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Gallotti, Riccardo
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CSIC-UIB - Instituto de Física Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (IFISC)
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Investigador Posdoctoral
Human mobility; Complex systems; Networks and spatial analysis
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1openAccessprisoner_s_dilemma_experiments.pdf.jpg19-Nov-2019A quantitative description of the transition between intuitive altruism and rational deliberation in iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma experimentsGallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Grujic, Jelenaartículo
2openAccessbig-data-big-questions.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2022Does big data help answer big questions? The case of airport catchment areas & competitionAdler, Nicole; Brudner, Amir; Gallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Privitera, Filippo; Ramasco, José J. CSIC ORCID artículo
3openAccess23-Oct-2019Hierarchical organization of urban mobility and its connection with city livabilityBassolas, Aleix CSIC ORCID; Barbosa, Hugo; Dickinson, Brian; Dotiwalla, Xerxes; Eastham, Paul; Gallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Ghoshal, Gourab; Gipson, Bryant; Hazarie, Surendra A.; Kautz, Henry; Kucuktunc, Onur; Lieber, Allison; Sadilek, Adam; Ramasco, José J. CSIC ORCID artículo
4openAccess1707.07135.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2018How ants move: individual and collective scaling propertiesGallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Chialvo, Dante R.artículo
5openAccesss41598-020-59576-1.pdf.jpg17-Feb-2020Scaling in the recovery of urban transportation systems from massive eventsBassolas, Aleix CSIC ORCID; Gallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Lamanna, Fabio CSIC ORCID; Lenormand, Maxime CSIC ORCID; Ramasco, José J. CSIC ORCID artículo
6openAccessabate-disease.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2023Spatial immunization to abate disease spreading in transportation hubsMazzoli, Mattia CSIC ORCID; Gallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Privitera, Filippo; Colet, Pere CSIC ORCID ; Ramasco, José J. CSIC ORCID artículo
7openAccess1704.00480.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2018Tracking random walksGallotti, Riccardo CSIC ORCID ; Louf, Rémi; Luck, Jean-Marc; Barthelemy, Marcartículo