Modelling ApproachHeymans, Johanna J.; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Libralato, Simone; Morissette, Lyne; Christensen, Villyartículo
16openAccessCorrales_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgSep-2017Hindcasting the dynamics of an Eastern Mediterranean marine ecosystem under the impacts of multiple stressorsCorrales, Xavier; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Ofir, E.; Piroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Goren, Menachem; Edelist, Dor; Heymans, Johanna J.; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Christensen, Villy; Gal, G.artículo
17openAccessPiroddi_et_al_2017.pdf.jpgMar-2017Historical changes of the Mediterranean Sea ecosystem: modelling the role and impact of primary productivity and fisheries changes over timePiroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Liquete, Camino; Moy, Diego Macias; Greer, Krista; Buszowski, Joe; Steenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Danovaro, Roberto; Christensen, Villyartículo
18closedAccess10-Nov-2014Keystone species: a restored and operational concept to inform marine biodiversity conservationValls, Audrey; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Christensen, Villyartículo
19openAccessValls_et_al_2015.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Keystone species: toward an operational concept for marine biodiversity conservationValls, Audrey; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Christensen, Villyartículo
20openAccessSteenbeek_et_al_2021.pdf.jpgNov-2021Making spatial-temporal marine ecosystem modelling better - A perspectiveSteenbeek, Jeroen CSIC ORCID; Buszowski, Joe; Chagaris, Dave; Christensen, Villy; Coll, Marta CSIC ORCID ; Fulton, Elizabeth A.; Katsanevakis, Stelios; Lewis, Kristy A.; Mazaris, Antonios D.; Macías, Diego CSIC ORCID; Mutsert, Kim de; Oldford, Greig; Pennino, Maria Grazia CSIC ORCID; Piroddi, Chiara CSIC ORCID; Romagnoni, Giovanni; Serpetti, Natalia; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Spence, Michael A.; Stelzenmüller, Vanessa CSIC ORCIDartículo