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Ovín Ania, María Concepción
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CSIC - Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR)
Procesos Químicos en Energía y Medioambiente
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Adsorption and environmental protection on porous solids
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1openAccessGreen_fast_Balan_2017.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2017A green and fast approach to nanoporous carbons with tuned porosity: UV-assisted condensation of organic compounds at room temperatureBalan, Lavinia; Cocina Fernández de Córdoba, María; Zahier, Mohamed; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
2openAccessA_novel_method_Zafra.pdf.jpgJul-2014A novel method for metal oxide deposition on carbon aerogels with potential application in capacitive deionization of saline waterZafra, M. C.; Lavela, P.; Rasines, G.; Macías, Carlos; Tirado, J. L.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
3openAccessRapid microwave_Palomino.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2015A rapid microwave-assisted synthesis of a sodium–cadmium metal–organic framework having improved performance as a CO2 adsorbent for CCSPalomino Cabello, Carlos; Otero Arean, Carlos; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Rumori, P.; Turnes Palomino, G.artículo
4openAccessActivated carbon_Petrova.pdf.jpgAug-2011Activated carbon from coal tar pitch and furfural for the removal of p-nitrophenol and m-aminophenolPetrova, Bilyana; Tsyntsarski, Boyko; Budinova, Temenuzhka; Petrov, Nartzislav; Fernández Velasco, Leticia ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
5openAccessActivated_carbons_FPT_Tsyntsarki.pdf.jpg4-May-2015Activated carbons from waste biomass and low rank coals as catalyst supports for hydrogen production by methanol decompositionTsyntsarski, B.; Stoycheva, I.; Tsoncheva, T.; Genova, I.; Dimitrov, M.; Petrova, B.; Paneva, D.; Cherkezova-Zheleva, Z.; Budinova, T.; Kolev, H.; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Mitov, I.; Petrov, N.artículo
6openAccessadsorption_naphthalene_Cabal.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2009Adsorption of naphthalene from aqueous solution on activated carbons obtained from bean podsCabal Álvarez, Belén; Budinova, Temenuzhka; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Tsyntsarski, Boyko; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Petrova, Bilyanaartículo
7openAccessp-cresol_Ania.pdf.jpgApr-2011Adsorption of p-cresol on novel diatomite/carbon compositesHadjar, H.; Hamdi, B.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
8openAccessAdsorption_Thiocyanate_Aguirre.pdf.jpgOct-2010Adsorption of Thiocyanate Anions from Aqueous Solution onto Adsorbents of Various OriginAguirre, Noelia V.; Padilla Vivas, Beatriz; Montes Morán, Miguel Ángel  ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
9openAccessbiomass_waste_Ovin.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2009Biomass waste-derived activated carbon for the removal of arsenic and manganese ions from aqueous solutionsBudinova, Temenuzhka; Savova, D.; Tsyntsarski, Boyko; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Cabal Álvarez, Belén; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Petrov, Nartzislavartículo
10openAccessBoosting_visible-light_Carmona.pdf.jpg21-May-2015Boosting the visible-light photoactivity of Bi2WO6 using acidic carbon additivesJiménez Carmona, Rocío ; Fernández Velasco, Leticia ; Carmen Hidalgo, M.; Navío, José A.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
11openAccessBoosting_visible_Gomis.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2015Boosting visible light conversion in the confined pore space of nanoporous carbonsGomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Iniesta, Jesús; Moro, Artur; Maurino, Valter; Lima, Joao C.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
12openAccessBorderline_Microporous_Ania.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2007Borderline microporous-ultramicroporous palladium(II) coordination polymer networks. Effect of pore functionalisation on gas adsorption propertiesNavarro, Jorge A. R.; Barea, Elisa; Salas, Juan M.; Masciocchi, Norberto; Galli, Simona; Sironi, Angelo; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  artículo
13openAccessCarbon-black_Macias.pdf.jpgNov-2013Carbon black directed synthesis of ultrahigh mesoporous carbon aerogelsMacías, Carlos; Haro Remón, Marta ; Rasines, Gloria; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
14openAccessCarbon_foams_Velasco.pdf.jpgDec-2010Carbon foams as catalyst supports for phenol photodegradationFernández Velasco, Leticia ; Tsyntsarski, B.; Petrova, B.; Budinova, T.; Petrov, N.; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
15openAccessCarbon_Materials_Frontiers_Carmona.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2016Carbon Materials as Additives to WO3 for an Enhanced Conversion of Simulated Solar LightJiménez Carmona, Rocío ; Fernández Velasco, Leticia ; Laurenti, Enzo; Maurino, Valter; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
16openAccessCarbon_Haro.pdf.jpgJun-2012Carbon-mediated photoinduced reactions as a key factor in the photocatalytic performance of C/TiO2Haro Remón, Marta ; Fernández Velasco, Leticia ; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
17openAccessCatalytic_behavior_Ania.pdf.jpgApr-2014Catalytic behavior of alkali-treated Pt/HMOR in n-hexane hydroisomerizationMonteiro, R.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Rocha, J.; Carvalho, A.P.; Martins, A.artículo
18openAccesscharacterization_Andrade.pdf.jpgMay-2012Characterization of the different fractions obtained from the pyrolysis of rope industry wasteAndrade, Marta; Parra Soto, José Bernardo  ; Haro Remón, Marta ; Mestre, Ana S.; Carvalho, A.P.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo
19openAccessChemically_ activated_Mestre.pdf.jpg2019Chemically activated high grade nanoporous carbons from low density renewable biomass (Agave sisalana) for the removal of pharmaceuticalsMestre, A.S.; Hesse, F.; Freire, C.; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  ; Carvalho, A.P.artículo
20openAccessCompetitive_adsorption_ Mansouri.pdf.jpgDec-2014Competitive adsorption of ibuprofen and amoxicillin mixtures from aqueous solution on activated carbonsMansouri, Hayet; Jiménez Carmona, Rocío ; Gomis Berenguer, Alicia ; Souissi-Najar, Souad; Ouederni, Abdelmottaleb; Ovín Ania, María Concepción  artículo